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  1. Nice, great job
  2. Well we are happy campers. Picked up the gator today. It was turned in with all records, original build sheet, 3 keys, and the owners manual. The best part is that the build sheet says it was built in May of 2014, two years newer than we were told 😀 Unloaded it in the orchard across the road, and pulled into driveway. My grandson was in the window, and had a huge smile on his face. GPa had to take him for a ride, after 20 minutes he was a sleep. Got back and turned off, he woke up grabbed the wheel, and wanted to go again! Already worth every penny. Yes we are happy we found this bigger unit, thanks for the replys.
  3. i6

    Looks like a foot clutch on the left side. Hard to tell but looks like second brake pedal is missing. Extra handles might be hand brakes one for each side????
  4. Before GPS my Dad drove truck. There was a fellow driver that would give directions (from memory) like that almost anywhere on the east coast " go 3 stops past the blue house, with the church across the road........" . I was just a kid, but I don't remember anytime I went with dad following his directions we got lost or misdirected. His directions were amazingly accurate even if it was 1 or 2 years since he had been there. GPS is a helpful tool, but those old time directions had character!
  5. Price is something that I struggled with also. Once we decided that we we serious, I spent along time trying to get in tune with pricing. This was only $500 more with less hours and from picture in as nice a shape as the original CX I was going to look at. I think this is a much better deal. Just have to call this morning and tell him to get it ready
  6. Well after trying for about a week now to get together to look at the cx, owner isn't calling back. I really think he doesn't want to sell it. I listened to all of your input and I had my doubts that I was going to be happy with the CX unit. On an off chance I called a different John deere dealer (I know those are dirty words), and he had taken a TS 4X2 unit in on a trade and took delivery of it, this morning. Went and looked it over, 2012 unit from the serial number, 232 hours, and in great shape. Put some money down to hold it, and made arrangements so wife and I could go back when they were closed and look it over together (she has to be able to handle and be comfortable with it). We did the walk around and both sat on it together ( she was in the driver seat), and made the comment, "We will need to get a top and a front bumper". Knew right then that she liked it and was giving the thumbs up. Just have to call and complete the deal tomorrow.
  7. Congrats. This year was 33 years for us. Seams like just yesterday we were getting married, time sure has flown by.
  8. Looking in my general area (upstate NY) is tough to find anything. Most "lifted" golf carts with ATV tires are in the $4 to $5k, and std golf carts $3 to $4.5k range. I had considered one of those, I had a real beat up one some time ago. Did way too much with it, but the Harley Davidson motor gave up, and wouldn't run. Mechanic I talked to said parts were high, and what I had was pretty clapped out. It was one of the motors that to change direction the motor ran backward, kind of a pain as every time you stopped, the motor shut off, or to change directions, shut off and had to restart. I did a google search out as far as 500 miles for UTV's, and nothing has come up in the price range I want to spend. I also stopped at a few places JD, Polaris, and Kobota dealers, they laughed at the price I wanted to spend, most said good luck, even the trades in (very few) they have are way more $$. I did call on a another UTV, Polaris 800, 4x4. I knew that it had to be one of three scenarios, Stolen, Miss typed ad, or scam. Turned out to be a scam, "oh just moved out of the area, send me the money and I will ship it to you, no we can't talk, only e-mail, etc......" The asking price on this one looks to be fair, maybe a little on the high side, definitely worth looking at.
  9. Wife and I have been looking for a side by side UTV for a while. Being cheep, didn't want to spend too much money. Well what I have found is either well worn out with lots of issues in my price range, or double what we want to spend ( isn't that normal). Our general use would be to use it for some light yard chores, a few rides in the orchard in the evening, and to have around to take the grand kid(s) (hoping for more) on rides. Also would be nice to have when attending some shows again in the future. So in general, doesn't have to be a speed demon, or have to go through a foot of mud. I found this add with pictures, looks almost like new in pictures. I have talked with the fellow, and he will be home sometime this weekend from vacation and I would like to go look at it. I have looked for review and specs, and does seam to be will recieved with good reviews. People here are good and honest, and I am looking for honest opinions about this unit. Here is the add For sale is a John Deere Gator CX. The CX is essentially the gas powered equivalent to an electric golf cart, only more rugged, faster and more power. This unit is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, has been meticulously cared for and always adult driven on our 25 acre property. 365 hours, purchased new in 2007, it is a 2005 model. Only selling to upgrade to a side by side so I can haul a trailer. Shoud add he is asking $4500, still more than I think it is worth, more like $3700 is what I am thinking.
  10. Happy she is so much better, Before you know it you will have to watch out for the boy's ! We went through something similar with my oldest (now 30) when she was 6 months old. She had viral spinal meningitis, from an ear infection. She couldn't talk to us to tell us anything, just watched her get worse minute by minute. Got her to ER in nick of time, she was in ICU for 10 days, with the first 3 days with comments from Doc's "don't be too far away, it is touch and go". The most helpless feeling in the world, wanted to kick myself and scream at the world...... Wife never left her side for the full 10 day except to get something to eat (once a day) and go the bathroom.
  11. Bora-care, can't buy in New York state, I tried. Can get in Ohio. I had shipped to one of my co-workers who works in our Ohio plant. Brought it home when I made a trip there to work. Worked for me, not cheep. Were protective clothing.
  12. I have done that a bunch of time, never comfortable with it. At least not as bad as this 😀
  13. Seams like constant rain in upstate NY. Helped son in law in between rain days to get planted. They needed extra hands when they could get in field. Orchards are mess, all torn up from pulling sprayers through. No choice, have to spray Everytime it Rains. If stays like this harvest is going to be a real mess.
  14. There is a winery close by that uses propane and blows them out. The winery is situated in a residential area (used to be all farm land, don't know how it is currently zoned) I expect they would have to at least let the town know what is going on.
  15. Yes, that OS6 has some good rubber. Rears were put on by Mr. Fletcher, who bought it our farm auction. Took me 11 years to get it back, had a broken rear axle. That tractor has many memories. First new tractor on the farm, First tractor I drove, My oldest pulled it in the Antique class,My Dad got to see that and would sit and wait for her to go ever though he wasn't well, but had to see his granddaughter pull HIS tractor. I just purchased from Mom's estate, so it will be staying in the family, and as I have said will go to Erika, and then Grayson. Erika had her engagement pictures with GPa's tractor shortly after he passed, so lots of special memories. And for good measure My youngest Daughter's W6