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  1. I owned a Hesston before the Deere. when we first got it I think someone ran a fence post through it, couldn't chop in low gear without slipping the clutch! Rebuilt the feed rolls, threw away the "power savers"( think that's what they called them) and started out across the field in 3rd gear! What a difference! What I HATED about the chopper was the 3 hours it took to service it, sharpen knives and to set up the shear bar. And than you had to be near an electric outlet to do it because of the electric motor to sharpen knives! The Deere I could sharpen knives between loads if I needed to! In the field WITHOUT an electric outlet in sight! Sid
  2. You need to post a video of that thing in action! Sid
  3. 3950 Deere! Or step into the 3750 Deere. Good simple choppers, easy to adjust shear bar and sharpen knives anywhere, anytime! Sid
  4. Didn't Oliver run a 3208 in their bigger tractors, 2255? And than White used them in their 4-***? Tractors, someone might be looking for one for these old girls? Sid
  5. Family had a 1086 without AC, '78 maybe? The 986 was bought in 1980 or '81 with AC. Sid
  6. Perhaps this individual was not the person the father knew before going to prison and the poor father didn't have a clue who he had become? Sid
  7. Bobcat makes graders for skidsteers, they work great! Idk if you could fabricate something that will work as well? Perhaps a 3 point blade with a quick attach plate and some dolly wheel for depth control? Sid
  8. Have they looked at the fused links on the firewall? Sid
  9. I want to say former employers tractor did the same thing and I'm thinking it was dirt around coupler not allowing it to fully lock in to tip On Hose? I'm tired so forgive me if I'm in left field here! Sid
  10. How is your father doing today? Prayers sent as well. Sid
  11. Yea, we got that same storm front through here too. Was told 3 -5 inches of rain! We have been fighting rain all spring, still a lot of hay standing and corn to be planted here! Sid
  12. Art- this is Vt. We got a lot of weirdos up herešŸ¤” Sid
  13. What are your plans for this building? Would a monolithic slab work? Pour the edges thicker, maybe a foot, than build off that either with cement block, or another pour, but pinning it to the slab? Just a thought. Sid
  14. Pm sent
  15. Yup, nothing more personal than milking in a tie stall barn! Harvestore silos or concrete?