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  1. Allis Chalmers LO crawler

    Rawleigh99 Almost 11 and growing like a weed. I bought a set of extension blocks for the clutch and throttle on the old Pete years ago,when I was teaching my nieces,and boys how to drive. Riley has almost outgrown those blocks.
  2. Allis Chalmers LO crawler

    M Diesel The tractor has a starter button that looks like an old floor mounted dimmer switch,like us geezers are used to. Riley was sitting in the seat with great expectations,so I gave him the honor of making contact for blast off. I honestly didn't figure that it would even turn over. I was so surprised when it started that I tripped and fell into a mud hole. Riley is my main helper and sidekick. We hauled several loads of logs for his Dad last spring. Riley moves the old Peterbilt for me,when I am loading,so that I don't have to climb up and down. Anyway that is what we told his Dad. I let him drive the last couple loads,on a good stretch of road that has just enough grade to make the jakes work good. Took weeks just to get the perma grin off of his mug. There is something about a straight stack,jakes and air horn that really is attractive to kids. Over the years the old Pete has entertained a lot of them. The jake switch has seen lots of little fingers. My kids are all grown,with kids of their own,and I even have great Grand kids. Heck I will never run out of kids to spoil. Most of the ladies in town had a job,so my wife has pretty much always been the town babysitter. For three generations I have been ring leader of the local teddy bear gang.I think that every munchkin within walking distance would sit and listen for a toolbox to open or hear a hood raised on a Saturday morning. Within minutes I would have a teddy bear packing pit crew. I pretty much adopted the gang,or they adopted me. There is just something about old trucks, equipment and kids!
  3. Allis Chalmers LO crawler

    My Grandson and I just gave a clean factory original DO Case that runs perfect away. Those engines start on gas,then switch to kerosene or distillate, not diesel. We got it in a trade,and was going to make a project out of it. It had not been started for 35 years. I actually figured that it was rusted up. My Grandson wanted to put gas in it and start it up. Just to humor the little guy ,I put a battery in and a couple gallons of gas. I made that it was out of gear,turned the gas valve on ,and choked it. After I said contact,Riley hit the starter. The darn thing took off on about the third revolution,and ran good, we drove it home. We have an old friend ,that is just a really good old fellow. We met up with him a month or so later,and he was kind of out of sorts. Said that someone bought his Dad's old tractor,and hauled it off. Said his Dad bought it new,then traded it to a relative years later. He had tried several times to buy it back ,but the relative and him didn't get along,and he wouldn't sell it. Both guys are good friends of mine,and we didn't have the heart to tell the old fellow that we now owned it. As soon as he left ,Riley and I looked at each other,and said the same thing at once. The old DO has to go back home,that is where it belongs. We cleaned it up,and fixed a few small items, and serviced it. It was tough to keep a secret from a good friend,but we delivered the old girl on his 87'th birthday.

    KoO That vidio made my whole day,and thanks for sharing. My wife and I had to watch it a few times. You are a great Dad,and and have a great Daughter. Holywood or not,you two will always be stars to me. It just about melted my old grumpy heart to watch Miss Xena change that belt. You are a good teacher!

    KoO Looks like you are still having fun. Those cat pictures are OK,but a Xena picture ,would be a welcome sight for old uncle sawmill. Give my favorite young lady of the North a big hug,and Happy New Year to both of you.