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  1. Ford vs Massey Ferguson

    What Missouri Mule said. Both were fairly popular here but I've never wanted much to do with the MF or the blue MF. (Ford.) A 2040/2240 would be a much better choice IMO. Al
  2. What welders say

    "Know what it sounds like when two turtles f&@^?" LOL!! Al
  3. What welders say

    Now this guy can weld!
  4. 140 governor

    Those bumper springs can lose their "spring" over time. I had issues with my Super A surging and I couldn't get it adjusted out. Got a new spring and it was longer than the old one. Problem solved. Al
  5. What shade of white paint for 1950 demo?

    I've got a NOS quart of whitecap white. The can is in really good shape. Wonder if it's any good? Was thinking about seeing if I could get a paint chip out of it. If you do some googling there are some numbers floating around for some white demonstrator white shades that should be close. Al
  6. What's your favorite snack

    No more true words were ever spoken! Ice cream is another example of the fact God loves us and wants us to be happy! We had a place here that had everything--burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, a cafeteria-style hot bar, (home cooking) and the best ice cream around. They made the best strawberry milkshakes I've ever had. They've been gone about 4 years so now a favorite treat is a cookies 'n cream shake from Chick Fil A....... I must confess I have a sweet tooth. If it's sugary I probably like it. Al
  7. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    hillskinefarms, that's good to know. I just assumed Gehl sold the blueprints/rights to it. My dad spent a bunch of money on the MX125 last summer, and we were able to get everything we needed, mostly bearings and a couple sprokets. He got a guy to work on it which I was thankful for---it's worse than a JD 6600 combine, and a MF combine combined to work on! Mixer has a lot of hours on it (hammers turned twice before we got it) but it's in good shape. We have had a couple frame cracking issues with it but they've been caught in time..... I will have to see if my dad remembers what he paid for his MF 15. He bought it new from the local Massey Dealer in around 1979-80ish. I was in kindergarten-first grade, somewhere in there. It's new enough it has the square block MF decal on it instead of the triangle MF. I recall they were going to deliver it but when I went with him on a Saturday morning to finalize the paperwork, I fussed enough that he ended up pulling it home.....the dealer always made a big deal over me and I don't think he minded.... We started out running the 15 with the 424 gas. It was getting a little tired by then so after a couple years he put it behind the 2940 and from there it stayed. The 424 would run it ok, (years later the 2940 was down and I ground a few loads with the 424, it was fun to hear it talk) but the 2940 just played with it. Two and a half tons of feed in it won't jerk the 2940 around like the 424 would. Daddy has said many times that the MF 15 and his JD 2940 made him more money than any equipment he has ever owned. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every load of feed I have ever ground with it, I could retire. I just can't wrap my head around a $40,000 grinder mixer. Here's the 2940 grinding with the Arts-Way. a few weeks ago. I am convinced that IH secretly built the 2940. It has been an awesome tractor for us, it's got around 8500 hours now and motor has never been opened up.
  8. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    IH and Massey Ferguson that I know of. Grew up around a MF 15, about 10-12 years ago we bought a newer used Gehl MX125. I much prefer the hydraulic unloader on the Gehl. When you need to work on something it's much harder to get to stuff on the Gehl, though there are fewer chains and shafts on the Gehl. Our two mills didn't have drag feeders which has always been a drawback--over the years we have done some pretty creative things to get corn into the mill! Over Christmas I helped my dad out a little and got to use a well worn Artsway 425 with a drag feeder he has borrowed from a friend to accommodate a new bin unloader he got. I think it would equate to an IH 1050. There are a bunch of chains and a belt to run the drag feeder and then it still has that mechanical unload auger. The supplement fill is in the wrong place to pull under an auger unless you swing the unload auger out. Parts are getting spotty on the Gehl but if the Artsway isn't hydraulic I would prefer the Gehl. Does H&S offer any parts support on the older Gehls? Al
  9. need help with farmall super a left final drive

    Sounds like a final drive bearing has gone bad. Also check to make sure bearings are not turning in the final drive housing. Al
  10. Hy-Tran lineage?

    Saw a post about Hy-Tran on another forum when someone was asking about IH Touch Control Fluid. I believe I have seen this in print somewhere before, but I can't find it. Basically, how did we end up with the Hy-Tran fluid we can get today at caseIH? I think? it started with IH Touch Control Fluid, as an improvement to 10wt. motor oil that IH originally recommended in the hydraulic systems on the Super A, C, and Cub. When did Touch Control Fluid come out? Did IH spec Touch Control Fluid for H & M Lift-Alls as well? Then TAs came along. IH developed IH Torque Amplifier Transmission Lubricant Additive. What year? What did you add it to? 90wt gear oil? Touch Control Fluid? Then came Hy-Tran. Around 1958? Did this eliminate the need for IH Torque Amplifier Transmission Lubricant additive? Then came Hy-Tran Ultra--after the caseIH merger? Then cam Hy-Tran Ultraction. How long ago was that? Thanks, Al
  11. Remembering the farm crisis

    To myself and anyone who wore the jacket and took advantage of the opportunities the FFA offered/offers, it is pretty special. It represents premier leadership, personal growth, career success, respect of others, love of country, and a dozen other positive attributes many young people are lacking today. Part of the etiquette of the FFA jacket is it is not to be worn by non-members. Unenforceable but that’s the policy. That’s why Reagan didn’t get a jacket to display; he was was never a member. Technically, FFA is an integral (it is co-curricular not extracurricular) part of the high school ag. program. If you read the federal charter literally, a teacher can claim grounds for lowering a student’s grade for not joining, and way back in the day that did happen often. It doesn’t happen now for obvious reasons. Al
  12. Remembering the farm crisis

    When I was in FFA in the early 90s, there was a story told that Pres. Reagan requested a FFA jacket with his name, etc. on it for him to display. National FFA turned him down...... There was also a stink about the band The Kentucky Headhunters wearing FFA jackets at some of their concerts. At that time FFA made a corduroy jacket for FFA advisors that looked a lot like the official jacket. I believe that is what they actually were wearing. No worries about me trying to wear my old's a matter of dimensions. Al
  13. Remembering the farm crisis

    I watched the video just a few days ago. Noticed the FFA jacket too. I wonder whatever happened to the three guys at the beginning of the video? Al
  14. I won't go into a whole lot of detail for the sake of time, but long story short I purchased some parts (non-IH) through a FB auction site back in April. Paid with Paypal, and then there kept being reasons (working 25 hours a day, etc.) why the parts were not being sent. Finally after several months of this I asked for my money back. Sooo.....the money is "supposed"to be on my way and in my hands by Monday, (guy "no longer uses paypal....") but I have my doubts. I'm in NC and he's in IN. The first thing I did was talk to the group admin and he contacted the guy, same sob story, etc. I found out I'm not the first one this has happened to. Admin banned him fro the group. Is there any thing I can do from a legal standpoint to get my money back, that won't cost me more than the actual money the guy owes me? (It was about $300 worth of parts.) I have been buying parts, tractors and implements via email, ebay, facebook, RP Magazine classifieds, other tractor websites, etc. for a long time and this is the first time I've ever been cheated. I guess there's a first time for everything. What would you do? thanks, Al
  15. Farmall C opinions

    Second what everyone has said. The C-230s were nimble tractors capable of more than one would think--very gutsy 25 HP tractors. Only thing I can add is if oil pressure is low, it might just be the bottom plate on the oil pump. You can take a piece of plate glass and some fine sand paper and sand down the plate to get the grooves (wear from the pump gears) out of it and it will help oil pressure a lot. Al