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  1. Tillage radish pictures

    is it edible?
  2. A lost trait...

    MTO, I can not believe that you called Seth a Masshole, , he is from Vermont. This is being said in a sarcastic voice.
  3. 756 Build-Out

    why not rebuild the gas motor? wouldn't that be the cheapest option?
  4. Retirement

    SMiller, I have been there many times. My parents built the house around 2003 and it is a nice house and I like to visit the area. When my Dad was alive and when he was still healthy, I loved going down and hanging out. I enjoy golf and that is a perfect place for it in the winter months. I can do without being there in July. It is an easy place to live, everything is convienent however there is no way I could live with all of the rules. I struggle with all of the rules that they have in Ohio and that area is just full up with rules. The amount it has grown and changed over the years is amazing to me. the economy and area have changed greatly over the years. The place really defies description and you have to see it to believe it.
  5. Retirement

    some interesting comments, this is a topic that there is not correct answer to everyone has there own hopes and dreams.
  6. Retirement

    So I just got back from a visit to my mother, she lives in a place called a town/city called "The Villages" it is in central Florida. As my wife and I were driving out of the area we started talking about retirement and where we would like to live in retirement? I like visiting my mother, although doing so always makes me miss my father more than a regular day. What I am curious about is where and what do others want or think that they want out of retirement? Planned retirement communities are becoming more of thing now and I would be interested in other peoples opinion. For myself where I am currently living is where I am from, I have lived in 5 states and maybe 12 or 13 different places in those states, that is a little harder to count as I did a lot of moving around in my late teens and 20's.
  7. Anyone with knowledge of dodge trucks

    my 05 dodge is the same way if I set the alarm off I need to use the fob to get it to turn off. mine will start with the alarm going off but the alarm continues to go off. I have two of the fobs, it is the only thing that really bothers me about this truck.
  8. Reloading

    Of what you are listing I find .45 to be the easiest and the .223 and .308 to be the hardest. If you deal in military brass the .223 and .308 both need primer pockets reamed that is step you only do once but extra steps when you are doing a lot of rounds add up. some of this also matters more if you are reloading for a self loader rifle versus a bolt or lever gun. they are a little more forgiving on length, and the trimming of brass unless you are really going for high accuracy.
  9. King of Obsolete????

    he posted somewhere an answer to this question the daily update site is tied up in a court battle. he said he was hoping the legal issues would be resolved and that he would be back at it.
  10. Pto clutch change help 1086

    any problems once you got out?
  11. New toy for the MRS

    I like the color.
  12. Reloading

    what calibers are you thinking about? Reloading for a revolver is a little different that reloading for a semi auto pistol and both are different than reloading for a rifle. I used to shoot competitively and ran about 10 to 12,000 rounds per year with three presses. I mostly reloaded during the winter months as something to do on snowy cold days. I found it to be a very good way to unwind after work, better than watching TV. You really do need it to be distraction free as forgetting what you have done can lead to big problems. I have had several friends damage guns and hands with over or under loaded cartridges.
  13. Blue jeans

    LL Bean, they have a store over by Beechwood, or at least that general direction. I tend to ware Carhart pants or shorts most of the time.
  14. Aerated the Lawn yesterday with the Farmall C

    nice pictures