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  1. 706 hydraulic problem....(drip-drip-drip)

    Look real close in the area where I circled the pitted section, and you will see a dark spot, which may be the source of your leak.
  2. Give and take word game

    Bag -- balm
  3. UFT Mower

    I would think that the lift assist wheels on the back would have hydraulic cylinders instead of the manual jacks.
  4. Landini Mythos 100 Parts ?

    Up until a couple-three years ago, there was a dealer for these in, of all places, Comanche, TX.
  5. Who ordered the snow

    Hey, look at the upside, YOU ARE FAMOUS!, CBS Radio 'news' actually mentioned central to Northeast Nebraska, and Northwestern Iowa, on the 5 PM CST 'news'.
  6. Possibility of a 51st state

    Well, Californicate is going to do this starting on April 1st:
  7. Give and take word game

    Grind -- feed
  8. Forbidden

    KOO IS Linn Lake, isn't he?
  9. Speaking Of Beekeeping Some of the bleeding heart, snowflake, liberals (but I repeat myself) who commented say it was "just boys being boys". Personally, a fitting punishment would be clubbing on them until the snow around them is as red as the snow was in the wood chopper scene at the end of the movie "Fargo".
  10. The hatred of agriculture is everywhere: I could see this coming from a cidiot representing Douglas, Sarpy, or Lancaster county in the Unicameral, but now that the idea has been planted, watch for the Omaha World Herald and the Lincoln 'newspapers' to take up the cause.
  11. Speaking Of Beekeeping

    Let the parents pay restitution, and their little darlings will go thru life knowing that mommy and daddy will bail them out no matter what happens. Most likely the judicial system will do just that, allowing the kiddies to skate, no, the only way to put a stop to this is to make a serious example of them, and paying restitution is NOT going to do that, perhaps an anonymous someone should take an interest in the parent's property. That might go a long ways in wiping the smirk off both the kids and the parents faces.
  12. Life in Alaska

    Doubt if there would be any badging on it.
  13. Possibility of a 51st state

    It wasn't just western North Dakota, basically it was all of the High Plains.
  14. I dare you

    The stupidity never ceases to amaze
  15. snow shovel

    Always used a scoop shovel In fact, I still have two, the steel scoop shovel of my Dad's, and a plastic one I have as a backup to dig out from the "snow apocalypse" WHEN it happens.
  16. Give and take word game

    bail -- hearing
  17. New California

    More power to them, and my hope for a successful outcome, although, as we saw with the outcome of the 51st state initiative in Colorado, the odds are against them.
  18. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Almost any of the "alternative media', which is exactly why LIEBERALISM wants to heavily restrict, if not outright ban, anything, that contradicts or disparages LIBERAL 'groupthink', including the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT of Freedom of Speech, to any NON-mainstream, NON-alphabet network source of information. I notice that in your definition of LIEBERALISM, it does NOT include the classical meaning of allowing individual thought, or the ability to reason and to question. Yes, indeed, modern LIEBERALISM, as practiced by the Communist Party, United States of Socialist AmeriKa, has neither room for, nor tolerance of, those who dare question the politically correct party line. (And we see this in the arrogance and contempt that LIBERALS have for REAL AMERICANS who believe in traditional morality and values, OUR Euro-centric culture, OUR Constitution, and the FREEDOM that it guarantees us). And you cannot tell me that one of the first things taught in 'journalism' 101, is that the MEDIA are the only ones capable of telling the 'peasants' what to think, and how they will benefit from the boundless joys of a socialist utopia.
  19. What USED to sell newspapers?

    THIS is red meat for me. The only 'newspaper' available without having to make a 45 mile round trip is the Abilene Reporter-News, which is now part of the USA Today network, and a 'newspaper' so worthless in its own right, that it has to be given away at motels, where most copies are tossed out, unread, along with the rest of the garbage. At one time, the Abilene newspaper was not a bad regional newspaper, but after being taken over by the uber-liberal USA Today, and having a former sports reporter as its new 'editor', who spends most of his time acting as the restaurant critic (read free food mooch), and promoting the local social justice warrior scene, AND befouling the entire front page with football news (how is it that the front 'news' section contains well over 50, actually closer to 75 percent advertising, with most of that being advertising promoting the on-line edition of their 'newspaper), yet the sports section on most days runs 8-10 pages with <10 percent ads. I can only hope that my letters calling him a pus-say hat wearing, social justice warrior, whose mommy chooses what romper he will be wearing to work that day, makes him wonder just what he has done to earn my emnity. There is NO research done by any of these bubble headed LYING, LIBERAL, ELITISTS, much less any fact checking: What these useless fks, who would be the first to tell you that their 'education' in journalism allows themselves to call themselves the go-to "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING", FAILED to research was THIS: Whether he agrees or disagrees with the merit of my post, I would ask someone to point out the rank structure of the United States Army, and define the differences between a Private First Class (E-3), and an Officer, starting with an O-1 (Second Lieutenant) Truth and accuracy in both print and electronic 'journalism' take a far distant Fourth and Fifth place finish in the race that the MEDIA SEWAGE run where embellishment, sensationalism, and FABRICATION of the facts take the top three positions. Also, take this into consideration, the word that PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPOSEDLY used is what the SEWAGE of the MEDIA SEWAGE have when they 'report' on those despicable bitter, clingers, who populate 'flyover country'. We have it in our power to destroy the vermin of the mainstream media, and the first communist party propaganda organ to go under MUST be CNN, the nation's #1 MANUFACTURER of FAKE 'news'
  20. Alabama RPRU Bus Tour from SD

    That sounds like one genuine deal.
  21. Give and take word game

    High -- bid
  22. What's your favorite snack

    Right now, it is in the shell, salted and roasted peanuts, other times sweet gherkin or bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, popcorn, or potato chips. Due to the mess, the peanuts are best eaten outside, but every now and then a few get eaten inside, unshelled, especially the hot, Cajun spiced ones.
  23. A B-1B Video

    I have never been to Rapid City, SD, but I am thinking that the B-1 takeoffs are at either Ellsworth AFB, and Nellis AFB, outside of Las Vegas, is my guess for the landing at sunset looking at downtown Las Vegas. DY is the tailcode for Dyess AFB, at Abilene EL is the tailcode for Ellsworth.
  24. Excuse me pilots

    Many, many years ago, I was along for the ride flying home from Houston to McAllen, and I asked the pilot if he would consider giving us a 500 KT, 500 AGL foot ride to the Valley. Obviously that was before the cockpit was barricaded off from the passengers, and you could actually speak to the pilot or co-pilot when you boarded the aircraft. Now, that asking that kind of question would have you considered a highjacker, or terrorist.