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  1. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    i would stick with the original size. Miller's out of Ohio have many sizes of truck.tires
  2. 1948 KB 5 restoration

    the voltage doesn't matter. i used Carter pumps. found on eBay at a reasonable price
  3. Old working equipment in Decatur TX USA

    looks like about 2 gpm. got a solar well pump that pees out about the same flow.got a 1500 gal tanks and trough to capture it.
  4. mixer grinder windows

    x2, the lean plastic will scratch rather quickly. bit the bullet and get replacement
  5. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    No duty cycle, You could get another compressor then use the tank from the old to boost your holding capacity but the compressor will just run more. Quincy compressors run slower but last longer at a lower rpm.
  6. 806

    thanks for walking me through. got your pm. will be in touch
  7. 806

    how tough is it to take pump.off. what it usually cost to redo a roosamaster? never been in a pump, not that I am a novice. who should I call that does a good job.
  8. MD not starting

    condenser in magneto
  9. 806

    tractor hasnt been run. sits in barn. it runs strong but developed this problem when i went to move it. it has a reman engine. early model but doesnt have the rd pump and oil filler is different. 23 x34 rubber. it was running perfect, always started easy. i was getting it cleaned up to sell
  10. 806

    found screen,cleaned got the little spring back in, cleaned returns,still same problem, will run at high rpm thought I got it then back to same problem. tractor ran good last time I used it but sat for a year in the barn. it was strong, started easy. secondary filter was kinda waxy and yellow. primary cruddy. tractor hasn't been run enough
  11. 806

    my 806 d falters when you rev it up and stalls. new fuel filters installed. is there a small screen on the inlet side of a roosamaster pump. i am going to blow out the return to the tank but thought it might have a little screen .flow to pump is good
  12. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    x3 on the capacitor. if you used the compressor to sandblast you may have exceeded its duty cycle. i had a ir compressor 5 hp that i had to replace the motor after 12 years . bit the bullet and get a Quincy. i got one of them too. 40 years of running replaced reed valves.
  13. Electronic ignition - wow!

    had a electronic in a R 210 truck with a 501. left key on and puff killed it . wish the instructions had mentioned that fact. Take key out when not in use.
  14. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    an enclosed van trailer has taxes and tags then a semi to pull. steps to get up into. not as strong as a connex box
  15. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    i used 40 ft containers when i moved to two. i got them out of Newark new jersey painted real reasonable$$$. i loaded them and winched them up on my traileze trailer. hauled them out here and slide them off unloaded them when i built my building and sold them for a grand or so more than i paid. the Chinese build them so cheap that it isn't worth sending them back. they are great for storage. dry rodent proof but they get hot inside. lots of different things you can do with them. i bought 9 cans to move my stuff . sold them as i unloaded them. . i got real good at loading them on the trailer. usually about 15 mins, then chain the corners and lay straps over the top. secure them tight. easy to move with a rollback truck