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  1. I have an acert c15 550hp and a 18 spd auto shift 2005 International. The truck has 375000 miles. A couple years ago I had head bolt problems and limped into Wy Cat from a couple miles out. The engine was out of warranty but was low mileage. Cat honored the parts and 50% of the labor. They got me back running in a day. Next year the motor had blow by from a bad turbo, limped into Ohio Cat and they fixed me up in several hours and cut me some slack on a rebuilt turbo and labor. I have had real good experience with Cat. They have had the parts and the know how plus an incredible shop. It takes a lot of $$$$ to provide service for all their equipment.
  2. SCAM, trying to mine information from you. Had the same response from a CL ad I placed. I also got a response asking me to take the extra money to pay a shipper. Wish people would get a real job.
  3. Better than a pitchfork
  4. Stihl, just don't cut branches directly above you. The telescopic pole is expensive to replace!
  5. Porch electric make real nice correct looms. They did advertise in RED POWER
  6. Oh, make sure you don't trip on the electric cord. When I use it , I put a tire underneath to help cushion the fall. Sh*t happens!
  7. Found a nice barely used Milwaukee on Ebay real reasonable. They come and go. It's real handy
  8. THANKS, for the kind thoughts
  9. When I was a kid I met Durwood Kirby of candid camera. My daughter saw Harrison Ford at a farmers market. She approached him politely to say hello. He grumbled and walked away . A$$$hole!
  10. My neighbor wants to add a 3rd valve to his 970 Case tractor. I was telling him that there was valve that splits to 2 circuits that is solenoid controlled and snaps into a existing valve. I just for the life of me can't remember the company that sells them. Anyone answer my question?
  11. Maybe he will negotiate favorable agreements for our commodities. The last quarter Soybeans were a big export accounting for 23% of trade $$$. Made Obama look good as he headed out the door
  12. I started several years ago with 10 bred Heifer Angus. I got a fair amount in infrastucture , corrals water tanks etc. They multiply every year. This spring, God willing I may have 24 calves so I ts a slow return building a herd. Got 10 steers to the sale next week and a freezer full of meat. Just starting to get a return. Those big cows can sure eat a lot of hay in the cold winter. Will be glad to turn them on the range in May. Just jump in now , I agree with R190
  13. X2
  14. Sharp truck.
  15. Like those Wide coverage Fenders Nice lineup!