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  1. pressure -- spike
  2. Mr. Lorenzo's description of Willard is exactly the same as The Bash's Willard.
  4. This goes without saying, as was written, their main concern was the limited supply of quality sand for "beach volleyball". BTW, your comment would have been better written and more truthful had it said "where the lgbt folks love the Islamic extremists".
  5. Carry a ten pound bag, or two, of sugar, and your cement will never set up. Of course, you would have to really wash out the drum to keep from contaminating the next load.
  6. From those "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING" at The New Yorker magazine THE WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF SAND BUT, one of the country's leading purveyors of FAKE 'news' brought it to the attention of the world first. The World’s Disappearing Sand Obviously, they had never watched this, as it would be too 'low-brow' for their intellectual tastes. Maybe if they left the confines of their ivory towers and gay bars.
  7. I'd check at NAPA, or some long established auto supply or repair shop. At one of the John Deere dealers I worked at we had a rivet press, and I remember re-rivetting brake pads several times, using a hand held rivet set.
  8. money -- changer
  9. flower -- power
  10. Didn't Shell purchase Pennzoil? I had thought that Texaco had bought them, but I did not know that Pennzoil and Quaker State were part of the same company.
  11. A wall will be just the icing on the cake, since just the talk of building it has caused the influx of this illegal trash to DROP almost 70 percent, and add to that the enforcement of existing law, and the round up of these criminals and leeches, proves that Teddy Roosevelt's adage of "speak softly but carry a big stick" does work. But, as always, LIBERALS are complaining and moaning about the inhumanity and cold-heartedness involved in applying the law as is written, and that WE should be 'tolerant and inclusive' (i.e. be happy with being the depository for the world's trash). One has to wonder why the MEDIA and their fellow LIEBERALS are so willing to have the United States become another European shithole, unless it is the 'white guilt' that they suffer from.
  12. You would have known, he would have been demonstrating his box making skills, and giving seminars on how to get wet straw to burn. I do miss his sharing his extensive JD literature collection that he used to post, over on The Bash.
  13. data -- link
  14. Was Goob there with his air-cooled, black dash, 620?
  15. So true, and that is what made websites like TheDieselStop.stoopid, which has to be one of the most stupid sites on the Interweb, so fking entertaining. It was once called, UNTIL Ford forced them to stop using their name, but now, as it was then, it was home to High School Harrys, wanna-bee truck drivers, and idiots who had ruined their vehicle by modifying it, and were mad because Ford would NOT honor the warranty, yet you had the administrators, who, if they were not shifty-eyed salesmen, or shilling for add on after market products, telling the idiot how to remove the offending aftermarket product and then tell the dealership that the vehicle had never been modified. I remember them once having a discussion, that ran into multiple pages on the proper way to check the air pressure in a tire, which offered, among other things, the best position for the valve stem to be, before checking. In 99 out of 100 cases the aftermarket CANNOT have the resources available to the OEM, yet we are supposed to believe their snake-oil, just because their product is touted by some idiotic off-road, diesel power magazine, or website, in return for free advertising.