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  1. About 40,000 miles ago, I replace two Michelin tires with Toyo Brand because the Michelin tires had worn out after about 70,000 miles, a couple of months later I replaced the other two with Toyos. With 9/32 tread depth remaining on the Toyos, one came apart inside, so I replaced that pair with Yokohama Geolanders, and kept the remaining good Toyo as a spare, about 3000 miles later, one of the remaining two Toyos did the same, so I used the tire that I had kept replace it, and still had two Toyos on the ground. Now with 7/32 tread remaining, the third Toyo had the same internal failure. Went back to Michelins, the lesson learned being the cheap initial price wound up costing at least 50 percent more, and probably closer to 75 percent more, in the long run. Bought these from Discount Tire, so assuming that they honor the FREE 5000 mile rotations, which just happens to be my oil change interval, that will be a savings also.
  2. deal -- breaker
  3. An Allis-Chalmers brush type stripper
  4. tent -- pole
  5. Class -- clown
  6. Last, here is a WD-45 Diesel, with the exhaust and intake in the same positions as they are in the original photo, and the smaller mesh grille screen, BUT it does NOT have the straight side tin, or the A-C diamond in the center of the top of the grille, as does the tractor with the harvester.
  7. There are still a couple of differences that I cannot explain away, #1. The location of the exhaust, unless the gasoline and diesel engines had the exhaust manifold on opposite sides of the head, and #2. The grille appears to be smaller on the original tractor in the picture of it in the field.
  8. Not a Sheppard, NO extended nose, tinwork is different. I still say it is an early D Series A-C, as they had black grille screens. The Series 1 came out in 1956 or 57, and continued on to the Series IV last made about 1965, IIRC.
  9. That pea and vine windrower was listed as an attachment on John Deere mowers up thru the #8. and possibly later, and I would think that most manufacturers had the same type of gatherer for their mowers.
  10. Pep -- squad
  11. FM, which means Farm to Market are the most common highways in Texas, they don't necessarially have to lead to any place, as several of the numbered ones around here just end and a gravel road continues. Much less common, are the RM roads, Ranch to Market
  12. One thing about a lot of the abandoned townsites, is that you are apt to find the remains of a YUGE school, that has lasted longer than any of the other buildings that were once there in the town. As near as I can make out, this was at Indian Creek.
  13. And IF these had been working, I would have wasted a few more hours watching them.
  14. NOT my video: Lots of wildflowers along the highways as well. Great time of year to be out driving.
  15. And without having to send madeline not-so-bright over there to give Little Piss Ant a basketball.