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  1. Ih gas v8 into 706

    7.3 would be the biggest waste of time and good tractor!---I just got screwed on mine in a ford f-350 truck!---first up at 99,000 light miles, the whole top end went out!--turbo/glow plugs/injectors/high pressure oil pump/several smaller things.---$4,000.00 later and it still has a knock in it , also hard to start at times and a real pooch in the power department. ---My half ton pickup has a 300 gas in it and will out-pull the diesel 10 to 1. ( diesel is 97 and gas is 96, both have same amount of miles on them). If you want show/trailer queen/something different,--go for the 7.3!---If you want a work tractor put an 806 motor in it and hang on to your rear!---I have a 706 that has the big motor and it will dig.---- bad thing is the 5-6 or more gallons of gas per hour to run it. I knew a guy west of here that put a 345 in an M, and he said the power was there but he couldnt afford the gas!!! LOL!!!thanks; sonny
  2. International 250 Loader

    I replied to this in the above thread that has pix. of your loader.--It is the Drott 4-in-1 bucket , and you had better be real careful what you hook into or under with it!---Mine has the dvt-573 v-8 engine and with that power and weight it is VERY easy to snap/twist that clam section right off!----I have been lucky so far with mine, but have heard that the clams are the weak point on the loader.--Treat it with respect and care, and you will never have a problem with the loader. The cylinders are designed and made with enough leak to keep the shafts lubed and clean.---I have ALL manuals for the 250, and there are a bunch!---got mine back in 1990 or so new from IH and they were right at $150.00 for the set but well worth every penny as they go into the very heart of each section of the unit with much detail. First off get the full set of manuals ( including operators manual), and spend about a week just going thru them. ( there is a bunch of pages/sections). My unit is a much later model than yours.---What engine does yours have in it?? ( from your pix. it dont look like the 573)
  3. International 250 Loader

    I still got my ole 250 -c-series III.--( MOOSE as it got named)--- It has the 4 in 1 loader, dvt 573 v-8 motor , power shift,power steering, the whole 9 yards and I have done many,many hours of digging with it. There is a short video of it that my wife took a few years ago and posted., so you can kinda see what it looks like.--Two years ago a neighbor hauled it up to the thresher show when they had IH as the featured company.---No one around here ever heard of a 250,---biggest known here was the 150. thanks sonny
  4. 806 - Convert fast hitch?

    You would have to get a complete standard drawbar assembly to replace your FH.--I did that on one of my 560's! thanks; sonny
  5. I still have ole "MOOSE"---- It's an IH, --not dresser,--250-c series ll , 573 turbo v-8, power shift, drott 4-in-one bucket, AND power steering!! lol!! I have had it for many, many years! thanks; sonny
  6. Farmall 560 hydraulic woes

    I thought 560 had a 17 gallon pump!!! I think both of mine do!---- Might have been an option at the time. thanks; sonny
  7. Nice pic! thanks for posting! Brings back memories from mid 80's when we grew sweet corn and kidney beans for Stokley-VanCamp company when they had canning plant in Gibson City, Il. ---they used the fmc machines only pulled them with Oliver tractors! thanks; sonny
  8. Computer tuning newer automotive engines ?

    Around here ALL you can get is alki gas and BIO-diesel!! Wish I could get the old stuff again! thanks; sonny
  9. No wonder Insurance is high priced........

    10-4 on the crooks!---getting worse too!! I agree with you 100%! thanks; sonny
  10. Ford and IH 6.9 IDI

    I have a 97 F-350 and 7.3 turbo motor and they are the biggest junk motor ever to hit earth!---SIMPLE WHO ARE YOU KIDDIN? 6.9 are even worse!!--- You need to come look under the hood of mine, IF you think they are simple!---No one around here will touch them to fix on them and you will be fixin on them a lot! (dont ask) Parts ( IF you can get them) are expensive!--- high pressure oil pump $ 998.00, glow plugs I think they were another $ 800., the injection pump is over a grand!!! AND the list goes on!! I have put over $4,000.00 of parts in this thing!---It does run, but it has 118,000 miles on it.(had 99,000 when I got it! IH never could make a v-8 diesel motor, and HOW Ford was stupid enough to fall for putting them in their trucks beats me! Thats my dealings with these motors! thanks; sonny
  11. IH 540 plow

    I used to use a 540 and never had any problems with it.---Depending on if 14" or 16" bottoms,--AND depending on your soil type AND how deep you plow whether the 560 would pull it or not and probably not very fast.---Never used mine on the 560,--always had it on the 706. thanks; sonny
  12. 806 ta

    Put the biggest one in that will fit!!! makes a real hyd. system then!! thanks; sonny
  13. Gas Start Diesel spark plugs

    BAD luck here for the last several years with champs!!! I avoid them at all cost when possible!! thanks; sonny
  14. TD-6 switching to gas motor

    Makes me cold just lookin at the pix.!!!---I used to run them ole cat graders with vee's and side wings!---brings back memories!!! LOL!!! --NICE pix. Ko O 111 thanks; sonny
  15. TD-9 Questions

    When I had my 9,--it would not go to gas mode and the guy I got it from pull started it in diesel mode while his son gave it just a whif of either and it still took a half hour draggin it around and finally started runnin on 3 cylinders.--I loaded it on a trailer and let it run at fast idle for 35 miles.-- got home (still runnin on 3 ) unloaded it and parked it,--shut it off and called it a day.---Next day I took the valve cover off and found part of a ball joint lookin piece on top of the head!--- It was the switchin link for the starting valves!---Took the pieces out, welded them back together, re installed them and tried starting on gas,-- It fired right off,-- let it warm up good then hit diesel mode and had ALL 4 cylinders hittin perfect!---NEVER had 1 problem with it all the years I owned it and I did a lot of work with it! The butterflys in the intake can stick too!---the ignition switch in the end of the manifold may not eork, (most don't) and I would run a hot wire direct from battery to the coil to be sure you have juice that far! Sorry for the long post, guys!!! LOL!!!! thanks; sonny