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  1. Oh Christine

    here is a little video clip of "Christine" on graveyard carz. I love this show and how the cars are restored to better than new. Duane
  2. 5488 Service manual

    not sure if this is what you are looking for.............. http://www.themanualstore.com/International-Harvester-5488-Tractor-Manuals-s/31642.htm http://www.themanualstore.com/International-Harvester-5488-Tractor-Engine-Manuals-s/31641.htm hth Duane
  3. 1 1/8 hex shaft 863 corn head

    are these the shafts you are looking for?? http://www.messicks.com/cas/53133 click on attachments/headers go A-21 hth Duane
  4. 2 generations of combines

    I have had my 1620 since 1999. really like mine. much better than the 715 I had before it. my best day farming was when the 715 went down the road. one thing I added to my 1620 was the external chopper and sieve adjustments. no more climbing inside the combine. Duane
  5. i wonder how many 50 series are left

    1984 5288 and 1981 3688
  6. Mirrors for 86/88 tractors

    we mounted ours to the front of the cab on both our 5288 and 3688. here is post on nat with pictures. http://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=687869&posts=3#M5841316 hth Duane
  7. International 1066 Air filter change

    I bought my first tractor, a 966, back in 1988. I don't remember when but I bought some "shield" that made it much easier to get to the air filter. my 686 had something similar from the factory.
  8. Counting loose change

    well that is assuming the coin machine is calibrated correctly. local tv news showed that most do not calculate the right amount. some were off a little, some a lot. hope my bank still does it and is accurate too. fwiw
  9. tilt steering

    I added tilt steering to my 3688. it wasn't an easy job but was well worth it. much easier to get into and out of the cab.
  10. Truck of the year?

    seems to me that when a truck is redesigned or all new it then becomes the truck of the year. jmho Duane
  11. Oil pan

    I edited my other post. not sure if a notification is received or not.
  12. Oil pan

    looking at the specs on a 715 combine shows 15 qts. for the D-301. a 706 shows 9 qts. for the D-282. we put a 301 D into our 560 D over 25-30 years ago. I don't remember al that was done with the oil pan. I did just look in my repair book and I have 12 qts listed as how much oil is need when a change occurs. it has been a few years since the last oil as the 560 get very limited use. hth Duane
  13. H intl worth the time and money?

    how about a picture of the rear end showing the 3pt hitch? thanks!
  14. How warm do you keep your house?

    I started out with it set at 60 and now have it set to 65. summer time it is 78-80. the upstairs doesn't have any heat. this past summer there were a few 90 degrees nights. ceiling fan and window fan helped. think I might get a window ac. several years we had a nasty east wind a below 0 temp. my bedroom was 30.2 degrees. my dog would not even sleep with me that night. lol Duane
  15. Oil Fliters

    the tv show called the garage squad came across an toilet paper oil filter.