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  1. Nice looking rig, hopes it works well for you. I recently rented a 17 GMC 1500 at you-haul. It was powered by a 5.3 with a constantly shifting automatic. I would be concerned about the life of a tranny that shifts every time you accelerate or decelerate. I drove it about 150 miles total, didn't think I would like it but after using it for a day, I have new appreciation for the newer 1/2T truck line at GM. I looked at the specs for the 17 in the GM tech area. Lightest 1/2T truck I have since since the 50's at 4,400# if I remember correctly. Great way to create the perception of power, reduce weight.
  2. Locate and old injector, gut it out and drill/tap/weld a fitting that the test gauge can attach to. That's what we did for a compression adapter on an IH 464 D179 and an inline 71 Detroit Diesel.
  3. That model used an American Motors 232/258 CI I-6 and a Mopar 727 automatic, either was good but they are just not IH! I would pass until I could find a V304 and a T98A1C 4 speed.
  4. I would check the following and then negotiate: Appears to be a tractor dealer, I would be very cautious of underling issues. These diesels do not normally have head problems. CAM bearings are the first to go, this greatly reduces oil pressure when up to running temperature and will eventually take out all the bearing and score the cylinders. I would personally use a known good mechanical gauge and verify running temperature at 750 RPM oil pressure as higher than 10 PSI for a good engine Hydraulic leaks in the steering system, run the steering into the stops at at least 1500 RPM because that is at max pressure and when our 464 first leaked. Try the brakes after it has been sitting for a week or so, could take a while and many pumps for the brakes to stop machine. Run the PTO with the pto under a load, check for slipping. The hydraulic clutch pack is nothing to brag about! Check the lift under at least a 1,000# load, for leaks and operation. Jack up the front end to get the weight off the axle and check for how loose the main pivot pin is. Same time check front wheel bearings. Check the hydraulic and engine oil dip-sticks, to be sure there is no water in the oil. ABOVE all verify the engine oil pressure is above 10 PSI with the engine at 750 RPM and the radiator temp at 180F. Remove the battery cover and verify that area is not rusted away. Check the condition of the radiator and sheet metal in that area. Run the tractor in 4H at about 10 MPH with the drive train at working temperature and check how much WHINE you get, they are all noisy, but some are NOISY. Verify the clutch does not slip, a good test is start off in 3H at about 1500 RPM. Verify the hydraulic remotes are usable. We have had a 464 since 2009, after everything got repaired it is a very trustworthy and easy to operate machine. If I had followed my advice here, I would have offered 1/2 what I paid for the 464. Good luck with you machine purchase.
  5. We use a DEERE 802 6' shredder, rear is solid, on our 464 commercial mower. Our drivers have bent and mangled it with the type of cutting we do BUT the gear box has never had an issue except when someone used it to roll up a barb wire fence and took out the bottom seal and the pto shaft did twist off once. Deere had a replacement seal in stock. Yearly maintenance is turn it upside down and beat the dents out with a 12# sledge and weld any fractures back together. I never expected the cutter to last as long as it has. We have used it for 8 years and it was used when we got it.
  6. If I remember correctly the "great wall of china" was sort of a flop as a security system. Jailing anyone who pays money to an illegal alien would probably work. No job, no money, very little reason to hitchhike to the US. In this area the primary employer of illegals is construction, especially roofers. New law, make it illegal for insurance payments to be made to roofing companies exploiting illegals. How far do we really want to go with this?
  7. More engine pictures. Using modeling clay to check for valve clearance. Checking for piston to head clearance. Just about .008. Head work several new exhaust valves, seats and guides and cutting to get rid of slight warp.
  8. These are the final pictures of the Suburban all together and ready for work.
  9. Another unknown liability is when mowing brush like mesquite on honey locust, the thorns you pick up today will not leak air until 1 month from now. Personal injuries do happen. I accidentally caught my gloved hand between a tree limb and the the 14 gauge rops cover. Took 4 stitches to get the skin back together and multiple x-rays to verify there were no broken bones. When all is said and done, bush hogging for the public is NOT worth the effort except in very selected circumstances.
  10. I use it on our Deere single shaft shredder, recommended by the Deere parts counter after installing a new seal. No leaks after 3 years of use. I keep it filled it to the same level as the 90 WT that was used, up to the sight plug.
  11. For a 6' shredder, $125 to bring the tractor to the job that covers the first hour, then it is $50. per hour. Most of the jobs I see are things that someone else already passed on. No one wants a nice flat field bush hogged. It's the barb wire, broken field tiles and the old septic tank they forgot to tell me about, that they want cut. The last job I did had a 60' drop off into a mini grand canyon. Owners gave no warning of that little problem. I found it through my inspection tour. A word of warning "NEVER TAKE ON A JOB JUST TO BE A NICE GUY!" or because the machine is not busy and you have free time. I sorted out years ago that it costs about $30 per hour just to break even on the 464. AND no one is going to volunteer to pay extra to help pay for broken equipment! Also vector in the $1000. per year paid for the liability policy.
  12. Project is done for now. Engine starts and runs, temperature and oil pressure are within spec. No coolant or oil leaks . Transmission shifts fine. Intend to use for a month or so and then do a final inspection and fix all problems discovered.
  13. The rebuilt 454 is just about done and ready for start-up. Keep thinking, what have we missed? Have some incidentals to take of and then slow charge the battery over night. If all goes correctly, tomorrow is start-day.
  14. We have relatives who came to the US in the late 1800's. As long as they were able they made yearly visits to visit relative's who refused to leave Ireland for the US. They came to the US with resources to start a business and buy a nice home|s|. None were in AG, in the textile industry before it went the US south east and then to Mexico. There are many in the Boston area who also maintain the family relationship back to the Ireland.