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  1. Good times with good equipment

    MY Dad had a Waldon blade on a 806 It had 2 pins about 1.75 " diameter that attached the blade to the hoop shaped frame . You pull 1 pin and install a bracket between the blade and frame to make an angled blade. I worked at a IH dealer in the early 80s and installed a new blade on a 1070 Case
  2. August 1985 the Maquoketa closed. It was on the west side across from a now McDonalds. The building is now a Oreillys Auto Parts Marshalltown I think was a closed truck dealer. A nice building just north of highway 30 on the east side
  3. Pulling ripper with 1086

    I think by looking at the angle of the top link as it is lower the angle will pitch the ripper so that the rear is so low the shanks are touching the rear of the shank
  4. I forgot to add my oldest brother worked for IH as a territorial service manager in Illinois. He worked with Dan Renaud at the Farm Progress Shows I met him several times. I worked at the dealer in Maquoketa and I worked at the Blairstown Iowa dealership helping get 43 tractors ready for the FPS at Marion in 1983
  5. In Marshalltown Iowa when the 50 series came out The company guys had tractor torn down for some problem they found on the first tractors They were complaining that they couldn't get either the range or speed transmission split as only 1 split had the jacking bolt holes . I think they contacted the plant and got that changed. The dealer I worked at had a 5288 lose a pin in the range shft fork that wasn't a tight enough press fit shortly after it was sold Marshalltown Iowa when the 50 series came out the farmer was a couple miles from the dealer and he backed the tractor to the shop as it was faster
  6. 1975 model 966

    It has 86 series brakes, plug and bushing in rear frame where 86 would return hyd oil.
  7. I went to the same service school and we went to the plant for a tour the afternoon of the last day. I think I still have the training manual they gave me @ that school or the school in Marshalltown Iowa when the 50 series came out
  8. 1466 - Is it actually a black stripe ??

    Didn't the late tractors also run the oil cooler hoses thru an oval hole in the fuel tank heat shield
  9. Does anyone chop silage or bush hog with a 2+2?

    I worked at a dealer in 1979-1985 I remember a service bulletin about the pump shafts breaking believed to be from driveline harmonics
  10. PPH hydraulic pump question

    Yes The pump cover on the outside of the tractor is changed back to the old style cover if it is converted back to the gear pump
  11. 706 jumps out of low range

    Kit should come with instructions but be sure to remove the upper pin in the park rod this allows the lever to drop so the pawl can engage the gear when the tractor moves a bit to align the gear teeth and pawl. Not removing the upper pin also makes the lever very hard to pull up the park lever. also you need to put a wrench or a pipe on the pivot linkage on the top cover to compress the spring to allow the cover to be installed. block the linkage up with a 1/2" bolt slid in between the cover and pivot.
  12. Grandpa's 806

    Be carful to watch the oil to make sure the pump driveshaft seals aren't leaking fuel into the oil
  13. Hyd. Seat 66 series

    I may have one I'll look tommorrow
  14. Where did the 26 series fit?

    If your 706 has the same shifter style it has been upgraded to the 56 style 706 range lever had hi lo n and rev in a straight line
  15. 706 range transmission

    The reverse shaft just fits down in the fork. Sometimes the fork won't pull up out of the fork so just take the side cover off to work it You have to take the side plate off the transmission to reassemble the shaft into the fork. Check the keyway in the shaft as they are usually cracked.