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    I now own a small trucking co with 2 hired drivers/Beck Metal Express LLC Plus build parts or complete pulling tractors.

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  1. LSS or LLSS? Light Limited Super I personally have no interest in . 460-560 era tractors 360 cu in I believe and rules rules rules . Light Super stock cast chassis I like. Rules are fairly simple (6100 lbs for me and I have 600 moveable on the nose) Then there is the LWSS which is Light Weight Super Stock component chassis with 505 cu 6500 lbs (NO V8s allowed) This class is the next step up from where I currently am. I can run my same engine on 3 chargers( I could run them now)
  2. It is a complete new tractor. I sold the one I built and called Henry as a track ready runner and its still being run. New owner has made a bunch of changes to be a strong hitter in a VERY competitive Light Limited 466 class. This tractor started from a rearend center housing I had and gathered parts and built a complete new tractor.
  3. I pull Light Super Stock (cast chassis) with Ne Bush pullers Its a 505 cu billet aluminum head big single charger on alcohol
  4. I went 325 for the win !!
  5. LOL Come on up Robbie!! we will work something out
  6. That tilt system I have plus the quick tach for the wheel makes it look like there is lots of play/movement but when I'm running down track I dont even notice. YES with Nebraska Bush I do win money 700 to win and pays back 10 places
  7. Season is underway
  8. He has been dealing with it and the treatments for over a year now. He did make it out for several events last year AND has precommitted 2 tractors this year
  9. 2 plates and a floater same from 706 up ....... 14s got bigger brakes and the give away is the cast housing they ride in is larger diameter. LOTS of these parts will interchange 706 on up.
  10. Farmstock hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah you guys kill me !!!! Yes I started there with a STOCK tractor and got it handed to me. So my "farmstock" turned into basically a hard running 3000 rpm tractor . Had fun YES but I wont go back to anything like it that requires a small fortune to build a toned down hotfarm with not enough safety gear for basically bragging rights With that being said with a bit more info on you tractor for real I could give you some good advice on setting the hitch hight AND length. That 20" high and 18" back DOESNT work for every tractor. I took a 1066 out of the weeds that actually ran decent and I put 18.4x38 firestone radials on (not new) at 24 psi (radials like air pressure to do the job the were designed for so "airing them down" defeats this. I bolted a clevis standing up on the drawbar to get hight but left it long . Stock 1066 kinda heavy in the front thats why. and stock pump lines and injectors {pump turned up a few turns} high 1 and let it walk right on down carrying the front end 1 ft off the ground with my son driving to win the class. Luck? some ...... setup ..... you need to understand your tractor more than someone saying YOU GOTTA have 20" drawbar YOU GOTTA have 18" length YOU GOTTA have 20.8 tires YOU GOTTA etc
  11. You do know NOT to ever tell the Cat parts supplier that you pull those pistons down to look at clips and rigs right? Seriously ................ it voids the warranty ............. ask me how I know.
  12. Warranty market is a major scam ......................... on EVERYTHING good luck with the "charmin" I guess I buy my stuff accordingly and take care of my own. I have fought with companies over what was supposed to be covered only to be denied . Always wanna call it driver abuse/error/neglect what have you
  13. Consider yourself VERY lucky ........................ I could provide MANY names of guys I know personally that THOUGHT they were in a "good place" because they had a warranty from Cat aaaaaannnnnnndddddd DENIDED
  14. Let me reiterate ................... GOOD LUCK WITH A CAT WARRANTY .................... I dont care what kind of toilet paper you get it transferred on but atleast you will have something to wipe with when you need it. I have NEVER had nor ANYONE I know EVER had a warranty from Cat do them a bit of good. Truck goes in the shop , torn down and denied saying driver error/abuse/neglect or what have you . So what Im saying DONT put stock into or let the "charmin" influence what you are willing to pay
  15. Good luck with that Cat warranty