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  1. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    You see many esch drills out your way bitty?
  2. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    I currently use an old conventional JD that we have had for forty years. Terrible for calibrating, crap shoot every time you change seed type. If I spent 35 thousand and still had same problem I'd not be happy. Conservation dist has 10 ft 1590 for rent, might try it out before I pull the trigger one way or the other. They used to have a haybuster, wasn't overly impressed with that setup either.
  3. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    Have you used the 1005? Any thoughts on the end wheel vs trailing wheels?
  4. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    I would like to have a ten foot no till drill, am mostly looking at either gp 1005 or 1006, or 750 or 1560 JD. I would like to no till small grain for forage, and also grass seed. Anyone use any of the above and want to give their opinion, one way or the other I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
  5. That 986 and 186 that just sold at auction for 23k each, have me wondering about tractors that have set for long periods of time. Would things like sleeve cavitation happen anyway, or possibly be worse from the limited circulation of fluids? Does lack of running time cause a different set of problems, even though tractors have low wearing hours? I could have used that 186.
  6. Direct cut choppers/heads?

    What models new Holland? 717 chopper?
  7. Direct cut choppers/heads?

    Anyone know who made direct cut heads for their choppers? I am assuming what I am looking for is going to be an old machine. I am green chopping feed for beef cows daily. I would like a little finer chop than I am getting with my flail chopper. Jd 972 with six blades, but I am wanting smaller pieces.
  8. Leftover seed corn

    What about the seed storage places run by the government? Don't they store mass quantities of seeds for use in case of a major catastrophe? Even if climate controlled, seeds would still age.
  9. Ordering parts from canada?

    Parts are for Massey backhoe, search my dealer friend did showed one piece in Missouri and four in Quebec. I could use all four. Probably dealers have the parts some where in this country, but I probably can't call every dealer in the country looking either. The parts are obsolete and Massey shuttered so many dealers, it is what it is.
  10. Ordering parts from canada?

    Hope I don't have to learn French today, got fence to fix and fertilizer to spread.
  11. Ordering parts from canada?

    Might be some parts I need in Canada, Quebec specifically. Anyone order stuff from the great white north? How does shipping and money exchange generally work?
  12. 1066 engine help

    Dropping a kit in those motors is no big deal, as long as you don't have damage to the block at the o-rings. Pete always has good advice, wish I lived next door to him.
  13. Moly grease- - - - - how many still using it??

    Explained to me by an oil industry man, grease for the most part is gear oil with additives. They add soap products to thicken, moly or lithium to enhance wear protection. Lots of variations for high temp, or high pressure. He had some interesting thoughts on motor oils, both weights and synthetic vs regular.
  14. Moly grease- - - - - how many still using it??

    Raw moly is exactly as atila described it, coats everything and real slippery. Worked for second largest producer of moly in the country. Also raw it contains a fair amount of some type of oil.
  15. Lost/weakened steering/brakes 1086

    I kinda wondered about that, just need to get it on trailer or rollback. I am not splitting it myself, got enough to do. Just pulled a calf.