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  1. The IH NEUSS engine, made an Germany, uses 9/16 head bolts The ford 460 pickup motor uses 9/16 head bolts. Chevy MK V motors uses 1/2" head bolts with 1/2" tops
  2. Our family business has been running at least one linehaul rig since the late 70's. Drives who create tickets have to find a new place to work. Overall, I can recall very few tickets that I would call vindictive, except one where a driver picked up the wrong oversized load packet (large envelope with the proper paper work for every state the OS LOAD WOULD TRAVEL) for a different rig. We had to pay out $2500 for one simple mistake, making that total trip a net loss. Proper planning, attention to detail and knowing and following the law is what makes for safe cargo movement. Good luck! if you are attempting to make a living with a single truck unless is is part of your other business ventures.
  3. Case 4890

    Was the case 4890 anything desirable as a working tractor?
  4. Aside from the confusion caused by the various measurement systems in the world is the implementation of the various systems. I one of my college courses (over 50 years ago) we did an in-depth study of the French Revolution, which as most educated people know is the basis of democracy in society. As the new people took over France, they moved every type of measurement to the 10 based system that went on to become what we know today as the metric system. When they redesigned the calendar in to 10 day weeks and 10 month years they discovered a few problems! that were never overcome. I first learned the metric system in Junior High school in 58 or 59 and since I went into electrical/electronics engineering have and still use it today. That makes 59 years since I learned that 1 inch is equal to 25.4 MM. The problem is with the implementation of the metric system. Pipes are not self sealing because they do not have the concept of tapered threads. Bolt type fasteners come in various diameters with various threads per inch as in 1 MM, 1.5 MM, 2 MM, ...., with the same thread angles. Even after all these years I still use a thread pitch gauge on metrics. SAE, what most of us technical types call the imperial design, is very simple to recognize almost never requiring a TPG. My tree nursery has a tree diameter tape measure that is determined from the circumference of the trunk, calibrated in both SAE and Metric demensions. According to our truck driver, the only freeway left in the USA with metric road signs goes Tucson AZ to just inside Mexico. Question for the World population, How do we solve this mess?
  5. hilary comment

    Why does this woman still get air time even at Redpower???? I only see Obama on the left wing web sites, got to hand it to Clinton she has tenacity. Wounder what it would take to have her gone from public view?
  6. Kitty earning his keep

    Kassie-cat brought her catch to share with me, it was about a 3 week old rabbit. She also was fond of doves that nested near the yard. When she was a kitten she took out a field rat as big as she was, also brought it back to share. Cat was here for 11 years. I think she was eaten by a coyote, everything balances out in nature.
  7. Information on 2500A Loader backhoe

    If there is no front mounted auxiliary hydraulic pump the filler is in the rear of the top rear of the transmission housing behind the drivers seat. Just an 1 1/4 pipe NPT plug. Dipstick is left floorboard at the rear. If the engine is a D179 3 banger that machine is based on the 464 utility model. If it is not a hydro or have other specialty options, it is as reliable as dirt. Looks like a well cared for machine and not stored for long duration's outdoors. Did you put on the new tires? Good luck with your machine.
  8. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    I do know what valve train issues you are referring to. Only issue I had was the stock GM springs kept breaking, GM came out with a 3 spring nest spring made from smaller wire. Never broke one of those. It would also overheat if I got stuck in Los Angeles traffic on a hot day. The stock air cleaner housing in the Vette as with all the rest of the HP engines was a two plate design and not a snorkle housing like the LP engines had. I got rid of the 425/427 at 48,000 miles and I never had the heads (the springs were replaced with the head in place by chevy dealer) or pan off the engine. It made many 6,500 RPM shifts and burned up many tires, never had an accident and only one speeding ticket. God looks after fools and babys' and I was a little bit of both. It's replacement was an 1200D 4X4 and a Bultaco Bandit dirt bike. Made many trails in the outback of San Diego County for several years.
  9. IH 2400 Weak Steering

    Use the bucket to raise the front end/wheels and make sure steering operates freely unloaded. Crack a fitting on a line at the steering cylinder and bleed the lines/steering system.
  10. International 674

    Dummy me, I assumed any 674 from the late 70's would be diesel. The C200 is a fine gas engine and like said, has a parent bore. Hopefully it is just the head gasket, pull the head and check. Good luck with your project.
  11. Their aim was off

    My bet is these two groups had crossed paths before.
  12. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    I had a 66 Vette Stingray with the 425 427. Really couldn't afford it. I came back from Vietnam with down payment money and they put me in the seat. The biggest issues were the new electronic ignition kept breaking (the all in one ignition came years later) and the battery was so close to the right hand cast-iron header that it got cooked in a cross-country trip. Least not to forget is the hiding headlamps that, one would hide and the other stay up. Adjusting the mechanical lifters was a PITA, to this day I still have the Craftsmen flex-head required to R/R the spark plugs. Probably my oldest usable tool. Still have a 454 in a 93 K2500 Suburban, it is not anywhere near the engine the HP 427 was but it pulls well! .
  13. What is this for

    Fairly sure it is also the bracket for the 454/464/484 tractor.
  14. Greasing used head gaskets

    If you invest in the labor to remove a head why would you skimp on buying a $2. head gasket? Penny wise and Pound foolish!
  15. International 674

    If I remember correctly, when the water pump gasket leaks the coolant could run into the oil pan. BUT Probably is a sleeve seal o-ring. Nice looking tractor. Picture looks like a lot of recent work. Good luck with your project.