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  1. I heard that before as well, but never was around one.................I always thought the Deere's took alittle less power than a Gehl and most definitely a NH. Granted it must be considered that nobody where I am ran processors at that time.
  2. Yeah, they were ok, like I said, the late 800's were pretty decent, and hanging Deere heads on them helped. I actually hated the heads the worst, chopper itself wasn't too bad, just didn't have a ton of capacity, and when you park a good pull type next to one, it really makes that point.
  3. If I had at have a pull type chopper at a decent price, I would run a Deere...................I didn't expect to see the fans for Gehl's come out of the woodwork, they worked but nothing to write home about, atleast the smaller ones that everyone around me bought. I'd like to back into a new Dion pull type with a new big row crop tractor with a common rail engine and just see which I could destroy first, tractor or chopper. Leave the Uni in the fencerow..............A late grey and cream 800 with a Cummins might not be too bad, with a adapter to run a Deere head and a 800 series chopper..........Spent some time in a 709 with a 767 chopper, I think you could put haylage up faster with a Lawnboy, and in corn with those stupid NI wide narrow heads you work on the head half the day, get it to the field, place 2 stakes..............Drive from first stake to second stake a few hours, hopefully at the second stake you got a load, because if you don't forget it, your going back to work on the head the rest of the night.
  4. Its 2:45 here, I am sitting at the table shoving my face with a piece of my son's birthday cake looking at the thermo and its saying 98 at the moment. Just got done patching up a combine ac for a customer to get by. Think I will wait until dark tonight to do anything else productive today.
  5. I would guess you are over 90.................I got everything maxed out on the pump on the one here, and got the RPM's out the roof and can get 90 without a turbo. I got a turbo I'd like to throw on it but still looking for a dry air cleaner that is close size wise to the stock oil bath setup so I can keep it looking stock. But my brother makes a good point and just leave it as is, I will push it too hard and it will puke. For the little bit I use it I don't need the power anyhow.
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't beat on that.........
  7. They work, but tear one down and tear down a D310 next to it..............night and day difference. Ran both the late 282 and the 310................Honestly its not even a contest on power IMO. I got a 282 here as well, twisted its tail pretty good and it does work well.
  8. They won't handle a decent size head without busting up those stupid side hill castings down by the final drives.................ran both level land and side hill deere's here. Ran the same slopes with 7720 that we did with a 9500SH, just went a tad slower so we didn't walk grain out of the low side. With a rotor it doesn't matter as much and all the old school side hill guys switched and wouldn't go back. The side hill is nice but I felt it was over-rated for the head issue I mentioned above. 25 ft platform was pushing it weight wise and the newer corn heads anymore than a 6 and you were asking for it. Quite a few 9500 and 9510 SH machines here yet, Dealer keeps those castings in stock if that tells you anything.
  9. I wouldn't even think about it.................310 without a doubt, D282 is/was a boat anchor. In my area most people are after the German powered tractors before the others, they are highly regarded here for their fuel efficiency and reliablity.
  10. You have to watch his videos whether you like him or not, I don't know any other un-intelligent people who can afford new equipment to then proceed to ruin it. Its fun to watch, atleast for me................I don't know anyone else who plays bumper cars with their old man on a loader, and slices a tire sidewall with a spear then proceeds to volcanize it on a tractor you use all time, and it only half a** works anyhow and you got a bizillion hours of time and money in it, or buy a big square baler that people get along just fine with, and then run it down as junk trying to run material through it at high speed that shouldn't be fed into a tree chipper. Or go on a epic rant about how high quality hay they are making, cutting it before a rain, tedding it 50,000 times, and still baling it wet...................That isn't quality by any means, its mulch, its junk hay, nothing quality about it. You have to watch, it should make everyone feel alot better about themselves. Like I said, I know a few guys who put up mulch hay, they bale anything of any quality and move it as animal feed for more $$$, if it is not possible then it heads to the mushroom barns. Last I heard the barns closest to me didn't pay a very high amount per ton, I can't imagine he is getting alot better. I also miss was enjoyable to hear epic rants about making money while filling a Oliver planter full of fertilizer with a shovel, or a gas combine burning up OPEC's finest. Nothing wrong with that, but don't give a speech on making money because that was/is pure hobby. I do miss those video's
  11. Could not agree more, would like to know what investments his family had that lets him play. I know a few guys who make mulch hay and all of them are diversified in other things.
  12. The one here has the fuel turned up, and its slobbers like crazy.........but under a load it is amazing.
  13. If the machine only cost $15, I would attempt a repair on that if the splines aren't twisted. BUT, I doubt anyone would do that in a job shop because of the liability.
  14. +1
  15. I plan on getting one from A&I for my own project and tearing it down to have a look see before I put it in. Everyone bashes their stuff, but I have put a lot of Deere parts on from them and they are holding up. With that stuff, the OE was expensive and was essentially the same part they were pushing out of their aftermarket company. Seems everything has been cheapened up so much now, no matter where it came from.