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  1. You will need the Photobucket app. Get it at: iPad users use the same app, and these instructions will work for you too. When you open the Photobucket app, you should see something like this. Tap the plus sign (the area I have circled in green) Now let's upload a photo. Tap the Upload button. Tap Camera Roll Now tap the photo(s) you want to upload. Those with check marks will be uploaded. Tap the blue next button in the upper right Tap "Your Bucket", then tap Upload Now Tap the photo you want to share. Tap the circle in the area I've circled in black 3. Tap the area I've circled in green. You should see a message that says "Link copied" 4. Now open Safari. Go to the forum, create either a new post or a reply. Double tap in the text box, then tap Paste. Your picture will then appear Hope this helps!
  2. Sure-trac. My uncle has one and I pull it with my '06 2500 quad cab. It pulls very nice, so nice that I almost forgot it was back there.
  3. If your serial number is 501-41329, this will work for you.
  4. Moderator's privilege.
  5. Sure does! I was glad I packed a poncho for the 2015 IHCC Chapter 6 show! We had like 8 inches of water on the grounds!
  6. I think thinking the trans range switch is the answer as well. Mom drove a 2010 Caravan for her job as a hospital currier. It got to the point that if the gear selector wasn't in the EXACTLY the right spot, the van wouldn't start.
  7. X2
  8. Bates is in Bourbon Indiana.
  9. flag officer
  10. Happy Birthday to all.
  11. The Paypal shipping address is the address you specify as the shipping address in your Paypal account settings. It can be different than the Paypal billing address. These addresses come into play when using the Paypal checkout feature that some websites use as their e-commerce solution.
  12. Pep talk
  13. The book doesn't come out until September.
  14. Me, myself and I. Oh, and an iPhone.
  15. Congratulations on the retirement!
  16. I'm looking forward to the show! I'll be flying in on the 15th and leaving Saturday afternoon.
  17. The following code is intentional. 😀 %5BURL=
  18. Hay wagon
  19. Great news!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Des Moines.
  20. The original number for the carb is 251234R94 which supersedes to 63349C91 which supersedes to 71523C93. Its available for just $570!
  21. The link is in the first post of the topic.
  22. Try clearing the cache in safari. It's in settings, safari, clear history and website data.
  23. If you want to see something specific, just let me know, I can get the tractor out and get whatever angles you want.
  24. I didn't have a chance to get pictures tonight. But here are a few I've taken of it over the years.