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  1. 1486 pto

    I did disassembled the relief valve everything looks fine in there and the screen wasn't plugged. I was able to get the partial engagement pressure set at around 50psi.
  2. 1486 pto

    I have a 1486 dual speed pto with the hyd anticreep brakes i just rebuild. I am trying to adjust the operatign pressure thru the top link cover. The lowest I can get the operating pressure to go is 370 psi at 2100 engine rpm. I am at a loss of where to go from here. looking at the manual it looks like the only ajustments that you can do it the B ajustment to get 46 PSI and than the C adjustment to get the operatign pressure? Im leaning towards something being messed up in the regulator valve? Am I on the right track?
  3. Case IH Corporate Tech Support

    Perty much what goes on is there are I think 16 people that answer all the questions for tech support. They are the ones that go to the engineers with the problems. Most of the time they will be concerned with a newer tractor with electronics than one with mechanical controls.
  4. Steiger CVT trans

    Cnh powershift design is reaching the limits
  5. Steiger CVT trans

    The powershift is getting towards the end of the horsepower limits. The cvt will handle the higher horsepower better.
  6. 4150skidsteer

    I never have pursued it any father yet but I will find out if it's still available
  7. Dog chewing

    I've been told he's a Merle color. White Brown and a lighter brown with one green and one blue eye.
  8. Dog chewing

    I've got a nine month old Aussie dog the wife just had to have. He is outside in the back yard and he's started chewing on the plastic playhouse and slide I have in the back yard. He's never been really obidience trained. I'm thinking with a shock collar and working with him a bit I can cure him. Don't want to get rid of him already have to much money in him to just give him away. Anyone have and suggesting to keep him from chewing?
  9. D282 rocker arms

    Has anyone out there have a complete set of rocker arms for a d-282 diesel engine? Hot to measuring mine from my engine I'm having lube problems with and they are 4 to seven thousands out of spec. Thinking that's where I'm loosing my oil at. Hoping I can find some new old stock parts out there.
  10. Titan auction

    Pends on the crowd. Watched a front set that raises on Hyd Jack's go for 950 on the broken bow Titan sale. Some of the special tools went cheap. Got a cab removal tool and cab stands for 86 series for sixty dollars.
  11. D282

    Pulled out cam and did confirm the lube holes were right. Started looking at oil pump found oring on suction tube hard as a rock. Wondering if I was loosing enough suction there. Going to pull oil cooler and check the relief valves there also
  12. Titan auctions

    Anyone attending the Titan machinery dealer close out auctions?
  13. D282

    That's sorta what has me thinking the holes are off. I basically have a trickle of oil not a gyser.
  14. D282

    I do have the ih manual. The way the diagram looks is the pressure gauge is a ways from the bearings. So I'm thinking I'm loosing pressure in the bearings someplace.
  15. D282

    I did have the machine shop install the cam bearings for me. Could it be possible that the bearing that oils the head is off just a bit and not letting full flow of oil go to head?