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  1. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    No, they are honestly pretty basic once you see one work. Pik Rite is pretty good about under building things so I make changes that really helps reliability. A lot was grown here years ago, now not as much, all the ones grown here now go to Furman(Furmano's as its called now) Foods.
  2. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Yes, came from a agtalk member. No, I don't work for Pik Rite but stay busy with Harvesters because of Pik Rite, when they branched into products other than harvesters the knowledge there went down about them. I enjoy them, they are a challenge.
  3. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    I swapped from the growing end to the machine repair end, take care of a few harvesters now so it won't be in front of one. Although I would love to try it on one in the mud.
  4. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Needs a TA......
  5. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Fix it, then I don't know.............I just always wanted one.
  6. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    I don't think, the last one lasted the longest ever, don't want to add to it unless you want 24 hours of continuous tractor pulling.
  7. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Finally ended up with a 6588 after looking for one for a few years now, tried to buy a few over the years and nothing worked out. This one came out of Iowa and is a good starting point. Lots of older 2+2's around but I wanted the later control center on the 6*88's so it limited my choices. Well, search for the tractor is over, now the search for parts starts.
  8. cost of hauling milk grassland again!

    Ones that hauled out of here years ago had rolling junk.........I don't even see milk trucks anymore where I am, not sure what they look like now.
  9. IH 886 with German diesel

    Ran both......360 may hold better when pulled down, but I rather have the Kraut. A lot has to do with how you run them, the Germans like to spin the crankshaft.
  10. 3488 mfd

    I would sure like to have a 3488......
  11. Should I...

    Are you allowed to?
  12. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    I seen that a few weeks back and thought it was neat...............I was actually looking for a late 6*88 2+2 but I need 3pt here so that one was out even though it was neat.
  13. Stay or evacuate

    Ivan was the last one to flood us out here, we are over due.
  14. 86 monitors

    I just welded two 1" pieces of angle apart on my bracket the same width as the box tube there on the cab, drilled a 3/8" hole through them and with the same on each end you just slide it on the tube, drop the bolt down through, with a nut on the other, tighten it up and its in...................Nothing aggrivates me more than buying a tractor and everything up in the cab is all drilled up.
  15. Great plains vs JD grain drills

    Deere, the others are just conventional drills that wanna do no-till. Find a late 750 or newer with bushings on the arms, early 750's had grease fittings on the pivots with nothing to wear but the arm, also the main tubes would break in the center, but I don't believe that happened on them under 15ft.