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  1. be careful of the exploders. 4 timing chains to stretch and get out of wack. have an escape 2wd, been a good car
  2. i watch his videos, entertaining sometimes and sometimes not. it takes a click and its over. i give him credit, he covers alot of ground with his operation, seems to.make a living. i baled mulch hay alot of years, not an easy business to be in
  3. spraying dicamba?
  4. squirt some motor oil or atf in the spark plug holes. give it some time to settle down the cylinders. clean plugs and points. might need a condenser. to get the spark. i dont know why condenser short out but they do.
  5. Prayers from Wyo.
  6. x2.
  7. I used Ivory soap powder in spray mixes as it breaks the surface tension just like a surfactant. Old guy told me to mix it in not too much or it gets too sudsy. Can't say it will work with roundup though, we sprayed trees with the mix
  8. Get a remanned one from Mike Links , 88 restorer. CIH are junk
  9. Ed will hook you right up.If you want ,you can send him the housing and they will install and ship it back.
  10. X2, Blow it out and separate the oil cooler from radiator as the dirt can really pack between them. Then wash the fins with a hose. Check the condition of antifreeze too. If its rusty and funky flush cooling system. Calgon works well for the flush. ir gun will help pinpoint your problem
  11. Glad I could help, The clutches will still rust up with a glaze even in our dry climate
  12. should be able to get one from a schulte dealer. i sheared off a shaht in the main gearbox on my schulte got one in a couple days drop.shipped from factory. i bought mine from stutmans in Hill,iowa. the guys name is Al that i deal with his number is 319 6792249 good people to work with. price was reasonable. aftermarket blades and clutches too
  13. get one from mike they are the best
  14. WOW! This gives me some big ideas. Your tractor is awesome
  15. At least it has a flapper on the stack but the bad is a a 1" plug is missing on the tank. Guy said it be sitting before he was born so 40 years or so. I going to make it a field decoration along the lane. Might give it a whiff of ether if she turns over.