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  1. 1206 serial number registry

    Thank you, I had that tractor listed to loffelhoelz tractor parts in Cudworth SK closest I had was 8828 in Uclair Wisconsin. You can message me your name and town if you like.
  2. 1206 serial number registry

    Thank you, closest I have is 7605 in Canada providing this is a Farmall not a wheatland. Message me the guys name if you can, thanks again.
  3. Pic is a bit blurry but dated August 14th, 1970 "Last Forging Tractor WKS" Farmall plant's last melt was in 1967 and Tractor Works was prior to Farmall Works if I remember right. The IH also has the letters E Z on the legs of the H if you can see that in the photo. I've not been able to find any info on this. Think it's made of Brass. I am assuming from another country maybe?
  4. 1206 serial number registry

    I do not have it listed, can you give me some owner info, town and state? thank you
  5. 1206 serial number registry

    Yes sir, had it listed, no other info on it, closes in line was 13493 located in Modale IA.
  6. Attn: Red Reaper

    Smoker, is that a farmall or wheatland? I did not have 15786, closest I had was 15781 in TN. Wonder what type of implement in on that thing? Thanks for the numbers, Jerry, I'll wait till I hear back from you on the above.
  7. 1206 serial number

    Nate, no I did not have it, closest I had was 9210 in Shelbina Mo. FarmerAl, no I did not have that one listed, and nothing real close listed. Thanks for the numbers, if you guys want to send me specific names and towns of these tractors, I can update the list more accurate.
  8. 1206 serial number

    Thanks for the numbers, I did not have 8327 listed, Housey1468 is the seller of that tractor. I had next in line 8328 listed in Clintonville WI. I also did not have 7599, but did have next in line 7600, listed in Hunington OH Thanks again for the numbers.
  9. Rantoul show pics

    Pretty sure that 1470 is our own Doug Warters outfit.
  10. 1206-501

    I messaged the seller after the auction ended and asked him to tell me the reserve price, because my Max bid, was not 17K and I might be interested. He has never responded. I don't think he knows how ebay works. Just because it brought 17K does not mean the high bidder was at his max. That just means the runner up bidder was at his max.
  11. 1206-501

    I was high bidder and my max bid did not hit reserve. In several ways, I'm glad it didn't. I really don't want more basket cases, but I want to see it done right too. I've studied these things for years now. And been lucky enough to own 2 prototypes. I see some things missing that makes me think, "Thank God I don't have to try to find that needle in the haystack part". I've known about this tractor for some time now. Yes Bud Westbay sold it along with 2 others. Bought from Hinsdale. I wanted to get in touch with the test equipment sales manager at Hinsdale, but he unfortunately is long gone now for several years. Dr.Evil, I really enjoy your stories, and that guy you are talking about probably could have answered many questions for me on these prototypes perhaps. Bud Westbay helped answer several, and verified a lot of what I already hoped I knew. These fellers are very old now and that information goes with them. I am very lucky to have learned what I have so far, and possibly in the next year or so, I'll put another article together on these tractors and help keep that info recorded for history.
  12. MX135 PTO Solenoid Problem

    I love it!! Was so nice brush hogging in cold AC this summer, and feeding in mud was easy as can be!
  13. 1206 serial number registry

    From H to 80, thanks for the number, I did not have it listed. Closest I had was 11814 in Iowa owned by Dennis Henshaw
  14. MX135 PTO Solenoid Problem

    These boys helped me diagnose mine. First thing I'd do is retrieve your trouble codes thru the PTO light and go from there. Mine gave me all kinds of problems and both the on/off switch was bad along with the speed sensor. Replaced them and it's worked great every since.
  15. 1206 serial number

    DT361, I had that tractor listed to an auction in Cokato MN back in 2010, and then again at K&L equip in Kensett IA. nothing real close listed, thanks for reporting