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  1. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    My OS 6 would run like crap when hot. It had a crack in the manifold that would open up once it got hot. That H also has an all fuel manifold, like I had. Mine was cracked on the back side, so it had to come off to find it.
  2. OS 6 radiator

    Looked at Steiner, $599. Not sure the difference in price is worth it, for the little use it gets. There are cheeper ones, but Al, not sure I want to go there either. E bay has some around $300 it have not had good luck there either but may end up there anyway.
  3. OS 6 radiator

    Has anyone used "Tractor parts Restoration" Hopewell Ma ? I need a new radiator, they have new ones for $429. Looked at a bunch of places, not the cheepest, mid range on price, but good discription.
  4. Help!!!!! Farmall H not running well. Cant figure it out.

    Do yo have to out the dis back to original position after it cools down to make it run decent? If you have to change it back then I don't thinks something is slipping.
  5. 5 is easier then one

    OT. Is KoO website up. I only get the last update as of 8/2/2016
  6. IH SW6-TA help

    We had a 51 or 52 OS6 which the gear on the cam shaft came loose. That is essential the same tractor as a W6. It had the mag drive pump as well. Dad didn't want to spend the money and welded it in place. That tractor ran that way for a long time after Dad sold it. Yes Dad told the buyer what he did. Fast forward 30 years and my nephew bought it, engine set up and block cracked, but welded cam still in it. He has it hanging on the wall.
  7. Pedal tractor parts.

    I found this place when looking for the value of a JD pedal tractor. Never used them, so I don't know if they are any good or not. http://www.greenfunstore.com/John-Deere-Toy-Parts.html I Got this for my grandson / future grand kids, yesterday. A co-worker had in basement, and wanted it gone. His step Daughter won it in a fireman's raffle ~ 20 years ago. She had no interest in it, and left it. Co-worker is cleaning out getting ready to retire and knew that I might be interested, so he offered it to me. We both looked for values and the range was all over the place. Picked up for $175. According to Marty, no one has ever sat in the seat, and the wheels saw the ground for the first time when he took the pictures.
  8. Grandson at Local Show

    Just a couple of pictures of my grandson and I at the local show. He is 11 months today. Grayson just loves to go for rides, and wants to steer everything he can get his hands on. I am amazed at how quickly he picks things up. Already knows where the on/off switch is (YES this is a concern already), wants to move the gear shift lever. He will be driving in no time! Can't see it in the picture, but he had a IH shirt on, with his red bib. His Dad came later (working) and asked my daughter why he had all red on (He farms with all John Deeres), my daughter just looked at him, turned to the W6, pointed and said "why do you think". Tim is a good sport, hung his head and said "Not sure what I was thinking......"
  9. 194x Farmall M puller (NO POWER)

    From your discription of the carb, I would start there. My daughter's W6 has a kero head and manifold, and still is 3 7\8 bore. It will run out of power pulling in the 6500lb class, usually will spin out first. Still it does pretty well.
  10. Finally Got Er Done

    Nice, great job
  11. Gator UTV

    Well we are happy campers. Picked up the gator today. It was turned in with all records, original build sheet, 3 keys, and the owners manual. The best part is that the build sheet says it was built in May of 2014, two years newer than we were told 😀 Unloaded it in the orchard across the road, and pulled into driveway. My grandson was in the window, and had a huge smile on his face. GPa had to take him for a ride, after 20 minutes he was a sleep. Got back and turned off, he woke up grabbed the wheel, and wanted to go again! Already worth every penny. Yes we are happy we found this bigger unit, thanks for the replys.
  12. i6

    Looks like a foot clutch on the left side. Hard to tell but looks like second brake pedal is missing. Extra handles might be hand brakes one for each side????
  13. I'm gonna get one

    Before GPS my Dad drove truck. There was a fellow driver that would give directions (from memory) like that almost anywhere on the east coast " go 3 stops past the blue house, with the church across the road........" . I was just a kid, but I don't remember anytime I went with dad following his directions we got lost or misdirected. His directions were amazingly accurate even if it was 1 or 2 years since he had been there. GPS is a helpful tool, but those old time directions had character!
  14. Gator UTV

    Price is something that I struggled with also. Once we decided that we we serious, I spent along time trying to get in tune with pricing. This was only $500 more with less hours and from picture in as nice a shape as the original CX I was going to look at. I think this is a much better deal. Just have to call this morning and tell him to get it ready
  15. Gator UTV

    Well after trying for about a week now to get together to look at the cx, owner isn't calling back. I really think he doesn't want to sell it. I listened to all of your input and I had my doubts that I was going to be happy with the CX unit. On an off chance I called a different John deere dealer (I know those are dirty words), and he had taken a TS 4X2 unit in on a trade and took delivery of it, this morning. Went and looked it over, 2012 unit from the serial number, 232 hours, and in great shape. Put some money down to hold it, and made arrangements so wife and I could go back when they were closed and look it over together (she has to be able to handle and be comfortable with it). We did the walk around and both sat on it together ( she was in the driver seat), and made the comment, "We will need to get a top and a front bumper". Knew right then that she liked it and was giving the thumbs up. Just have to call and complete the deal tomorrow.