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  1. Crispy 7120 Combine

    at least a guy wouldn't have to buy the *complete* decal kit
  2. 86 series tach ?

    the Newport data centers in 86s also read hours to the hundredths and have separate touchpad keys for 540 and 1000 PTO . The replacement Dickey-Johns only read to the tenth, use a single PTO button for both speeds and have a slightly different touchpad layout/graphics with a low coolant light (which, along with the pyrometer, doesn't function in my 986). I recall a neighbor who bought a 14 new and replaced the Newport twice in the first few years he owned it so seems quite possible to me a tractor could have the replacement Data Center and still be a low-houred original
  3. Looking for

    another one showed up on St Cloud craigslist today, this one has a year around cab and a big rock box, plus a big dog in the background. Seller says it's a '70
  4. A few 1456's in town

    nothing like a nice batch of 56s. thanks for putting up your photos
  5. 56 and 66 series sloppy shifter rebuild

    Binderdan: many thanks for the photos and description. No doubt a lot of folks will find it helpful KeithFink: off topic, but do you happen to be the fellow who does (did?) the modeling articles for "The Milwaukee Railroader" magazine? If so, my compliments- just happened to be looking at a couple of your projects in back issues and you do fantastic work
  6. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    early on there must have been some overlap as one of Ken Updike's books features a photo of the complete IH lineup with both cabs- and the two post canopy- on 66 tractors
  7. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    another vote for two doors here. I would say of the tractors on this farm, open and cabbed, the left side is used 60% of the time and the right 40%. Having livestock seems to have something to do with how useful the second door is considered
  8. 1440 Bean head

    don't be afraid to run the rotor faster than the manual setting. With the rotor wound up and in green stem beans you won't have so much of the rumbling noise that makes you wish for a size smaller head
  9. IH 1456

    looks good. lot of power in a relatively compact package compared to others of its time
  10. 234 picker brackets

    you'll definitely need the hex axle brackets and quite possibly the center one as well
  11. 86 monitors

    surprisingly, $325 was what Case wanted two years ago
  12. 86 monitors

    Case wants a mint for that bracket FarmerFixEmUp has. I was going to buy one to mount the control box for a Deere round baler- ended up roughing out a drawing with measurements and took it to the machine shop. They bent me a c-shaped piece and cut out a couple of pieces of flat stock which I then clamped together with bolts around that horizontal bar. Ran the cable across the floor and out through the hole provided to run chopper controls- not quite as tidy as most, but I didn't want to cut new holes in the cab and it works
  13. IH 1456

    had a curved straight pipe (that makes no sense does it) with the exhaust pointed away from the operator on my 1256 for about a day and a half. Hated every second of it, and I was just doing light work
  14. nice! If this isn't what CaseIH has in mind for the 40th anniversary of AF combines it should be
  15. IH 886 with German diesel

    all depends on where you are. 'round here I'd say the 358 was a better-liked engine