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    I now own a small trucking co with 2 hired drivers/Beck Metal Express LLC Plus build parts or complete pulling tractors.

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  1. Well right now it weighs 6100lbs with me (160lbs) and 600lbs hanging moveable so Im pretty light right now. If I go component I actually go UP in weight to 6500lbs
  2. Salem tractor parts in Salem SD has something very similar for the yard
  3. I am thinking about some changes ............. This thing MAY grow up a bit. It MAY get 2 more turbos to make it a 3 charger system. It also MAY turn into a component tractor and I MAY move up a class because if I make it a 3 charger I foresee me being the "class killer" I dont want guys to quit pulling the LSS cast cast because of me and thats why I'm thinking about moving up.
  4. go to youtube and look up Keith Backer .............. my channel and you can watch all of my pulling videos
  5. With the way I have this set up.............. new block and all back together ........... there isnt any change. Runs like a bear right out of the box.
  6. These were the same run , different perspective. I won the class by about 25' Unfortunately ................. it pitched #4 rod thru the block. If you watch the side view vid close you can see the rod bearing hit the dirt Very slippery starting line ... had to "dance carefully" to about 150' and used brakes more than usual to keep it centered It tried me a few times to get away
  7. Or even a 540 ................. I have 2 that wont be used in my puller. 1 is hyper
  8. Which are most durable? Cat? hardly. Detroit ? Yes .......... and thats why big fleets have THOUSANDS of them since the inception of the 12.7 . They are a very underrated engine by owner ops because they are set a tad weak on the torque but after a tune they ran hard and still get great mileage plus last a million plus. My cats always wanted parts headgaskets
  9. All this makes me glad I got rid of all my Cats and now have a fleet of Detroits Good by to "money pit" yellow motors
  10. Im guessing Mark may have clutch issues. However ............... I'm also quite capable of "putting it out there" and as of late I have beaten him 3 times with 2 in a row I like running against him because he runs tough and that drives me harder. twood19541 .......... I run light superstock with Nebraska Bush Pullers I weigh 6100lbs 505 cu on alky with a big single turbo. I dont USUALLY move around that much but this ride was kind of rough doing a little "superstock walk" going side to side. I will try to add the video that someone else sent me from the ground and you will see how it was rocking back and forth
  11. 331 ft at 31 mph for the win
  12. I guess Im a good sport about it. Take the good with the bad and may the average be enough. I ended up 3rd 319 was first 315 was second 310 was me so I was right there even tho it didnt like it. Erv Hake won on Wildfire and he needed that win!! Help keep the competitive fire lit The next night in Plymouth Ne I did win. Track was kinda similar so I cranked the drawbar up about 1/2" and whipped it pretty hard 32 mph track speed all the while using the brakes fighting to keep it on the track (wanted off of both sides!!)
  13. It kinda "bucks" when it doesnt get the traction it needs to carry the front at speed.
  14. Well this was a 3rd place run. Track was very crappy and slick. Was in high gear dragging the brakes trying to slow the tires enough to bite and just couldnt get it to stand up and do its thing.