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  1. Found this old toolbox ;at Wauseon, Ohio. The dimensions are 22x10x3.5 high. Does anybody know what this is off of or anything about this toolbox? Thanks. Glenn
  2. You might want to try this idea on Shark Tank TV Show!
  3. Normally when you find a DT466 hood ornament on ebay it is very expensive. This is a cheaper version. This is a ear corn off of a trophy that I had received. I went to the trophy shop and purchased it for $10.00. Kind of goes along with my user name of corn husker.
  4. Have been trying to remember how to resize these pictures. Finally got it! Hope these help.
  5. 15x26
  6. My dad in his younger years looks a lot like Tim Robbins who stars in "Shawshank Redemption." Haven't come up with anyone yet for my mom.
  7. I traded two 460 Hi-Utility Diesel Emblems to Jeff at Lima Red Power Round Up 2013 for some work on some other emblems.