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  1. There are no free dogs any longer in this area. My last dog died in Oct of 16. She was absolutely free, [a Pomeranian cross] delivered to my house as a pup 13 years earlier. I have been looking for a replacement pup this whole year 2017, mostly on craigslist and the local dog catcher places. All of the dogcatcher places want $250. or so for the type of pup I want, if they had one. To be honest the majority of the available dogs are large dogs that are left over from the guard dog mentality, and I have no trust in a large older dog that some misguided person wanted to train for a guard dog. Basically grown dogs over around 30# are off my list. I want a larger Pomeranian or smaller Schnauzer or an average Beagle, after 100's of hours looking, I have only found these from breeders and at prices much higher than I will pay. So I guess I also contribute to the large dog surpluses in the county pound, humane society or petco parking lot.
  2. A megger does measure meg ohms but so does a Fluke 77 or 83 or a Simpson 260. The real difference is a megger is an insulation tester. A true megger normally uses around 500V in the ohms test circuit to test for insulation break-down. In the old days they used a telephone type hand crank generator, to get the 500V volts for testing. Many bench-lab VOM"S have a low ohms and meg ohm ranges but is not good for insulation break-down testing. My old HP 3466A or Fluke 8000A have many test features but megging is not one of them. Good luck with your electrical issues.
  3. If you are not competent to work on 220 V circuits, probably should just purchase a new motor, after you verify the compressor can be rotated freely. Places that sell/ service central AC will have a range of capacitors for that size motor and a checker to determine if the capacitor is good. BUT bad run capacitors normally short and dissipate power so the case gets expanded. Electrical motors are very simple devices and on the inexpensive motors the start/run caps are the normally the failure next will be the bearings. Take the drive belt off and check the bearings. If the bearings are good [not loose or dragging] check the caps for blow-up. Check the start-switch for cycling. Last and least ap to fail are the windings. A motor shop should have a megger to verify the windings are not shorted to the case. And a growler to verify the coils do not have shorted turns I have a old Sears sears compressor built in 1972, 208 V 2 HP still runs everytime I I turn on the breaker, about as durable as a rock. My go to mechanic for things I can't find time for has a large 2 stage compressor, he bought used when he broke out from family business 25 years ago. It had been used for the oil change hoist a a real service station before he got it. That thing is on every working day, very low speed chug-chug-compressor, he assures me that it is the only one he has ever had.
  4. A video for those people scared of heights

    Comms with the guy on the tower. Joe guess what, you left the bulb on the ground. I was surprised at the really good condition of the base tower and the antenna sections. Many years ago while in the USN one of my jobs was to verify that proper maintenance was taking place on the comms and radar antennas' . I had to climb up to the antenna platform to do the maintenance verification. It is amazing how quickly mother nature can destroy aluminum on a sea going ship. Seems the ladder and safety rail were the first thing to go. The platforms were only about 60' from water level but even at a pier a 625' ship rolls quite a bit up there.
  5. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Several years ago I was involved with the restoration of a large Aermotor that my old farmer buddy got on the cheap up on the OK boarder. At that time Aermotor still had a website and parts available for the model we were working with AND new ones available for shipping. Fortunately the one we had still had a good gear box and rotating parts because parts are expensive. The sail/propeller/, is also expensive and we had several bent sections that were replaced. NOT CHEAP, and final salt on the wound was renting a boom man lift to get the head in place after getting the tower in place.
  6. Aermotor windmill advice please

    The LBJ National Grass Lands maintained by the Forestry Service has at least 3 operable and in use Aermotor water systems currently maintained. They provide water for campers, horse back riders, wild animals, and lease grazing cattle. LBJ NGL is a very fine free access area for the horsey-set. No dogs or off road vehicles allowed just trail riding. and fishing in several lakes. Over in Decatur TX. Our old Suburban can get there on its own!
  7. I thought the 266/304/345/392 was gone prior to 84. I am thinking this is a U-HAUL special truck. The #8 spark plug in against the left exhaust manifold because it was supposed to be run around behind the carb. Looks like a very nice truck with lots of potential. The AIR smog device is no big deal on or off the engine. All the IH's that I have seen had a metal plate some place in the cab with model and GVW and engine HP listed. The engine has cast into the block the CI of the engine. Get yourself a service manual set.
  8. What to do with old tires ???

    The local land fill here allows a home owner in this county (you bring your last utility bill with the tires to dump 4 old tires per month for free. Don't know where they go from there. I hear in Colorado, Pueblo now charges a $30. recycle fee for old car battery's. Remember the day when selling old tires and battery's was a way a kid made spending money! And the 2 cents per bottle for cola bottles. Where in the heck did the tire recapping industry go. I got high quality recapped 4X4 pickup tires in Seattle in 1982.
  9. IH464 Starting Issue

    Verify that your wiring is good. If the 464 is a diesel the starter they used had a hole in the case to connect the solenoid to the internal parts that would let water enter the case and eventually rust out the innards. Ours was bad and was replaced with a rebuilt for $180. US The click you hear is the solenoid connecting the starter to the battery. You don't normally hear the click because the starter normally connects instantly to the battery and spins the engine. You have loose wires, a bad solenoid, or a bad starter. IF your battery is fully charged.
  10. Retirement

    To me retirement is to continue to live the rest of my life, doing what I like to do, with medical support available when required. This area of TEXAS is not perfect but I am here and the "devil you know is easier to deal with than the devil you don't know"! This year has been fine. We have had 34" of rain and the hottest day was about 103F.

    Went out the back door and found this little guy looking for a meal. Posed for me to take 24 pictures. The little brush pile it is on has a family of field mice.
  12. Cams

    We are running a rebuilt 454 in a 8650 GVW K2500 Suburban it is a 4L80 transmission running 4.11 gears. Increased the CR from 7.2:1 to 9.x:1 and kept the OBD1 FI. The cam is a comp cams CB XE#256H-10 it is 212 218 @ .050 with .480/.485 lift. and is considered an RV cam by our cam selector. The truck is 25 YO and no longer is smog tested but we tried to keep the smog checkers happy with this build. I wouldn't expect much from a small block in a C60. Was around a new 67 C60 [in 67] Tractor with AB that was running a 48' flatbed but that one was a 427 with a roadranger. It did not get 100,000 miles on the engine but it did do the job it was selected for. expect the 427 with a truck transmission would make you much happier.
  13. I gotta know! What is your success rate of with cast IRON welds. Every one I have ever been associated with has been a dismal failure. Just a matter of time!
  14. LED TVs vs. cold weather

    We got an LG 42" smart TV 5 or so years ago. It is back lighted with LED's, like almost all flat screens it is LCD for picture. No issue with normal room temps BUT it has never been operated in cold weather. An instant on CRT had/has to keep the cathode heater on warm all the time.