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  1. Bale unroller repair

    Nice stout repair on the unroller. And, love that heat exchanger on the stove pipe!
  2. Where has this been all my life...

    I have fixed a bunch of those small nicks in the rod with JB weld. Clean it up good with solvent, put the JB on, let dry, then sand down with emery cloth. All it has to do is fill the void so that little bit of oil doesn't get trapped there when the wiper seal passes over.
  3. fencing pictures

    Did you put a new piston in it? When I got my HD10 it would barely lift the ram. When I tore it apart the piston was worn down almost to the diameter of the rod. I've often wondered how many posts it would take to get to that point. I had an old Danuser with the rubber roller lift before the HD10. Drove a lot of posts with it but this Shaver is way better. I use old RR bridge ties for gate posts, 10" square. It won't drive them if the ground is drought dry, but other than than, no problem. Even in this red VA clay. 4" rounds take maybe 2 hits. I drove a line of 4x6 locust posts for my neighbor. After the first one he wouldn't get near it. Said it was the scariest machine he had ever been around.
  4. Our new Collie puppies

    Born first part of September. We had a Collie mix that died about a year ago but have mostly had German Shepherds. These should be long haired. The Moms were border/rough Collie mixed and the Dads were all rough Collie. They are much more talkative than the Shepherds. It really cracks me up.
  5. Our new Collie puppies

    We got these Collie pups about a month ago and they sure are a lot of fun.
  6. Christmas presents for wife

  7. Shop interior walls

    The real estate taxes on a 400K building here would be almost $300/month.
  8. 175b motor swap

    I bought a 175B with a spun bearing DT361. My understanding at the time was that only Dt361's or DT407"s would fit in that application. I ended up getting a good used DT361 that had been in a pan and was sold by a construction salvage yard in North Carolina. When I bought the machine I thought it was a 175C as it had been relabeled at some point. So I was thinking it had a DT466 which would have been easy to find, not. I paid $2500 initally in 2001 with an additional $800 to have it hauled. The used engine was $3500. A new radiator was $2000. I had to hire someone with a crane to install the engine as my lift wouldn't clear the loader arms. By the time I got it useable I had over $10,000 in it. Then I found out the final drive seal was leaking and was going to be thousands more to fix. I used it that way for a couple of years and then sold it for $6500. I did get some stuff done on the farm that I couldn't have otherwise and had a lot of fun running and working on it but once was enough. They weigh 32,000lbs, btw so it takes a tandem rollback or tractor trailer to move.
  9. Blade off a Cub

    The A I had years ago had a sickle bar mower and front blade from a cub that had been modified pretty substantially to work. I wish I had pictures, but that was 30 some years ago.
  10. Rd engines

    I have a 50's R-200 with RD406. When I got it the starter needed rebuilt so I carried it to one of the last old time rebuild places which is about 60 miles away. They told me it was one of only 2 applications for this particular drive/gear combo and they hadn't seen one in years. But, they did have the parts to fix it and it has worked great ever since. This was a military truck so that may account for the oddball parts, but it does make me wonder about interchangeability.
  11. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Exactly. Where is the electricity going to come from? How many new power generating plants have been built in the last 5 years? Is there anywhere in the country with the political will to build one? It makes my head want to explode to see all these anti energy types extolling the virtues of electric cars and trucks. No nuclear, no coal, no hydro, no natural gas, no fuel oil. Solar and wind can't get it done with the technology that exists. Best thing for trucking would be to get rid of tier 4 and trim back the regulations.
  12. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    I drank at least one a day for almost 50 years. Probably was the hardest thing to give up.
  13. Firewood

    This is my splitter for the big pieces. I built the stand out of 4x4's to a height that is comfortable for me to work at. The crane is a rotating truck crane that I replaced the hand pump with a cylinder from surplus center. I also got a new 2 spool valve made for splitters with a lift. That's an oak block in the picture. Heavy enough that I couldn't turn it over by hand, had to use a cant hook. The 2nd picture is my splitter for rounds that I can easily pickup. I put a high flow pump on it so the cycle time is FAST. I added the fold up table to catch the off side half to keep from having to bend over. You really have to be careful with this kind of "wedge into the wood" splitter. All that pent up pressure on a tight piece has to go somewhere. I've learned the hard way to stand in front of the wheel out of the way. The last is the hay conveyor I converted to firewood. I got rid of the cable lift and put a cylinder and hand pump on it. I put it beside the splitter when I am loading my big dump truck. Mostly now, I just hand throw into an old Nissan pickup. It doesn't tear the yard up as much. I have an OWB and park the silage wagon in front of it. As I use wood out the back, I run the floor and then refill the front by throwing the wood from the truck by hand. In the summer the wagon goes back up to the woods and there is no wood waste mess in the yard. It is a 16' wagon and will hold almost exactly 1 months worth of wood. At the pile I have tree length logs that I use the front end loader to move. Every so often I'll cut a massive pile of rounds and then split 2 or 3 pickup loads a week to keep the wagon full through the season. In 6 months I've burned as little as 10 cords and as much as 20, depending on the weather.
  14. Firewood

    You mean like this one. wagon firewood&aid=32878&aid_previous=33904&aid_next=32407&page_num=1&nav_previous=&nav_next=1
  15. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    Cauliflower jumps my sugar up but Broccoli does not, go figure. Food Lion (grocery store around here) sells a thin crust Mexican pizza that I can eat with no effect on sugar. Also, Edys brand vanilla ice cream doesn't jump sugar but will add weight so I only eat it on special occasions. For Thanksgiving I'll go heavy on the turkey and the green bean casserole. No sweet potatoes, bread or anything with noodles.