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  1. First time I have seen horses laugh that much since Mr Ed went off the air! Our professional driver was hired because after demonstrating backing a 48' stepdeck behind a LWB CC Freight liner over 100 yards in a narrow driveway without a single problem. We recognized a true truck driver. I have ridden a few times with him on short hauls. He was always on top of things.
  2. I had a normal rear view camera on the rear of a Van for years. It was mounted directly in line with the trailer coupler. There was no depth perception. I could see the coupler but could not determine distance.
  3. Hope they got it correct. BUT it has been my experience the an overactive EGR valve will cause starting problems but at running RPM it will make little difference. EXCEPT some systems have a feedback system to the ECU (FORD DOES), it will throw up EGR codes. Before FI became the fueling of choice I routinely blocked off the EGR port so it could not work. I could not tell any perceivable difference . Today I only block off the port to test the operation of the valve. I have run the 93 454 blocked off or connected, did not affect the run issues it had. My gut feeling on this is that they didn't find the problem, the issue was simply on hiatus when they started work on it.
  4. I have an engine with a carb. It is a 72 440 Mopar built to the 60's 375 HP specs except it has a single Edelbrock 750 CFM carb in a 73 Dart 4 door body. It generally has caused no problem, that engine was assembled in 2000, it needs a tuneup, has 17 year old spark plugs in it. I would expect a carb job is in order too. The best thing you can do for an engine with a carb is add an electric fuel pump, it takes away all the hard starting issues.
  5. Another big reason for not going to a carb is the 4L80E transmission control is fully integrated into the ECM, it has to have an ECM or equivilent for it to operate correctly. I have already spent at least 3K on that gear box and I really like it so it isn't going anywhere.
  6. What kind of paint is on that chassis, and how many coats were on when this picture was taken? Looks like a high-end powder coating job. Good Show!
  7. Back in 1968 I had a 1960 B100 with the BD240 and a 3 speed on the tree. I paid 395$ for it from a used car back row in Long Beach Ca. Was the first IH vehicle I ever owned and the first IH engine I ever overhauled. Many good memories of running around Los Angeles, desert cruising and desert dirt biking come back with the B100. Is yours a slant valve engine? That engine only has 5 mains but the rear main is very large. I always standard Penn 30 WT in mine. I liked the B100 so well that in 1970 I replaced it with a 1200D 4X4, basically because in the desert you really need a 4X4. I sold the B100 to a co-worker, he never had anything bad to say about it, neither do I.
  8. Please observe that I replied "get them out of society before they commit the act". I have been personally involved in the mental health community for many years now. I do have beliefs that I have picked up through observation but I am certainly no expert. Nor do I believe there are any experts, especially on schizophrenia and it's related illnesses, and these are the illnesses that produces most of the violent individuals. This illness is fairly common across the human population about 5% have it at some level, most are not violent when properly cared for but they are not predictable. I society could come up with a cure for schizophrenia, we could save many lives each year. Sad part is there is actually little research being conducted as compared to physical illnesses.
  9. British on my Fathers side, German and Native American on my Mothers side. The British side has been in the South Eastern US since the 1700's, GGGG grand parents had a land grant from the King prior to our war of independence. After the war they didn't fare so well! The German side came into the US in the 1880's. East east coast Native Americans were farming the area when the British got here. We are true Americans, totally Heinz 57.
  10. Generally I see this as a crime committed by a mentally ill individual who probably has been mentally ill for most or all of his life. His father, of all people, should have been aware of his condition and really used poor judgement in getting into any type of confrontation. We have got to get people off the street who are capable of this type of crime before they commit the crime. To turn them onto society with a bottle of ziprexia 15 MG with a chaser of clonazepam 2 MG and calling them good to go has got to stop. About the only thing OBAMA ever said that I agreed with was spending more tax dollars on mental health care. Probably would be much less costly than increasing the prison population.
  11. Disconnect the fuel line where it goes into the first filter, if the tank is feeding properly there will be a nice flow out of the line. That tank design is fine engineering, by opening and closing the bottom valves you can create a reserve tank so you do not unexpectedly run out of fuel. Probably a good idea to use LP air and back blow the line, this will clear away crude that could be settled in the input cup of the line valve in the bottom of the tank. The Bosch VA injection assembly has a feed pump built into it, just needs to have fuel flow in to prime the pump. Good luck with your project.
  12. We got our repair parts from Yesterdays Tractors out in Coastal Oregon. The piston kits with the two sizes of O-rings came from BEPCO TRACTOR Parts in the UK. We installed the larger diameter o-rings. No issues since 2007.
  13. The I POD Scan AP did connect but the only code related to transmission so far as I could tell. It had been getting fuel, could smell it on spark plug removed for compression tester. When I learned it was hopelessly worn out based on compression I basically offered to loan them the cherry picker. Or a haul it to the garage of their choice.
  14. Neighbor has a 2011 Silverado. Does not start, engines rotates nicely, sounds normal no mechanical racket, with starter but no ignition in any hole. V/6 automatic, high mileage ex-commercial truck. Sold cheaply to employee because it had overheated and would not restart, taken out of service. Owner has yet to have it run. He says he had spark when he checked. No coolant in oil, plugs and cap replaced. With 40 PSI of FP someone told him to replace the fuel pump, no change. I had them check compression, first hole has 85 PSI after pump-up. I told them to check rest of holes and call me. My thinking is we will find the rest of the holes with low compression BUT I have seen many engines with 85 PSI that would start and run or at least fire. Anyone have and cheap fix ideas on a 2011 C1500?
  15. I got rid of a perfectly good 2001 Dodge conversion van so I could spend all my time on the K2500. The K2500 will get debugged and all together, many other problems have already been solved relating to suspension and brakes and drivetrain. I have all the GM manuals for the 93, including the most beneficial manuals, for the current issues the fuel and emissions and wiring manuals. Just a matter of tenacity!!