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  1. I did have the machine shop install the cam bearings for me. Could it be possible that the bearing that oils the head is off just a bit and not letting full flow of oil go to head?
  2. I had the machine shop fix the head for me. I have 38 psi oil pressure at probably 900 RPM. Im sure it has guide seals. I think I do have quite a bit of oil coming out of the rocker shaft for the rocker arms. I just cant get anything to the valves themselves. oil will pool in the rocker arms just wont follow the valleys to the valve guides. I know the rocker rams and supports are assembled right.
  3. As far as I know any electronic engine that case/fiat has produced.
  4. maybe 40 hours on major overhaul. had the head off twice not for gulled valve guides and bent pushrods on #4 cylinder. just installed a new oil pump and oil and filter. just doesnt seem like i can get the flow of oil to ride on the valley of the rocker arms to get to the valves
  5. I've got a 706 with a282 engine I've had apart a few times for scoring valve guides. I installed a new oil pump and have 35 psi oil pressure. I can get the oil up to the rocker arms but it doesn't seem to have enough volume to run down the rocker arms to the valve guides. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I can't think of anything else to try
  6. Have to be careful chiping a tractor and taking it to a dealership.Last I was told in service school was if the dealer finds it and doesn't report it the dealer gets a 50000 dollar fine than the EPA goes after the customer also.
  7. Do you have to remove the crank to install the engine oil pump? Or can it just slip by with the crank turned away
  8. I have a 4391t power unit I am in the process of rewiring. I was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram that showed the pinouts and where all the wires run in the control panel.got it rewired but the tach won't work and the temp and oil pressure switches won't shut it down with a screwdriver on the gauge?
  9. Was planing on marrying her just not so soon. I think time on the farm is efficient never have really timed anything. Have 330 acres corn on corn. All gravity irrigated. 4 row equipment. Rest of the ground is either hay or pasture. So nothing that's really time consuming.
  10. It will be 2 years in may.been together 3. She got pregnant so we got married
  11. It is one from previous and one with me. Oldest happened when she was in college.
  12. Yes borrowed money to pay off her car and schooling and also to pay hospital when our daughter was born. Wife has daughter from previous marriage.
  13. She doesn't seem to think im head of house hold. I cant do slot I work 55 hours a week at the shop and always have side jobs I'm trying to do to make extra money. Wants me to get out there and make the money but lots of times something else comes up at the same time.
  14. She does want the oldest to do 4h but can't cause she is at her dad's all summer. Wife grew up doing 4h and showing. Think she expects my parents farm to raise a steer to show with free feed. Which in my book doesn't fly. I have gotten a whole beef ground into hamburger and parents paid processing also which was dam nice and one time she mentioned she would rather spend the money on better beef. I know she's under stress from running a daycare with 5 kids age four and younger but it was her choice I let her do what she wanted.
  15. Use to do that and she enjoyed it. But now she doesn't even attempt to go to my parents except for holidays and even than she drags her feet. She seems to think I'm working for nothing right now since I get no income off the place but to me the income is being able to keep it in the family and running.