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    1939 T20 with B.E. Bull grader blade SER# 14791

    1932 Caterpillar 25 LGP, military, ser# 3C445 of 638

    1953 Case DC-3 NF w/eagle hitch. Ser# 8023504

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  1. 1939 T20

    What's the serial number I have a 39 also with a original B E bull grader blade.
  2. T20 Progress

    looks nice jeff i have a T20 also i havent posted on here in a long time, ill hae to try and take to more recent pictures of mine. i have a 1939 st14791 with a 6 way BE bullgrader blade. Ive been working on restoring my Cat 25, i have #445 out of 638 made. I had to hae alot of the engine parts made. its been expensive but fun. Im working on the radiator now i had to get the sides recast then i hope to assemble the engine.