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  1. Mv404 rear main seal part number

    In less popular engines, items like RMS are normally only available in a gaskit set from felpro/federal mogal.
  2. Canadian healthcare

    No wait for health care in the area. I saw my cardiologist the other day in 1 hr, non emergency medicine/test related issue. I ended up with an EKG and back home in around 1 hour. Parathyroid surgery, after testing, required a wait of around 3 weeks with a specialist/expert surgeon at a training hospital 30 miles away.
  3. Ether (starting fluid) sickness?

    There are patients who were/are allergic to ether when used a surgery prep so I would expect that some people would be allergic to the engine starter based on ether,
  4. Your opinions - 3 point on a C

    Yep, all gain no loss! except the cost and time invested.
  5. West Texas IH 1256

    Nice looking old iron. You have a knack for finding all the good stuff!
  6. Went to the dark side

    Unlike the Chevy of that era I'll bet the doors still open and close properly. I had an 84 ramcharger once, was a good vehicle. There is a build tag, similar to GM, on it someplace.
  7. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I drove our 464 mower tractor home from a jobsite about 30 miles. For most of the trip I was followed by a pickup with the flashers on. I tried to keep it at 20 MPH, the 464 will top out at about 22-25 MPG, either speed is way to fast for me. At that speed the hydrastatic steering wanders! I took the bicycle route recommended in google maps for the area. Back country roads. I was concerned because TEXANS drive very aggressively on the back roads. No issues at all. It was broad daylight with little traffic, did not have to pull off because I was holding up traffic. I WOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO MOVE A SLOW MACHINE ON A TRAVELED ROAD AFTER SUNDOWN.
  8. Chevy C65

    OK, I lived during this time as an adult car/truck guy! I think many of the 427 vrs 366 myths comes from how well the car 427 higher hp versions ran against the stock 327 SB. When compared to the 396 HP it was essentially the same engine. The 375 HP 327 in the 64 Vette would have given the new 427 a run for it's money. The SHP 327 was basically a race motor dressed for the street. Since the TRUCK 427 has the same stroke and probably the same heads and cam as the 366 the only legitimate claim for HP is simply the HP produced by the extra cubes. Or about 15% more HP. That ain't going to give all of the bragging rights to the 427. In the late 60's the biggest issue with the the Chevy 366-427 truck engines was the lack of longevity. I knew a man who ran one as a semi at 70,000 miles it was mostly done in. That was when I realized why professionals ran something other than Ford or Chevy. At that time GMC was the GM truck division and they had a good selection of truck engines. I was quickly sold on IH medium duties when the little V304 ran for 100K miles in a 2.5T tandem dump. Same issue with the IH V392 vrs the IH V345, That is only 12% additional HP. The IH V345 vrs the IH V304 is more of a soup-mix because although the V345 is 12% larger it has a longer stroke than the V304. I ran both 304 and the 345 for many years, years ago when they were not from the junk yard. Neither engine was a clear HP winner in a 3/4T 4X4.
  9. He will fit right in when he becomes a better politician.
  10. Getting old

    In 2015 I had to get machine work done on a 454 chevy engine that we overhauled. This area has lost all the good machine shops as the old guys retire and young people today are not much interested in boring blocks or sizing rods. I looked around in the yellow pages and over in Denton, 32 miles away, I found a shop that looked ok so I called them. The guy I was talking to sounded competent and easily answered my questions. I asked how long they had been in business and he said he and his late brother opened the shop in the early 60's and basically had worked ever week since then. After the conversation, where I discovered they had a website that I visited. I discovered their shop built an engine that was in a car that won a world speed record in the early 60's. They were local car race people with pictures on their website. The shop was run by 89 year old Wayne Calvert, I haven't talked to him in the past year but he was an inspiration for me. He is not a figure head, he actually bored and fitted the .020 oversized pistons in our 454 block. As compared to Wayne everyone at Redpower is a youngster. I will be turning 74 on my next birthday, as long as I am able to generally function I will be working on this stuff and making the world I live in a better place.
  11. IH 1100 pickup

    Buddy had a 64 1000C since new in the 60's. It was powered by a V266 and a 4 speed with 3.54 gears BUT it was 2WD. We were in Southern California at the time and pickups did not normally have AC He was young and aggressive at the time and always drove the 1000C like a hotrod. He destroyed the rear end, got a junkyard replacement but the rest of the truck worked well. In 68, he met a woman who would have him and they moved to a Family Farm in upstate Maine growing potatoes and the truck at 185,000 was retired to farm duty.
  12. Getting old

    As we get older some of the age related problems are medically correctable. I have a case in point: My doctor detected a high level of calcium in a blood test on me. After seeing several specialist, and many tests later, the doctors decided that the calcium issue was caused by my parathyroid being overactive and would probably respond to partial removal. In late November of 2017 I had surgery in the local University Hospital by a doctor that has spent the past 20 years performing the procedure on patients from all over the US. Bottom line is, my calcium levels are now normal, and several other age related problem have also improved. My Doctor says the surgery improved/corrected at least 3 age related issues that he was concerned about.
  13. Favorite Truck Ever?

    The only late model macks I ever see in this area are the medium duty CO garbage pick-up trucks. They haul the home garbage to a transfer area dump-it and then they reload it onto large trash haulers that move it 30 miles to the multi-county land fill. Most of the full size trucks are Freightliners, for the same reason our truck is a Freightliner, nothing fancy just grunt, less expensive to purchase and to operate long term.
  14. Favorite Truck Ever?

    I like the 4300 International from 1980. That was the first redesign that IH did in many years. My brother [made his living as a diesel mechanic] owned a 79 4200 Commercial dump truck model, he also always said good things about it. It had a Cummins 250 in it, all the engine he could afford at the time. That Cummins never had a serious issue over many years of use. As a personal vehicle our little 93 NISSAN D21 was fault prof, my teenage son learned how to drive in that one. It is the only vehicle I have ever owned with an automatic transmission that did no have at least 1 failure while we owned the vehicle. Was also the easiest to sell, new owner never saw it in daylight, he came after work at 10 PM with cash in hand and drove it home. At that time it had 240,000 miles on it. My favorite all time vehicle was a new 69 International Travelal, 1100D 4X4, owned until 1989. Did not get used much in the later years but was always ready!
  15. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    The first bus I remember was about a 46 Chevy with the starter button in the floor above the gas pedal. In the late 50's we got some new buses, 600/700 fords with 292 4 speeds. At that time Senior Students were bus drivers my Buddy was my bus driver, they were governed to 35 MPH. They still had some 60 passenger around 1950 IH's.