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  1. The electrician has said we will use new wire, and the insurance adjuster agreed saying that the wire would be stretched and a problem. This is one short stretch of wire, while the rest of the farm, including the wire up to it is all overhead. I can't afford to do everything with $15 milk.... I have a main line buried for the generator to run to the pole in that area, as well as a line to the fuel barrels. I'd hate to make this job bigger than it already is! I'm really not concerned about keeping it overhead, as we've been working under it without issue for a long time, and it has ample clearance.
  2. That's not a cheap option.... Plus this was the last tree that could take down a line. I figured I'd let the electrician wire up the panel, I would just string all the wires to it. I'd probably also let him handle the 220 outlet. May even re-use the existing one, if he thinks it's good enough. I haven't bought a non-LED bulb in several years, so of course I'll use LEDs, but they will be the screw in just like conventional bulbs. I can get them at Menards just as cheap as incandescents anyhow!
  3. During this latest round of severe weather, a tree came down on a powerline to my machine shed. It was late at night so I just had the electrician snip the wires and "put me on the list" for getting it fixed. I figure while he's here I should update the wiring in the machine shed. It is old. Very old. It has a fuse box instead of breakers. So I was thinking a new main breaker panel, maybe a half dozen lights (basic screw in type) and maybe four outlets. Plus a 240 plug for a stick welder. How much breaker panel do I need? Is indoor wiring sufficient in a machine shed? I'd like to get materials and rough them in myself to save some time and labor on his end. I'd have him check everything out and do the final tie-ins.
  4. Ask yourself this: If you fix the known problems for the price you expect, will you have a tractor that you like well enough to justify an extra $10,000 repair if it comes up? An engine or transmission problem could come up on even the best cared for tractor at those hours.
  5. I get why you do that, but it is a major pet peeve of mine to see them on wrong! LOL
  6. I'm pretty sure you are right as well. But if you are using threaded rod (which I highly recommend) I would keep a set of splits for the outside. Otherwise the whole weights have a square recessed area designed to hold a square head bolt, and you will need a large washer and it will look sloppy. I also use a split weight to start if I can because they have a recess in the back side. This way you can bolt the all thread solid without leaving a gap the size of the nut to start. Of course, if you have nicely painted hubs, that gap can keep them looking nice.
  7. Our mail service sucks! I've had several checks not make it to the destination, including a truck title! That was a pain to resolve. I've currently got a check out to our daycare lady that has taken over a week to go 15 miles.... still not there.
  8. What is it you are testing? Maturity? Yield? Guys have started chopping winter rye in SW WI, but first crop hay should be a week or ten days.
  9. That is a gorgeous truck!! Truly my favorite body style, as my first truck was a '77 High Boy. It's a good thing it's a family truck that will never leave, because with a thousand man-hours in it you would never get enough to cover your time! LOL
  10. Usually when I have this issue it is because the male end has turned inside the female end. Is there a way to turn it back a bit?
  11. LOL it's a little blip on the map called Glen Haven. It's right on the Mississippi so summertime weekends sometimes get interesting.
  12. My local town has an ordinance allowing drinking on the streets, and female equality includes the ability to not wear shirts in public. I'd say we're far from the worst!
  13. If it can handle a loader, it can handle weights equal to it. Will a standard suitcase bracket fit? I'd say put on enough to keep it planted firmly on four wheels!
  14. My tractor gauge was reading 16 volts, and the battery charger was reading excessive charging, though I didn't think to check volts on it.
  15. Yes it's a new style internal regulator.