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  1. I have a 5288. There are 2 other 52's, a 54, and a 50 that I know of.
  2. My vote is the LED's. Not a real big fan of adding lights where they didn't come. I bought from TripleRTractors. LED's in the nose vs. the halogens in the cab corners. I walked it out, the wagon is roughly 130 feet in front of my 52.
  3. maybe end of April for here.
  4. I wont use the stuff, period. Like giving crack to a crack head, they want a little more each time.
  5. Are these not the next set of mufflers being done by Ken?
  6. I have seen 4 and 5 in.... steiner?
  7. Looking for something like this? Can email you some...
  8. Hello Toyboy,

    I understand you have a 966 FWA. We need a photo of one for our book about 4WD tractors. Do you have a few good images you could share? 



  9. yes.
  10. The 5288. The 966 to me Is your 1206 to you.
  11. Hydraulic leaks. I have had the system drained 3 or 4 times this summer to replace hoses. Noticed finishing corn its leaking on the 4wd solenoid and hoses along with the top of the transmission real bad. I probably have done 15 plus hoses this summer.
  12. Had the 1460 for a few years now. I like it, but I am constantly chasing down leaks on the thing. Previous years. The day after getting it home.
  13. 8 foot on a 966 for me.