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  1. The Home Of Misfit Toys

    My 43 runs .
  2. Salvage values

    Salvage yard has to steal it from you . Been my experience .
  3. 4366 trans lube

    Where is the fill plug for the trans system ? Mine has a hose plumbed up to the normal fill plug location on a truck transmission . Thanks for the replies everyone
  4. 4366 trans lube

    The 4366 appears to have been updated to the 86 series lube system . Trans /diff/ transfer case all tied together . How can I add a pressure gage to monitor the pressure , and or a pressure switch somewhere to keep an eye on it . It has the sight glass in the front diff ,I think it could have been updated to pressure lube on the front diff . Tractor has about 10,000 hours , but many parts are new or rebuilt .
  5. DT466 Truck engine transplants

    4366 has a truck engine in it .
  6. 4366 trans lube

    Thanks everyone ,It seems to have some type of lube pump driven off the side of the transmission . The line feeds the front main pump , its really odd . what does the trans lube pump actually do ? The dump from the hydraulic levers is dumping on top of the pinion . Is this the updated pressure lube pinion ? Oil is clearly going in and out o the transmission.
  7. 4586 -what are they worth

    With trucking included , have 4250$ in my 4366 . real solid tractor 20.8 singles .
  8. More surgery

    hope it all goes well .
  9. 5488 blow by

    Got our 5088 new -5100 hours now . Has always had more blowby than an 86 series -imo
  10. 4366 front diff

    Is the front diff pressure lubed along with the transfer case . Are they the hydraulic resivor ?
  11. 496 non-rockflex discs

    No where near enough tractor for a 19 foot . Got a 20 and it will work a weighed , dualed 5088 plenty if any moisture .
  12. 886 hung in 2 gears ?

    What is worn out , 4200 hours .
  13. New CaseIH 300

    Buy 4 of boxcar magnums for the same $$
  14. 5288 fuel plunger

    plastic line to tank stopped up . Blow it out .
  15. New Lease On Life For My 5088

    Great job , IM glad someone likes the 88 series . Wish Mike would make a reverse door kit and sell it ....HINT !!
  16. Navistar Engines Today

    they better get it right this time .
  17. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    that's an amazing tractor , best I have ever seen !
  18. Navistar Engines Today

    that looks way too much like a maxxforce 13 . I understand the maxxforce 13 was a MAN block
  19. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    5088 here ,5100 hours , original owner . Don't know of another one anywhere in the area
  20. Navistar Engines Today

    Navistar killed them selves with low quality on the Maxxforce Dt , we had a bunch of them that would not make 200k miles . On the class 8 engine , the Maxxforce 13 was a disaster , the egr coolers would last about 80-100k miles on average . The turbos would go out fill the engine with oil , run away and blow up . The Maxxforce 13 was the worst engine we ever had ,Very complicated and troublesome . The newer Prostar trucks use ISX-15 , and the Smaller units use B-series cummins . Navistar still has a long way to go to have a quality ,reliable truck . this is despite the cummins Engine The engineering is Crude at best and the quality of materials is bottom of the barrel . They fill the roads of the large fleets ,because they are cheap . Its an insult to the International Harvestor co of years ago .
  21. LP Super H

    kaddatz farm equipment 254 582 3000
  22. Super MTA-LP

    I had one of the SMTA-LP , tractors converted in texas . Just sold it last week , its still at the farm .As its staying here until march , I can look at it easily and report back .
  23. Van Sickle's tractor paint on a Super "C"

    Hardner is all the same , get a generic hardner for enamel .
  24. My tow vehicle engine, repower

    Quite a project , but why not get a 7.3 powered ford ? Ready to go ?
  25. syntetic oil in d-360 and dt436

    anyone changed the older IH tractors to syn. oil ? 886 has 4000 hrs , 5088 has 5000 hrs . I was understanding they wanted 30 wt. oil only ?