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  1. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    i have a cdl and forgot to renew it in march. i didcovered it had expired several months ago. i called dmv and the lady said it was expired a year.before as they had no medical record. i went to dmv and showed them. the doctor was suppose to electronically send it but didnt so she copied.my card and i renewed my cdl with no problem. when i got my dot number for my semi, i sent in a form electronically. easy. got my authority but jumped through alot of hoops $$$. apportion plates $$$ but now i am private with a 250 mile limit .my tags are $600+ a year rather than $3500. i haul my own hay and equipment. i couldnt work as cheap as guys around do so i gave up my authority. dont forget the 700 fed tax on trucks over 54000 lb. on top of any tag for a semi. i agree that braking is far superior than a gooseneck behind a pickup
  2. gunbrokers.com

    I was browsing today and found gunbrokers.com, anyone bought or sold guns etc thru them?
  3. gleaner backfire

    i had a ih 478 truck engine that did the same thing. i advanced the timing and the problem ended. it did have a cracked exhaust manifold that was brazed over too
  4. fencing pictures

    I was just thinking of you. Rain and snow in our forecast. Was real smokey in Rapid city when I drove through today
  5. self propelled round baler

    I just saw the new zero turn vermeer baler. Looks like a lawn mower on steroids. Anyone get to see the video?
  6. self propelled round baler

    I just saw the new zero turn vermeer baler. Looks like a lawn mower on steroids. Anyone get to see the video?
  7. had one on a 1086. made aworld of difference in air cleaner maintenance. just a clean hole with a hole saw
  8. Pole barn header

    i built a pole barn and spanned the doors 12 ft.with 2x10 hardwood then a kid who worked for me took out apost with a truck. we lifted the collapsed roof back in place and sistered a 1/2" x 8 flat steel to it to span the 24 ft. i had him drill 1/2" holes thru the steel then lagged it together. he was tired after drilling holes every 8 inches. so just span with steel
  9. Out with the old in with the new.

    amazing how much pressure you get from gravity
  10. Out with the old in with the new.

    i use floats on the troughs and just let the system free flow, got one trough that overflows the extra. i have a smaller well with very good water quality that is 200 ft and pumps 2gpm. i have had no problems from it and its a lorenze system. water quality is a factor as my other well has a high TDS total dissolved solids. i would like to have a huge storage tank on both wells but $$$ and being able to get the tank there.accessibility is a problem
  11. Stay or evacuate

    i dropped off my daughter in st augustine fl. to go to college then started heading home . had to turn around and get her on thursday.. school closed due to irma. traffic was bumper to bumper headed north on I95 for over 200 miles. no gas or water bottles along the way till south carolina. dropped her off in charleston SC. with her older sister then headed out of Dodge. In north carolina now and will be glad to get home to wyo. those people in Florida are gonna be in a bad way. saw national guard, bucket trucks and big Cat generators headed south. We need to pray for those fellow americans!
  12. Out with the old in with the new.

    just thought of the. manufacturer. it a lorenz. the website say they use them all over africa in little villages. i feel bad for those poor africans when things go wrong.
  13. Out with the old in with the new.

    i have a solar pump setup and it works well i fill a 1500 gal tank and 7 500gal troughs it pumps 10 gpm from 250 deep well. there are 5 panels. i can think of the pump and cotroller manufacturer. german i think. it was $7k for the solar pump and system. it is 5 mile from nearest electric. neighbor pumps to a 10000 gal tank with a generator suppling electric and a 20 gal fuel tank. starts it up pumps then runs out of gas. simple but a big storage tank. i have had the pump go out $2k to replace and a controller replaced for $1200. i think my neighbors is simpler and a lot less expensive to replace pump or generator. it a 5000 watts . im not 100% sold on solar
  14. chevy door hinges

  15. anyone remove tag axle on a grain truck?

    i saw a guy use a front axle as a tag on a truck full of watermelons. he had a big jag on the truck