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  1. Pictures from National Auction

    Pedal tractors Friday night bidders
  2. Pictures from National Auction

    Cub Cadets
  3. Pictures from National Auction

    More pictures
  4. Here are a few pictures from IH Collectors Auction hosted by Chapter 6.
  5. Ticked off a scammer!

    My parents used to have problems with scammers. I told them to tell the scammers this: My Son takes care of our money issues. You need to call him. The phone number they give is to the local sheriff office. Depending on what the scammer is selling I will lay the phone down or see how long I can keep them on the line. The longest call lasted 34 minutes. Young lady was selling windows.
  6. Retirement

    I retired June 1, 2017. Best thing I did. I spent 40 years as a machinist with the last 21 years doing prototype work. I worked the majority (95%) of the overtime that I was asked to work. The extra pay went to pay off a nice home and shop. I spend my retirement years tinkering with my toys and helping my Parents out. There is always something that needs done and since retirement I have the time to do it. I'm busier now that when I work. My Wife of 35 plus years says I'm easier to get alone with since I retired .
  7. plowing with the 666

    Does your 666 have a gas engine? We had an early IH 656 with a gas engine. 3-16s was all that tractor wanted to handle no matter what you did to the plow. I don't think there was too much difference in horse power.
  8. Chapter 6 State Show

    Todays picture has a little bit of a twist. I had to climb this hill to get today's pictures. I was told the height of the hill was 350 to 400 feet. Veiw from the top of the hill: Somewhere inside the race track is my camper This was the first year that Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club had their show at the fairgrounds. Needless to say it was a huge success. Big thanks goes out to the Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club for hosting Chapter 6's state show.
  9. Chapter 6 State Show

    More pictures from Chapter 6 state show Something you don't see at a show too often
  10. Chapter 6 State Show

    Chapter 6 trailer Good looking half scale Cub Cadets
  11. Chapter 6 State Show

    806 Wheatland LP Gas
  12. Chapter 6 State Show

    More pictures from state show
  13. Chapter 6 State Show

    Here is some pictures from Chapter 6 State show that was held at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in Lancaster, Ohio. Big thanks goes out to the Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club for hosting Chapter 6's state show.