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  1. Hope you enjoy your motorhome and retirement. Lots of places to see
  2. Conduit to and from everything. Protects
  3. But who will clean their house, cut the grass and do all that lowly labor that the Lib can pay minimum wage to... Hypocrisy in action,
  4. Nice,clean installation. I like your mud flap idea
  5. I had to replace the hood on my 94 Ford pickup a number of years ago but I Didn't transfer the sound proofing that was on it. Now I finally have grown tired of the noise from the 7.3 rattling. Where can I get some of the material to replace it.? I got a feeling that it is heat resistant. Any ideas?
  6. Breathtaking, He would have a smile on his face.
  7. Filters have really shot up in price. They blame it on new technology and the quality of the lubes nowdays. I have a hard time buying into the excuses. Oh and how about the filters that won't cross reference. That burns me up
  8. I believe you are right about Krupa. My kids know about him but most young folks haven't a clue. I have to say I can't follow their choices clueless , Oh Well!
  9. Check this mover out.
  10. Gene Krupa
  11. Real interesting, just another example of the greatest generation. Doubtful any project of this size could come together now days
  12. My daddy flew over the Andes mountains in South America in the early 60s in a Ford Trimotor. He said it was rather loud.
  13. cross references to a Napa 1515. Popular filter used in many applications
  14. Thanks for hooking me up with a number. Appreciate your efforts
  15. 4-5" of wet snow here, some rain too. Hope it slowly melts. We get 8-10" of precip a year so spring snows really help the grass grow. We get snow in June sometimes