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  1. The ones that Steiner sells are the correct ones.
  2. Those are some great photos. Glad I was able to make it easy for you. But I guess this means no more lessons needed.
  3. You will need the Photobucket app. Get it at: iPad users use the same app, and these instructions will work for you too. When you open the Photobucket app, you should see something like this. Tap the plus sign (the area I have circled in green) Now let's upload a photo. Tap the Upload button. Tap Camera Roll Now tap the photo(s) you want to upload. Those with check marks will be uploaded. Tap the blue next button in the upper right Tap "Your Bucket", then tap Upload Now Tap the photo you want to share. Tap the circle in the area I've circled in black 3. Tap the area I've circled in green. You should see a message that says "Link copied" 4. Now open Safari. Go to the forum, create either a new post or a reply. Double tap in the text box, then tap Paste. Your picture will then appear Hope this helps!
  4. (I clearly spent too many summers watching The Price is Right and this commerical was on about every day. :D)
  5. Here's what I was able to bring home on the plane. I've got a few more items to pick up from a fellow Chapter 33 member who was kind enough to bring them back for me.
  6. This is sounding more and more like a want ad.
  7. With the Hoveround you can use it to tow up to 2 tons into the shop.
  8. We are dry here. This morning was the first time we had rain for more than 10 minutes in a long time.
  9. Let's try this
  10. I can't get it work from my iPhone either. I'll check it out tomorrow.
  11. Another great group of folks today. We even got Dennis Miesner to join us today!!
  12. cleaning house
  14. Do you have #6 in the diagram? If find a seal and clamp that fit it.
  15. I too would look at Simplicity. Both Simplicity and Snapper are owned by Briggs and Stratton.
  16. Good use of equipment. PS: I promise I won't delete this topic this time.
  17. I removed the duplicate topics. BJ
  18. Now that the new service working well, I've removed the need to resize your photos before posting them. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone. BJ
  19. Here's my vote. It was gorgeous!
  20. Here are some photos from today Here's Boomer And some others from the parade. Some big rubber on this one. There are several Super 70's here I found an interesting Electrall display This is the first truck mounted Electrall I've seen.
  21. Mike, thank you for hosting the forum meeting. I'm thinking of going to rantol but if we'll be talking soon.