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    In the shed got restored 1966 Farmall 1206, restored 1961 460U, 1456, 4386, 1984 1460 combine and assorted implements, collect farm toys and generally anything IH,60' and 70's muscle tractors, crawling down hot smoky hallways, moving endless amounts of snow and cow poop and trying to grow the best corn, beans, wheat and alfalfa we can.

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  1. genius's at Genex

    Not sure how CRV is down your way but we switched to CRV a couple years ago and they have done well.
  2. 7588 #501 selling this morning

    My question is whether or not it is staying in his collection or just passing through to another collection? I heard rumors that they were not staying with him but don't know how true that is
  3. My profile says December 2004, but I believe that is when it changed over to this type format. I can not remember when I initially joined but I believe around 1995-96? Was a very small one page site with not much traffic. A lot of great people have come and gone over the years, many changes in format. I wish some of the original posters from many years ago would rejoin and be active again, those that are still with us. People have come and gone but is still the best place on the net with the best people. I have made many good friends all over North America over the years here on this board.
  4. Songs about farming

    Cornfields by Blake Wise is a good song Heres to the farmer and Harvest Time by Luke Bryan
  5. Topic question

    There have been some issues the last couple days on this board, not any one thread but just random. I sent BJ a message so he is aware and looking into it
  6. New! We don't even know what new means!!! 503 & 403 combines

    Very nice! How many acres a year you put through them?
  7. TX to IN "IH 1456 Road Trip"

    Some nice iron there! Saw Coys 1456 at RPRU and it is as perfect as they could possibly be.
  8. Happy Birthday Bermuda Ken

    Happy Birthday Ken
  9. Spring trip subsoiler

    Sounds to me like you need some tile and some deep rooted cover crops like tillage radishes
  10. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    Finally got finished up last Friday and got everything washed up and put away for winter. Just in time as snow arrives to mean business tomorrow with 2-3 feet by Friday.
  11. Interesting call from CNH today

    Thats where I thought this story was going when I first started reading it
  12. Shop interior walls

    Concrete sealer, not sure what brand they used, concrete guys sealed it as soon as they were done. Was 6 years ago and still in good shape. Would like to seal again sometime but the thought of moving everything out and getting all the oil spots up before resealing the thought usually ends there
  13. Speaking of Elwoods

    Platforms are rock boxes. Fairly common in the area. The funky cabs....I got nothing. Maybe have to take a ride down to sale if weather is ok just for fun.
  14. Shop interior walls

    Thanks guys, those pics were a couple years ago. Its a little more cluttered now but not bad. Need to do some cleaning after harvest. Overall am very happy with it. The sprayfoam really works well keeping it warm in winter in cool in summer. It is plumbed for air every 20 feet with air reels and electric reels. 1" air lines in a couple spots for higher volume. The one thing I would change is putting in a floor drain. I did not put one in because the added expense and requirement for water/oil separator. I pitched the floor to the door but still wish I would have put in a drain. It is still a work in progress as I see others shops and get ideas. I love seeing other peoples shops as you can get some many good ideas people have come up with.