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  1. Sad

    At this point it doesn't fit the agenda of the media so not much coverage. Compare coverage of this terrible event to the Trump/Russia non-event. You can always tell when something is not right. You're scratching your head going "uh, there has to be more to this story" but the media isn't covering it. More to be learned by what isn't on the news than what is in it. Like the TN church shooting a couple of weeks ago where a black man shot up a white church. Or, a couple of years ago when a "disgruntled employee" shot a white reporter and cameraman on live TV here in VA. I only found one place where they said the shooter was a black homosexual. Art is totally right about the media.
  2. Bought a Yukon

    A/C tensioner croaked which caused the belt to slip which caused the A/C clutch to get hot which ruined the seal on the compressor. Parts weren't too bad on RockAuto so I'm back up and cooling again. If you ever have to put a compressor on one of these, pull the passenger side inner fender and everything is right there. One of the bolts you have to get from underneath but overall one of the easiest compressors I've done in a long time. I still have a small leak from the oil pan which I'll get to eventually and the tow/haul wiring problem which I'll probably never use. Other than that, I've put a couple thousand miles on it and am really enjoying it for road trips.
  3. Swapping my s-Cab

    Here is the cab going back on. I welded up the few rust holes it had and undercoated the bottom. One thing I totally spaced on is the fact that this cab came from a DT466 truck which placed the hole for the shift lever back farther. So, now I have to fabricate a new floor section to replace the "dog house" so I can get the hole where it needs to be. I'll find out about the wiring in a few days. The cab plug is the same but no guarantee it's wired right. Sorry for the green content, the loader is off the red tractor right now.
  4. Swapping my s-Cab This is the place I got my used cab. Not sure if they ship parts. Glad to know you're up and around KOO! I'm a regular follower of your adventures in the great white north.
  5. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    Only if the gross combined weight is over 26,001 lbs is a commercial drivers license required. However, and this is what confuses the heck out of people, if you are towing a trailer with a gross weight over 10,000 you are considered a "commercial vehicle". As such, you must comply with the regulations regarding commercial vehicles. Log book, medical card, etc, etc. Some states enforce this heavily and some hardly at all. In VA you can pull a 14K gooseneck without worrying much about it. But, don't cross the N.C. state line without the proper stuff. Does it make sense that you can drive a commercial vehicle without a commercial drivers license? No, but what part of any DOT regs actually make sense when you get down to the fine print? The thing to know is that DOT regulations are a minefield of conflicting opinions even among Law Enforcement. Best to know what the local deal is and do your research for wherever you might travel.
  6. Unspunnenfest 2017

    Very interesting video. I have questions about 3 parts. What is the significance of the "creatures" around 17:50, the stove pipe hats around 27:30 and the guys running with masks and cow bells around 33:23? That's some pretty weird stuff seen for the first time by American eyes.
  7. Pole barn header

    When I built my hay barn last year I used a 40' mobile home frame cut into 4 pieces and welded together in pairs to make 2, 20' beams. Then I got 32' trusses so the whole front is open. Poles were used utility poles 16-18" in diameter, 3 feet in the ground with 8-9 80 lb bags of sacrete in the hole. I'll eventually add wings to the side. It's not hard to work with a metal beam. Just torch or drill holes in the flange and use carriage bolts to hold down the plate. I faced mine with wood on one side so I would have something to attach the wing rafters to later on. They are fully bolted with grade 8 hardware so that is adding some rigidity to the metal beam as well. They are rock solid to stand on. Poles are notched and beams are through bolted to each pole with 2 pieces of 5/8 high strength threaded rod. Purlins are 2x6 poplar I cut on the woodmizer laid on the flat with trusses 2' on center. Total cost just under $1500. Took about 3 months in spare time to build.
  8. Feeder Market

    My 6 mo olds are usually right around 700 lbs when I sell them. But, that's with Mammas milk in addition to what they start eating in the pasture. Not sure about gains after that as that isn't what I do.
  9. Sticky fingered women

    Here is one that happened near me. $500,000 from local gas/convenience store chain. Caused one store that I went to a lot to close and all the remaining employees to lose their health insurance. About an hour away at my favorite tire place the office girl was fired about a year ago for allegedly taking $36,000 over a 6 year period. That one hasn't gone to trial yet.
  10. Need torque on driveshaft yoke S1654

    Thanks for that advice. I had no idea that was available. I looked up the parts list and found that the pieces are the bottoms of at least one of the shift forks. This trans would violently jump out of 2nd gear under load so I'm sure this is related to that. Also explains why the shifter felt funny going into certain gears. Glad I got a replacement trans, no telling what else is tore up in this one.
  11. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    I bought a 485 about 2 years ago for a 2nd tractor during hay season. It's a lot more fuel efficient than other tractors I've had. The only thing I don't like is that hot air from the engine blows on my feet. Be great if I was using it in the winter, but not so much on a 98 degree day in the hayfield.
  12. Need torque on driveshaft yoke S1654

    First picture is the pieces I found in the trans sump. Obviously was all one piece to begin with. Second is the flange I cut off the seal retainer and third is remaining half of the now installed seal retainer.
  13. Need torque on driveshaft yoke S1654

    When I tried to swap the aluminum seal retainer from the trans in the picture to the replacement trans I found 2 things. One, the lower left corner was broken off and two, for some still unknown reason, when torqued down it would lock the yoke in place. I tried everything I could think of for about 4 hours and gave up. I mic-ed everything and there should have been plenty of clearance. I tried different thickness gaskets, lots of stuff to no avail. The next day I took the cast seal retainer from the manual parking brake replacement trans and sawed off the flange that was there to mount the brake assembly to. That made it short enough to use the yoke in the picture and it all went together fine. Had a heck of a time with the PTO shaft as well but with enough heat got it apart. Probably never had the slide greased. When I removed the PTO itself off the trans in the picture I found a broken part laying in the bottom of the trans case. I'll get a picture of that later. Inside of replacement trans was a clean as a new penny. Rebuild tag cleaned up says it was rebuilt in 03 at the uhaul rebuild facility.
  14. Need torque on driveshaft yoke S1654

    Thanks, I would have never known that.
  15. Sorry-----i never noticed the first lady's shoes

    Shows how ridiculous the media if we needed any more proof. Unless "air mall" has a whole new meaning or there was a shoe factory on the helicopter. In with one pair, out with another.