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  1. D281 sleeves

    I have NOS Clevite 4" bore Piston & Sleeve sets available for the Super MD - 450D
  2. I have a NOS piston & sleeve set for the D361available
  3. Would u be willing to sale 36/inch rims

  4. 1939 farmall rims

    I have a set of the 36” split rims I would sell (probably have 2 sets). Nice original tractor with ledge front grille, correct light bar, correct light switch, seat, grounding switch, and starting switch kick pin.
  5. Best to call the company you bought them from, but if it is a direct replacement for the 306039R1 sleeve, your protrusion sounds right. The 306039R1 sleeve requires the 305805R2, which is replaced by 225604A1
  6. Do you have the part number of the sleeves you used?
  7. Webers tractors

    I am here, and may be easier to contact me via here or email.
  8. Looking for sleeve kit for TD35

    I have heard some people state that they switched to WD40/TD14 Sleeves, and use The correct WD40 pistons for the cyl head arrangement or TD14 pistons. to switch, you just need to pull the sleeves, and abandon the Cyl Sleeve pin that indexes the valve cuts in the original TD35 cylinder sleeves. NOS Sets are out there, just sometimes get passed by, as they are an odd set. I have sold several in the past, but have not encountered any in about 10 years.
  9. Satan's Tractor....the 666

    we use a 666 gas for mainly mowing and other jobs. The C291 is not a fuel efficient engine, but outside of general maintenance, the tractor has been my dad's workhorse for over 20 years on his CRP ground (mainly runs a 9' JD 350 bar mower, Bush Hog 277, and a 12' IH 370 disc). The only modification I have made to our 666, is the addition of electronic ignition, which has made a difference in starting and the tractor runs quite a bit better now.
  10. reloading costs vs new

    No, the one he brought back is ground. The rifle is also too late of production to have had a dust cover.
  11. reloading costs vs new

    I collect military firearms, but the japanese rifles and handguns are my focus. My favorite arisaka, is the one my grandfather brought back from the war.
  12. reloading costs vs new

    reloading becomes cost effective with odd caliberd or when loading for accuracy. If reloading for a semi auto, make sure you buy a die set with a small base sizing die. I try to have dies for every caliber I shoot. I just need to save up $200 for a 11.15mm Werndl die set...
  13. Gas Start Diesel spark plugs

    The D248 to D370, D525, and D554 originally used the Champion 49 or AC 18A The D461 D691, and D1091 used the Champion 44 or AC 18. I added a pic of the NOS AC plugs for reference
  14. Re Babbitting bearings for old tractors

    Effingham regrinding does excellent work also.
  15. Hv brake housing plug?

    I do have the set available