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  1. Shopping Around for Medical Procedures

    Each person has to make their own decision..... I would encourage you to error on the side of getting procedure done. My wife was going to skip getting her Mammography done this year. She has been on a 6 month schedule for 3 to 4 years because of some cysts that were removed, and only last year switch back to yearly exams. She always has to have an MRI done along with the normal testing because normal XRays don't give a clear enough picture. That always cost us a bunch of money and she didn't want to spend it, even though we can. Well she has cancer, we hope only early stage and is scheduled for surgery on the 21st. Your health can change very quickly and early detection and treatment are the key to being around for along time. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  2. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Congrats on the retirement
  3. Deer strike back

    Very bad in and around us. Hunting had been slowed due to land owners not wanting liability, Fruit land being fenced in. Three years ago, had same kind of experience as you. Stupid deer standing in road watching me come on, road with hard pack snow on it. Got on the binders, rear end brakes loose, car spinning, thought I saved it, but slowly slide back end first into the ditch, with car pointed straight up. Had to crawl out onto the front window to get out of the ditch. Tow truck pulled me out, only minor damage. Police walked back and looked at my tracks, and to quote "well you almost saved it, and you didn't even hit the deer" Forward a year later, almost in same spot, totaled the car when stupid deer came out of the woods and I hit it a 60 mph. Car could have been fixed, but was way more than the value of a COBALT with 185000 miles.
  4. I have debated to ask for prays or not over that last month. So many people need prayers and support that it is always a concern that I add one more. The Friday before Thanksgiving my Daughter, SIL, wife, and I went to Erika’s ultrasound to determine the health and sex of their new little one. We knew something was wrong when my wife and I were asked to leave. Later that day the kids shared with us that they were having a boy, however he has a condition called Sacrococcygeal teratoma. Essentially it is a tumor on his tail bone. After a battery of testing it has been classified as a type 0/1, the best news they could have gotten. Another test today, to monitor the size (yes it is large ~ ½ the size of the baby) and to make sure it doesn’t morph into a worse condition. Today they should find out the results of the spina bifida test as well. Little Hunter Michael, and my daughter Erika have a long way to go, with possible difficulty during delivery, and other complications leading up to that point. Erika and Tim have been told to prepare for the fact that Hunter will have at least 2 surgery’s, with a possibly of more within 1 to 2 day of being delivered, and could be staying in ICU for up to 3 months. Erika and Hunter may have to travel to Philadelphia for the delivery and post-delivery care. To add to our family’s struggle, my wife got a call a week after the kids got their news, that she has cancer. It has been a whirlwind of ultrasounds, MRI’s, biopsies and night after night reading and educating ourselves in the last month. Lisa now has a treatment plan and has surgery scheduled for 12/21, 3 to 4 weeks of recuperation, followed with radiation treatments, and up to a year of Chemotherapy. The bad news, is the type of cancer and it being both ER and HER2 positive. This type of cancer is fast growing and spreads easily, all worst case conditions combined. The good news is they have treatments that are effective for all, and they believe that it is early. Lisa’s condition has significantly changed our ability to help Erika and Tim with Hunter. Lisa had already started the process of taking a family leave so she would be there for Hunter and Erika. That will have to fall to someone else, and they are working on it. Lisa will have enough to deal with, with my support. As one might expect, we all have had the Why me question, being angry, moments of despair and hopeful thinking. I am sure that isn’t going to stop any time soon. Relatives and Church have been and will continue to offer support, and that is appreciated. For a person like myself this is very difficult and frustrating. I have always been the “go to guy” to fix almost anything, “Dad will get it done”, or “my husband can do that”. This is something I can’t fix for either of them, and yes that make me angry and helpless all wrapped together. I guess maybe that is why I finally am reaching out. Sorry for the long winded post.
  5. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    I want to thank everyone. It has a long month already, but all of are managing. Lisa has some very nice calls the past few days. I will keep updates coming as things change. Again thank you all for the well wishes and prayers
  6. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Update, I received word from Erika on Hunter's condition. Some of the best news I have had for a while, the testing for Spina Bifida came back negative. ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYS ARE HELPING, THANK YOU. I will quote from Erika's note Baby is 1lb 4oz. So right on schedule..." "Tumor is about the same size as last time, Heart and kidneys look good so right now there is no concern of hydrops" "They don't expect tumor to grow to be huge and are very hopeful that he will leave the hospital with a battle scar and a short NICU stay. He was VERY busy this morning. Wouldn't sit still for many of the pics. So otherwise he's annoyed that the tumor is in his way." The way she wrote her note is so indicative of her, always looking for the positive, very proud of her.
  7. 3 year old in the hospital

    Prayers for the little guy and his big brother. Saying another for the parents as well.
  8. My turn for prayers

    Prayers from upstate NY
  9. International orchard

  10. Started a small repair

    I have owned this OS6 for 24 years. I have done very little to it over those years. Replaced intake manifold (all fuel), redid head, and new tires. It has run warm for a while, I pulled thermostat a few summers ago when I had a bunch to do but no time to do it right. Well radiator finally gave out. I purchased new radiator and thermostat. I had a couple of hours this morning to start repair. Pulled hood, front cone, radiator and thermostat housing. Here are a few pictures.
  11. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Apple crop was down about 30% from last year. Quality was looking good, but about 6 weeks before harvest we had I bad hail storm, that sure didn’t help. I took a pic of the last load I hauled in for the season, which happened to be last truck for the day as well. The beans went quick, I got to ride the harvester fo the first time, I usually don’t help with beans or corn, but I helped them make a couple of moves that day. The field was small so I got to just ride for a while. Sorry no pictures. Corn has been good for the most part. Looks like that will be on hold for 3 to 4 days with the rain.
  12. wheres the transtar talk at?

  13. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    I watched it and agree with 660 Driver, humanity has let me down once again. Wife and I have had to many conversation lately about the things happening around us. We are distressed by all the negative words and actions. We wonder if it has always been this way or is it the social media thing? Every time we look at our kids and grand kids it hurts to think about the ugliness they are growing up in. I know that there many good people and actions but we don’t hear enough about them. Not saying that is all we need to see, but a little balance would be nice
  14. Did a little hauling today

    First picture, waking the girls up for the day. Second picture, just one of 5 loads for me. Finally had a good day with quality fruit, and getting throught the line in reasonable times
  15. Did a little hauling today

    SIL said they did about 200000 bussels of apples last year, but will be lighter this year. The 5 loads is 3200 bussels. Tim runs the tractor trailer, takes 1040 bushels on a load. He got in 3 loads, would have gotten more, but had some truck issues he had to straighten out.
  16. Did a little hauling today

    Yes, crispin and Jonigold. Should finsh up crispins tomorrow. Should start Ida Reds Monday. I just help out my SIL on Friday and saturdays. Pickers were getting ahead of Tim this week, pickers are in dwarf trees and really pick a bunch of apples in a short time.
  17. Did a little hauling today

    First picture, waking the girls up for the day. Second picture, just one of 5 loads for me. Finally had a good day with quality fruit, and getting throught the line in reasonable times
  18. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    My OS 6 would run like crap when hot. It had a crack in the manifold that would open up once it got hot. That H also has an all fuel manifold, like I had. Mine was cracked on the back side, so it had to come off to find it.
  19. OS 6 radiator

    Has anyone used "Tractor parts Restoration" Hopewell Ma ? I need a new radiator, they have new ones for $429. Looked at a bunch of places, not the cheepest, mid range on price, but good discription.
  20. OS 6 radiator

    Looked at Steiner, $599. Not sure the difference in price is worth it, for the little use it gets. There are cheeper ones, but Al, not sure I want to go there either. E bay has some around $300 it have not had good luck there either but may end up there anyway.
  21. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    Do yo have to out the dis back to original position after it cools down to make it run decent? If you have to change it back then I don't thinks something is slipping.
  22. 5 is easier then one

    OT. Is KoO website up. I only get the last update as of 8/2/2016
  23. IH SW6-TA help

    We had a 51 or 52 OS6 which the gear on the cam shaft came loose. That is essential the same tractor as a W6. It had the mag drive pump as well. Dad didn't want to spend the money and welded it in place. That tractor ran that way for a long time after Dad sold it. Yes Dad told the buyer what he did. Fast forward 30 years and my nephew bought it, engine set up and block cracked, but welded cam still in it. He has it hanging on the wall.
  24. Pedal tractor parts.

    I found this place when looking for the value of a JD pedal tractor. Never used them, so I don't know if they are any good or not. http://www.greenfunstore.com/John-Deere-Toy-Parts.html I Got this for my grandson / future grand kids, yesterday. A co-worker had in basement, and wanted it gone. His step Daughter won it in a fireman's raffle ~ 20 years ago. She had no interest in it, and left it. Co-worker is cleaning out getting ready to retire and knew that I might be interested, so he offered it to me. We both looked for values and the range was all over the place. Picked up for $175. According to Marty, no one has ever sat in the seat, and the wheels saw the ground for the first time when he took the pictures.