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    I now own a small trucking co with 2 hired drivers/Beck Metal Express LLC Plus build parts or complete pulling tractors.

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  1. You do know NOT to ever tell the Cat parts supplier that you pull those pistons down to look at clips and rigs right? Seriously ................ it voids the warranty ............. ask me how I know.
  2. Warranty market is a major scam ......................... on EVERYTHING good luck with the "charmin" I guess I buy my stuff accordingly and take care of my own. I have fought with companies over what was supposed to be covered only to be denied . Always wanna call it driver abuse/error/neglect what have you
  3. Consider yourself VERY lucky ........................ I could provide MANY names of guys I know personally that THOUGHT they were in a "good place" because they had a warranty from Cat aaaaaannnnnnndddddd DENIDED
  4. Let me reiterate ................... GOOD LUCK WITH A CAT WARRANTY .................... I dont care what kind of toilet paper you get it transferred on but atleast you will have something to wipe with when you need it. I have NEVER had nor ANYONE I know EVER had a warranty from Cat do them a bit of good. Truck goes in the shop , torn down and denied saying driver error/abuse/neglect or what have you . So what Im saying DONT put stock into or let the "charmin" influence what you are willing to pay
  5. Good luck with that Cat warranty
  6. Throttling it to get it "whistle n make noise" can back the nut off the intake wheel ........ and well you know what happens when solid objects enter the airstream and get inside the combustion area ................
  7. Well they took 300 lbs away so now I weigh 6100. I changed the configuration on my frame some, spread the weights apart and moved the fuel tank,oil tank,battery and anything else I could forward to get my balance point back. I think its pretty close to what I was last year. Havent decided ........... I MAY turn it into a 86 series that way I move ME and the cage plus a few other things forward that way I can raise the drawbar up maybe just maybe get it to 20" been running 18 1/2" to help it drive
  8. The allison powered tractors that went 1-2 are Bowdie (father) Blake (son) Otte from Norfolk good friends of mine
  9. Thats from the sintered iron clutch disks. They kinda resemble a grinding disk and there is a hole cut in the bottoms of the clutch housings for adjustments which is covered by the blanket and some of the sparks do get out
  10. I run a 3 disk crower slipper clutch with .110 air gap , I love how smooth it engages . Be smooth on the throttle and the clutch makes it take off nicely
  11. Yes this was fri night Trying to figure out how to add the video from my phone that was taken from the stands and sent to me
  12. Mine and the class I pull in still isnt
  13. I believe Precision Guess Work is in Nebraska Its now black ............ Melvin Nelson has it