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  1. Prayers needed

    thank you guys
  2. Prayers needed

    Thank you Seth
  3. Prayers needed

    A local business man and friend was killed in a tragic work place accident Thursday. He leaves behind three children and his spouse. Out of respect for his family I am reluctant to post a name or the news clip related to this accident but he was crushed between or under a trailer while working. Sid edited to add, his son was present when this happened 🙏😭
  4. Off color tractor fuel issue

    My JD 6400 has been stalling on me after working it for a few hours. It acted like an electrical issue and I was leaning towards a relay going out. Yesterday while baling with it the damn thing quit again. Thinking it was an electrical issue I swapped out what I thought was a bad relay with one I know is good, but it still wouldn't start Today, we tested the circuit for the electric fuel shut off and even pulled the solenoid out of the pump and tried it, seems to be fine. So we changed the fuel filter and made sure fuel was getting to the pump. One this pump it looks like the fuel goes into some kind of metering device, which we took out and made sure it was clean. Everything looks fine, so we put it back together but we still can't get fuel through the pump, did I screw something up? Any suggestions? Besides trading for a red tractor(!)
  5. Happy B/day Farmallfan,NY1468,Kevingweg

    Happy birthday guys!
  6. self propelled round baler

    My guess would be pushing 200k Dont forget the " convenience " of a self propelled unit. As far as not being able to see the pickup head- I would assume they have a camera pointed at it or some other means of letting you know when it's plugged? Sid
  7. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Jealous Looks like a good starting point Sid
  8. Pole barn header

    Build a truss "rafter" or "beam"- what ever you want to call it 4 ft high by x feet long. Without a doubt it would carry any load and be easier than steel to attach to. You could have the truss / rafter company build it and design it to carry your load rating that you need Sid
  9. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Kind of a wacky tobacco filtering system for all those wackos? Tony, I think this shed should be East more, as in my yard! Im sure it's going to look great but with 18 ft ceilings your going to have to start getting some combines and specialty equipment in your collection! Sid
  10. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    What makes this a prototype? Sid
  11. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    Local White/Oliver dealer use to sell the big articulated Whites with huge balloon tires to ski areas for groomers! That 3rd picture looks like a Ford tractor doesn't it? And that last picture has Massey Ferguson written all over it! Sid
  12. Sticky fingered women

    I think it's more common than ever before. I'm in the middle of something now that doesn't add up😡 Its been an issue with town clerks' and treasurers up here for awhile now. Seems like in the forties and fifties you had to be a thug to be a thief, now it can be your grandmother...
  13. Harvestore Silos

    Perhaps to prevent this again, you need a different tenant with a no sublease clause in your rental agreement? Sid
  14. Harvestore Silos

    I can only think that there is more going on here than meets the eye. Did they lose help? Was there a family illness? Is their some other crisis that they're dealing with, but are keeping it quiet? So much happens on a farm that you can't see from the outside looking in, if there is genuine concern about them, and not just the hay laying on the ground for 16 days 14 hours and 6 minutes, maybe you should see if everything is alright with them, it just might surprise you that there might be more to this than a " lazy farmer" as there usually is. Been there, done that. I know how hard it is watching someone else farm your farm, believe me I know, but be a good neighbor, landlord and not just one who finds the worse in people Sid
  15. Harvestore Silos

    I would be interested to see how much this costs verses bunkers and related expenses. I would expect it to be more, but how much more would be the question. Any guesses? Sid