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  2. I let him know about this one too. He's on it.
  3. Sorry I won't be there. Just drive a bit further east, and come check out Northwest Ohio.
  4. Or maybe John should host another one?
  5. Here's a picture of me and my horsepower. We won both showmanship and horsemanship today.
  6. Where are the action shots?? I just got home from working the four legged horsepower. It was also fun, I won the show! BJ
  7. I thought maybe you were staying in the area for a few weeks in your RV.
  8. Top dog
  9. Trailer is locked in an undisclosed secure location. The H and plow are not in this location.
  10. I suspect there is a truck involved.
  11. Well the H isn't diesel powered. There are a few good looking girls there.
  12. Try this: tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
  13. Have to wait until the 19th/20th. It will get lots of use that weekend.
  14. I'm going to miss it. I'll be working with the four legged horsepower instead. That event also starts at 9 AM in Cridersville.
  15. Looks good. Is it a T/A delete?
  16. I know that Nebraska1206 has a 560 with the IH turbo setup on it.
  17. Does this help any?
  18. Salvage yard. It was only an hour from home so I figured I had to get it.
  19. I paid $2500 for a nice 86 series cab back in January of this year.
  20. That would be a good way to push snow.
  21. I finally took the plunge and bought a trailer big enough to haul my stuff. It's a Sure-Trac 22+10.
  23. When you get the paper title it is technically a "replacement" title, thus the $15 fee.
  24. Ohio offers E-titles. Some dealers use them and some don't. I think its $15 to get a paper title.