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  1. Oh, make sure you don't trip on the electric cord. When I use it , I put a tire underneath to help cushion the fall. Sh*t happens!
  2. Found a nice barely used Milwaukee on Ebay real reasonable. They come and go. It's real handy
  3. THANKS, for the kind thoughts
  4. When I was a kid I met Durwood Kirby of candid camera. My daughter saw Harrison Ford at a farmers market. She approached him politely to say hello. He grumbled and walked away . A$$$hole!
  5. My neighbor wants to add a 3rd valve to his 970 Case tractor. I was telling him that there was valve that splits to 2 circuits that is solenoid controlled and snaps into a existing valve. I just for the life of me can't remember the company that sells them. Anyone answer my question?
  6. Maybe he will negotiate favorable agreements for our commodities. The last quarter Soybeans were a big export accounting for 23% of trade $$$. Made Obama look good as he headed out the door
  7. I started several years ago with 10 bred Heifer Angus. I got a fair amount in infrastucture , corrals water tanks etc. They multiply every year. This spring, God willing I may have 24 calves so I ts a slow return building a herd. Got 10 steers to the sale next week and a freezer full of meat. Just starting to get a return. Those big cows can sure eat a lot of hay in the cold winter. Will be glad to turn them on the range in May. Just jump in now , I agree with R190
  8. X2
  9. Sharp truck.
  10. Like those Wide coverage Fenders Nice lineup!
  11. They used to dig Kaolinite near where I used to live. Big pits that are now overgrown with brush and trees. I found a brick made from the stuff. It embossed with Kaolin, Pa. on it. Like many industries that went the way of the DODO.
  12. Last time I got a W-2 Form , I was 16 yrs old. Self employed all my life 46years of trying to keep it going. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get a check every week.
  13. Years ago while out snowplowing one night ,I came upon some idiot stuck in a snowbank. I was in a hurry as I had a lot of driveways and roads to do, he flags me down . Wanted pulled out. I said no, His reply was " Not very neighborly of you". My reply " I ain't your neighbor". Like Hillary says " You got to pay to play"
  14. How about $5k to clear a lane 4 miles into a neighboring ranch. That how much the contractor charged the absentee owner. For that money I would have shoveled it with a trowl1
  15. Driving on 70 thru Indianopolis a few years ago ,rounded a bend downtown a 40ft container on the road. Car carrier in the median , some cars still chained to it . Top layer cars in the ditch, smashed car near the can. Police talking to flatbed semi driver. Looked like a chain on either corner of trailer. Looked to me they were locking him up and throwing away the key. Bad deal, not securing the load properly. I haul those cans with chains on corners , Big straps every 8ft. . I think about my wife and kids. No cowboy or hillbilly loading goes on in my life