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  1. 504 , no ta.

    Both of my 2504's are complete. The trencher units on them were made by Auburn ---They made them for several different set-ups, including Jeep.--I had a 60 cj-6 with one on it, and another Jeep with the dual wheel rear axle under it with an Auburn on it.---All of these drive with a hydraulic motor type system. With clutch peddle down, shift 3 different levers into the "go" position,select transmission gear needed, then let clutch up and you are ready to dig!--Tractor hyd. raises/lowers the digging chain, but the auburn unit controls everything else.---To start moving, reach back and push the hydrostat lever up until desired speed is reached. The "spacer section" that goes between the ta section and the transmission is FULL of gears to direct the driving of the tractor, and dig at the same time, plus vary the speed.--Best way to describe this would be compare it sorta with a combine or lawnmower, it' hydrostatic drive, only more complicated! LOL!!! thanks; sonny
  2. 504 , no ta.

    Ed! I have a working 2504-Diesel trencher and the creeper cuts ALL gears including 5'th, (road gear)---I dig in 5'th-ta high and about 1/3 throttle!---Depending on how deep.--Mine has a 7 or 8 foot boom on it and will go easy 6 feet down.--Full down you run in slower gears and vary the speed with the hydro drive lever. The power goes into the trencher unit then somehow comes back to the transmission.--The trencher unit has a hydro-drive control that sends power back to the transmission as a hyd motor drive giving variable drive from zero to x. Complicated to explain, and even more so when lookin it in the face!! LOL!!!! MMI!--- I only have the little 4 cyl gas motor for this tractor.--The diesel ( 188-D) in the 2504 had spun a rod before I got it and tractor sat 15 years making the motor really questionable as to just how much the cost of trying to save the motor. I am also trying to get the re-man. engine back together for my 574-u. It has the 200 -gas for it.---Had to find another engine for it as the one in it shucked rod and made it outside of the block!!--Took out most of the insides of that engine.---This tractor was made overseas, so don't know what I'm in for on it! thanks; sonny
  3. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    It is extreemly dangerous stuff and can kill!!! NEVER use the stuff for tires! I don't even like to use it to start engines, but sometimes it's the only way. Everyone has their own rathers, so I guess it's whatever blows your skirt up!!! LOL!!!! thanks; sonny
  4. 504 , no ta.

    Ok,-- now I'm with you, Matt!!!---Got it!! ---that might be the quickest way of all!!! Thanks!! lol!! Fred,--the ta is/was intended to be used just to get past tough spots, but in my gardens I use them as full time gearing.---It wont hurt them.---NOW hour after hour in the field, I do NOT use them as full time gear. Old time IH mechanic once told me that the ta will go out even if it is not used.---Don't know if this is so or not, could be! I once saw a 560 at auction being pull started, and guy had ta in low!--Someone yelled to him stating ta has to be in hi, so he just shoved the lever down while moving fast and when the engine and ta met, there was no more ta in the tractor!!---Had heard that this would take them out and ------well I saw it first hand!!---AND no I didn't bid on that 560!---Did buy one at another sale!---Now have 2 of them.---Really good/handy model for general use. 404 and 504 work best in my gardens, as they are easy to drive and plenty of power for the size.---I use the cubs for the lighter work, and an A to mow part of the road ditch then make the high back slope with the 185 lo-boy with fat tires. Sorry to ramble here!!!!! thanks guys!! LOL!!!-------------- sonny
  5. 504 , no ta.

    Both have the hyd. pumps in the ta section of the housing.---My 2504 has Auburn trencher on back and loader hanging on it, so they come off first.---There is a "block" 6" or so thick with gears for the trencher drive, but I think after this comes out, tractor rear end should be the same. Matt!!, if using the 2504 rear end,--would then have to change drawbar, 3-pt, pto, etc, but that is an option and I would consider doing that if all else fails! Oh,---I don't care bout the paint!! LOL!!!! thanks; sonny
  6. 504 , no ta.

    I have a 504-u tractor that was not equipped with a ta.---Engine is out for re-man. and I have a 2504-u diesel that has ta in it.---My question is, would the 2504 ta work in the 504?? ( looks like same chassics from what I can tell. Could run 504 without one but really want one in it for pulling the big tiller in the gardens, plus the slower the better for me, Most of my usage with these tractors is in low range, + ta in low. My 806,-706,-560's, etc. all stay in low ta and first or second gear. thanks for any help/suggestions/ and ideas ---sonny
  7. What's your favorite snack

    Ruffles ?--Course any chip will do!!---next up is cookie! thanks; sonny
  8. F240 manifold question

    I am afraid that you will find that even after cleaning the threads, they will be way beyoud specs and pipe will fit loose and/or leak water into the engine.--From what I can tell by your pix., the threads are already gone.--I had one like that and welded a stub pipe in and went from there.--Yes steel can be welded to cast, but extreeeem care and special rods and proceders must be used.---- May be temporary fix,---but mine has lasted 30 years, so far. thanks; sonny
  9. C263 Gas Questions

    I have 2-- 560's that have the 706 engine in them, (came from factory that way) and a 706 with 806 engine.--Was told that these were demonstrator tractors and not general production models. I have no idea, but will say that you will be much better off with the biggest engine that you can stuff in there!!! --GAS,----well who cares as long as the work is getting faster with the big motor!! --right? thanks; sonny
  10. How far would you drive a tractor home

    Drive it !! I too have driven farm equipment 60+miles! Drove an Oliver Super 99 GM with an earthmover right thru the middle of Bloomington and Normal during rush hour, no less, and the 99 did NOT have muffler either! LOL!!! tach was right on 1825 revs the whole time!!!! ---Total trip was 35 miles at 13 mph!! (wide open and never looked back!!) thanks; sonny
  11. Chevy C65

    366's were junk when new!!! Had c-65 (74) --full air brakes/ etc, 366 NEVER would handle 32,000, truck wouldn't run over 30 ! Boss blew the motor and replaced with a 427 and made a truck out of that ole 65! thanks; sonny
  12. 504 hydraulics howl

    Have you changed your hyd. filter??? Sounds like water froze in filter/lines/etc. and pump starving for oil or a stuck control valve plunger, (ice froze??) .---I would check that first .thanks; sonny
  13. 15 k an acre land sale.

    6 miles from our farm one went for $14,700,,, Mine is avail. for $14,500. ----Here in central land does sell that high, (or has), in recent years! some still getting the big bucks for theirs. thanks; sonny
  14. F240 manifold question

    Also I have them on many units and yes they are for water drains!!! Do NOT plug them in any way!!! thanks; sonny
  15. 706 Gas Engine Ignition drama

    Burned valves.---Mine did same thing last summer.--valve job fixed mine,---corse now it needs rings, but that's another story. thanks; sonny