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  1. TD40

    Yes Andy one could say that having old iron disease along with "perfectionitis" is a serious incurable affliction....but then again your on this site so nothing but love from this community!! carry on fellas...great work gilligan
  2. TD40

    That's the way to weld it up Andy.....very wise to keep the heat down.....I have seen your paint work first hand...not much else to teach you just keep painting & it will get easier...will there be some issues in the future, of course..the trick is to take out as much of murphy's law as possible before you mix in the hardener!! gilligan
  3. TD40

    Hey Andy, exellent workmanship as this point you guys can never due anything but..the world is watching!!.....have you tried associated tractor in stockton as I believe they bought the rights to the whole bee-gee line. gilligan, cheers mate!
  4. TD40

    Andy, I hope your dad has rested from the arm wrestling loss & is feeling much better now about the decison for deep exploritory surgery.....I know peace of mind will be with him shortly.. if not already!! gilligan
  5. TD40

    Hey Andy this is a pic of the inside of one of my td-9's....this is the second one I have cut up for some other uses around here..& I can tell you that the amount of crud that gets built up & wedged in between those baffles would surprise you! It is my opinion that for any kind of soaking removal process to work, most of that tightly wedged in rust would have to come out....I spent quite a few hrs. in cutting welds to repurpose these tanks. You cannot see in the pic but on the back side of the baffles there is a radiused edge that lends itself perfect for entrapment of crud. If it were mine at this juncture & if they had the same basic components as mine I would take one end off then one baffle then the other...sandblast, make all needed repairs & note though, when drilling out the spot welds for the baffles make sure to remove as much of those welds as you can, as I think they were a pretty snug fit prior to spot welding! You got my # if you like to discuss this further. gilligan
  6. TD40

    Wish I was there to hear it in person Now this is the quote I was hoping for MD....if I am still in good standing with the Hinkles I will get to observe & admire all the wonderful sights & sounds that this machine has to offer...some workmanship just has to be seen up close for the full effect.. these fellas deliver!!! gilligan
  7. TD40

    Thats a great idea John. I had considered doing something similar, however, I could not come up with a good way to prevent the overspray from causing problems. Overspray is my arch nemesis!!! How did you do it? I should have asked Gilligan, he's a master painter. Painted lots of cars...never any crawlers..but i have given it some thought as to how I would "get er done". I have a spare frame rail with frt. idler wheel still attached, so I think with out to much trouble I could set it up vertically and do all needed sandblasting & painting one track assy. at a time Hey Andy they do make a masking liquid that you can spray on & in warm weather takes about 20 min. to dry, then cover with a plastic bag to cover all the areas you do not want painted..but was told to never use this product on uncured paint. I never experimented with baking any cars long enough & trying this method out to see if it would stain a newly painted surface out or not. It's an exellent method though for for known cured refinishes. You know you have sprayed on enough masking liquid when after it has dried & put some masking tape on & pull the tape up & away slowly you will get a nice uniform sheet (think saran wrap here), come off in a skin tight peeling was fun to watch customers reaction to this process..actually told a few that there new clear coat was peeling off...well at least I had a good laugh. When through just throw away main plastic wrap & wash off this masking liquid as it turns to soap..then dry. This process eliminated all our overspray problems..I bought this product in 55 gal drums & was worth every penny! Been dealing with getting my mom some 24/7 care here lately,(severe dementia), so visiting anywhere right now is non existence...long story short is I'm dying to get back over there with you master craftsmen & talk old iron..I know all your posting here chews up time & would like to thank you once again for doing so. I will call you when I get a break here..carry on mates!! gilligan
  8. TD40

    It was my pleasure to visit this father/son team....& it's fair to say these fellas know what the term restoration means....well from the perfectionist's perspective anyway! You know guys I have to come back & take some of my own pics of this I.H masterpiece when your done! gilligan
  9. TD40

    Heck your almost a stones throw away! if your pops ever up for a fellow I.H. crawler junkie visit, I would love to see what he's up to!....ditto what MD said! gilligan