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  1. Nice Video

  2. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    I only remember two farms that had Oliver tractors, one was a mile north of the place I grew up on, and all I can remember of his Oliver tractors was one was a "checkerboard" grille, either a 770 or 880 (maybe an early 1600). There had to be more Olivers than that in the area, Heller Implement in Dunlap was the dealer, and is still in business as the White dealer.
  3. Give and take word game

    yield -- sign
  4. Suitcase Weights

    Post some pictures of it, please
  5. Not over yet but...

    But they did get their ratings BTW, the "Labor Day Storm" of 1935 was the basis for the 1949 film Key Largo.
  6. Our future "leaders"????????????

    As I have surmised, it is our 'friends' in the MEDIA who are spending soros'es money, by organizing and hiring these ANTI-Trump rioters Remember that there is NO organization more willing, and more capable of selling traditional American values and culture down the drain, than the MEDIA, and the 'entertainment industry' themselves. Think otherwise,? Then look at how they trash the US military, Christianity, family, and morality at every opportunity.
  7. Their aim was off

    The most interesting part was that the reporter accurately described the rifle as an AR-15, without adding any of the expected "assault rifle", or "black gun" adjectives to enhance the story. Not that that part of Houston looks like it was flooded, or suffered any damage from the hurricane but Texas does take the Second Amendment, and The Castle Doctrine muy seriously. Unlike in New Orleans after Katrina, where law enforcement ILLEGALLY seized the weapons of the homeowners.
  8. Rantoul or Bust

    Obviously, you didn't blink when you went thru Leiter, since my atlas shows a population of FIVE. All those old bank buildings had character in their architecture, God only knows how much money has went thru the door of that bank.
  9. What, NO Mention Of The 5.8 Montana Earthquake?

    At least I apologized, SOMETHING that the SEWAGE has NEVER done, when confronted with ITS FAKE 'facts' posing as 'news'. Well, I shouldn't say NEVER, since they will 'correct' a mispelled name, or some such insignificant bullshit, and even then, they will bury it almost out of sight. Remember that as "EXPERTS ON EVERYTHING", their arrogance and contempt for the intelligence of the peasants that they so despise precludes them from ever admitting that they are wrong.
  10. See If This Scan Shows Up, And Is Legible

    As you can see, John Deere is not afraid to mention IHC, and even used their tractor when it suited their purpose. Notice that it mentions the "Tractor Farming Demonstration" held at Fremont, NE in 1914, which my Dad told me that his Dad took him to. (The IHC logo shows up much better on both rear fenders of the Mogul, in the second picture.)
  11. What, NO Mention Of The 5.8 Montana Earthquake?

    Ooops, I was certain that I had read that this morning, on the Newsmax 'news' site'. In the immortal words of Rosanne Rosannadanna, 'NEVER MIND".
  12. M 5.8 - 11km SE of Lincoln, Montana 2017-07-06 06:30:17 UTC46.881°N 112.575°W12.2 km depth Going to be kind of hard to put the blame on oil and gas drilling and "fraccing" on this, but I am confident that some airheaded "expert" from the MEDIA will attempt to do so. More likely, the SEWAGE will panic, and say that this is the first sign of the upcoming eruption of the Yellowstone "Super Volcano". CNN in 3...2...1
  13. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    One of the better places I have eaten that style of BBQ was at a restaurant/bar inside the Memphis terminal itself. I doubt if they had a pit out back on the ramp, but they sure as **** did a good job of keeping it tasty thru all the traveling it did to get it there. As an aside, I was riding on a United flight once, and they served up some quite good BBQ beef for the in-flight meal.
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    If it weren't for the Montana members on here mentioning it, NOBODY would know, just like the MEDIA NEVER mentioned the wildfires in Kansas and Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle last spring. (Flyover country doesn't count) But we do get to hear, ad nauseum, about the ones near Los Angeles, and once again, almost nothing about the ones burning in REAL California..