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  1. Possibility of a 51st state

    Tony will be all over this deal , lots of crazy's out there but there and are a lot of good folks there too 😊 Danny
  2. 966 injection pump timing

    Yes you can move the timing ahead , this will help keep the fire down in the pipe ,try and keep your exhaust temp in that 1200 to 1400 degrees , I have set them at 25 degrees when your not running water . If your running a cast flywheel don't go past 3000 rpms , you don't want that thing blowing in two !! I have been there and done the lets have fun and fun we have and just so you know it just keeps going , 13 mm pump , .093 lines, bigger injector tips , more air psi !! When you go out past the 500 hp mark let me know and I will give you a list of drivetrain upgrades you will need to do , I graduated from the school of hard knocks 😳 Danny
  3. 1086 Door issue

    I use a die grinder and a cutoff wheel to make a cut at an angle from the hole that the door slide come out . Remove the door seal and make the cut then fold the tin back so you can get into the area where it's broken . I move the door around until the door is back into place and get your wire feed welder setup . Make sure you have it set for light steel so you don't burn through because you only have so much stuff to work with . Hold a wet towel on the outside of the door so you don't burn the paint . When your done welding you can fold the piece back in on the inside of the door and weld it back into place , grind it down and repaint , then glue the weather strip back in . Hope this helps , I can take some pictures if you guys are not sure where to make the cut . Danny
  4. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    On some of the improved /Hot Farm tractor that I have done and have kept the stock air cleaner there is a very easy setup . Remove the hose from the air cleaner to the front grill cast and go to your local Cat dealer and get a rain cap from one of there pieces of equipment and it will fit on there under the hood . You will need to make or put a cap on the dust collector boot so it won't suck air in through there . I used grey 1" electrical conditi /plastic routing it from the rear of the tractor under the deck , fuel tank on the left side . You can warm it up with a mini torch on the tight spots so you can bend it . Stop the pipe just past the intake manifold . Go to the local hardware store and get some of that green clothesline /coated cable and some small cable clamps . I put a small closed pulley up near the front and run the cable through there so you can change the direction of the cable over to a hitch pin clip in the rain cap . After doing this for along time a few years back I started putting a second piece of cable down from the dash and cut a hole in the side of the conduit and run the clothesline cable toward the front and just past were the conduit ends you can clamp the cable to the main cable for your second shut off . If anything goes wrong you can pull the shutoff and not wait for the sled operator to shut you off . Hope this helps , Danny
  5. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    No one degree won't make that , I would pop test the injectors . Does it start good ? Make sure you have the water drained off the bottom of the fuel tank , new filters , adjust the valves and if any of the valves have a lot of gap check the cam lift . Danny
  6. 1086 Door issue

    I have fixed a lot of this with that metal cracked inside where the bottom hinge is welded in the door . Send me a message if you want some help repairing . You can do this with out burning the paint off the door on the outside . . Danny
  7. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Is it at 18 degrees,and Did you have the injectors done too ? Danny
  8. 666 power steering issue

    Yes the plate form will pull out toward the rear and up around th seat . Danny
  9. 666 power steering issue

    Got Hy Tran in it ? Have it in warm shop , change out oil and filter , then raise front end off the ground and unhook the steering lines up to the front wet bolster . Slam the front wheels from side to side and the milky water/oil will come out of there . Repeat this a few times after hooking up the lines and unhooking . The oil leak on your hand pump is easy to fix , just get the seal kit and you replace it in the tractor . Start with this first and if it don't fix it let me know . Danny
  10. 756 steering

    Steering relief is out the bottom , toward the dirt 😂 And that is your first update turning in the screw setting up the relief psi . More flow won't help the psi . Danny
  11. Roller Maintenance

    I'm thinking the Snap On man for those adapters to remove those plugs , key stock will twist off . Might have to heat those plugs alittle bit to get them to come loose . That corn head grease would work but if it leaks out then I would go with that good Cat grease . I just got a new under carriage for my Cat D 6 N LGP and the carrying rollers are not real bad on price so if any of your rollers are noisy when you turn them run replace them with good used ones or price new . There are some good salvage yards for construction equipment . Danny
  12. Favorite Truck Ever?

    I like that last Petey 😎😎 Your company trucks look great too 😊 Danny
  13. Favorite Truck Ever?

    You know what I always say , you just need to drive on the correct side of the road , problem solved 😂😂 just think how much cheaper your vehicles would cost !! Danny
  14. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Cool trucks Marty , are there no Petey's down there ? Danny
  15. Roller Maintenance

    I can help you , I have 3 Cat D 6's two are old dozers from the 50's and the book says gear lube . With the grease we have today I would tell you to pump them full of the Cat extreme pressure grease or some other type of good grade grease until it come out both sides of the rollers . If you can stay out of the water is a plus, don't run it in the snow , these two things are hard on the under carriage . Danny