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  1. Farmall C governor

  2. Farmall C governor

    Been working on a Farmall C, ran decent but didn't have full rpm range, restored the tractor, put the governor back in as I didn't see anything wrong with it. Now it just runs wide open, took the governor out of a non running C I have and same thing. It looks like the governor gear is into the housing too far?? It sits back from the can gear a lot. Any ideas???
  3. Diesel prices

    What's hard to figure out is the Mandan refinery is getting bakken oil piped in for $16 a barrel. There making a killing even with selling the fuel cheap. All the near by gas stations have some of the highest prices in the state. Trucking is cheap ....greedy gas stations is all I have to say.
  4. Diesel prices

    You have to go through a whole saler, they add there cut and trucking, 100 mile load might add .20 to .25 cents..if I owned my own fuel trailer I have a inside guy so I could buy direct, one day I'll be able to do that.
  5. Diesel prices

    Dyed #2 is .85 rack price at the Mandan refinery. Gas is around 1.15, gas station should be racking in the cash right now.
  6. Diesel prices

    Delivered a transport load of #2 dyed last week for $1.10 a gallon, rack prices dropped more yesterday but not sure how much.
  7. Post your Projects Here!

    Burned the midnight oil and got the w-4 primed.....
  8. Post your Projects Here!

    W-4 I sandblasted yesterday and a 806 that's ready for blasting this up coming week.
  9. Give and take word game

    Frozen tundra -27 out this morning!!!!!
  10. Give and take word game

    Trip rope
  11. Happy Birthday Turbo!!