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  1. I cover pretty much every state east of Colorado on craiglist looking for deals as I know a guy who can backhaul things very cheap if he is out there. I never see anything of any quality under $20,000 with an MFD under it. Most are whooped 2wd small magnums(10 and 20's) and they are stripped of anything that is essential to operation. Like I said, have seen a few that broker has sent me from the south that were close, and the one I would have bought had it went under 20k, but even those are all around 20k with an MFD axle.
  2. Seriously think some of you guys on here must be from Mars................It may not be worth $26,000, I agree, but $10,000 for a MFD Magnum is an extreme stretch in my mind. Like Bitty said, price the parts and you are over 10,000. And honestly, nobody who can't work on it themselves would even consider buying it with 12K on the meter so that shoots that right in the foot. Its on 42's, a plus IMO. Any weights on it? 4 speed reverse is a plus. Duals? Dual PTO? I was in the low 20's on a 7130 I bought a few years back. That was nearing in on 12,000 hrs. It had duals, full rack of weights, quick hitch, but was on 38's(down side IMO). Spent a bit over $1200 on it and ran it.............old thing would run the like the dickens although I sure wish it had the intercooler on it like the 40's. When I was done with it, stripped the duals, quick hitch, and weights off of it and sold it for more than I paid for it. I sure would love to find these mysterious $10,000 box car magnums with MFD axles under them. I am not doubting they are out there, but I am sure if they are, their isn't much left of cab glass or interior, and most of the body panels are missing. I got a broker in the south send me some dandies that are for sale, and those are still priced higher than $10,000. One a few months back I would have bought for $18,000 but they wanted $20,000..........Told them if 18,000 made them happy I would do it, well someone gave them 20k for it.
  3. Did you have to give away 2 arms, a leg and your second born for the wire harness? My 1456 needs everything and I have been holding off on buying one because all the ones I found for the 1456 are so stinking expensive. Although I may just remove the fuel cap and change the tractor out for another red one in the future so I am not sure if I will ever get to it or not.
  4. I have learned by the time you decide to run the hoe, it's already too late.........don't wait IMO.
  5. Did you have to put any other metal on the cab other than the cab corners? Looks pretty solid although the pictures aren't zoomed in. The old '79 F100 we got here you can see the road if you lift the floor mat. Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I couldn't see it be scrapped. I like that color, was that the factory color? I am a '67-'72 GM guy so I know zip about Ford colors other than both the '79 and my wife's '72 F-100 4x4 are the same crap stain brown. LOL
  6. They are getting to be older iron now...................Neighbor has a 8330 and his dad has a 7520..........Both are nice machines. I got to say that 8330 sure sounds good taking off from a stop and shifting up going down the road.
  7. What was IH planning on doing with the flow controls if they were going to ditch the right door?
  8. SDman, that is interesting info. The 7130 I had was an early one, single filter. Had 3 remotes and in most applications we had all three hooked up to the implement. It always felt sluggish on the headlands as we normally did the scenario you mentioned. Glad to learn it wasn't in my mind, because on the 88 we had 4 remotes, and with all 4 hooked up the response seemed faster. Also mine did not have the flow controls in the cab, had the knobs on the valve stack underneath........I assume those were an option? Had an early 7120 and a 7140 through here for various things and they both had them, although again I feel it's a hap hazard setup compared to the 50 serious, unless you were a 500 lbs gorilla and busted the controls off with you foot, but they seemed to work without the 6 Mile cable to seize up.
  9. So, could you tell previous owners then? Either way, that setup stinks.
  10. Case axle setup was better than the single wedge lock setup, but IMO the dual wedge lock setup on the big 88's was a lot nicer IMO than the case setup, especially years after being built when things rust up.
  11. I work on some outdoor power equipment here at my shop, although I am not actively seeking out anymore with advertising because the general population is so clueless, but I did have a few township residents call me because theirs wouldn't run. Bad gas of-course, and luckly they all were engines I had carb kits for in stock here. Luckly these people in the sticks understand the fuel issues now days and everything was ok, but I couldn't imagine a massive ice storm and selling generators.......................Having people buy them 5 years ago, then calling you up screaming at you because they won't run. No, Thanks anyhow! Yeah, got to get these ones out and hook them up................But in 30 years we may have lost juice 6 times for extended periods of over 3 hours, and this one was the first for more than 8. Unless this becomes a common occurance, I can handle it.
  12. Yes, it's working good. Finally came back on around 5 pm today.
  13. Lost power Monday night here at 7pm after a line of severe thunderstorms went through. Lots of trees were brought down, took the lines and poles with them. Ran the generators until 11 that night and shut them down, started them up again at 5 am Tuesday and ran them until after 7 pm when we got juice back at the house. My sister 1/4 mile away at the farm didn't get it back until after 11 pm when we finally shut down the 1456. Moved the 3 tractors and generators around and would leave them in the road dragging cords to multiple houses to keep everyone's freezers and fridges cold. What a pain. My wife called me today at noon and said the power company lost more lines with the slight wind, so I left my transplanter project a county away to come home to hook up to keep the sub pump going. So far I have been listening to a diesel for nearly 3 hours and it looks like it might be a while yet. Atleast my end of the township road is IH powered, other end has flickering lights brought to you by John Deere. 560 is running the Winco at my house, 5288 is on the other one at my parents/grandparents down the road, and the 1456 is on the gen-power if we need it at the Farm. What a way to end the week.
  14. Old heads here told me that too.......I had one that rattled quite bad I thought, did the back to 30wt deal after reading it here, didn't make one ounce of difference...........back to 15-40 and it's still rattling while it works.
  15. Talked to Leroy today, they are done with corn. Scott was spraying herbicide today. They are ready to plant beans when the spraying is done.