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  1. John, Glad to read that you've got it all back together. The mechanic you used is the same one who rebuilt my H for me. Great guy. He was impressed at my parts sources too.
  2. exhaust pipe
  3. Is the 656 a gas or diesel? Either way the frame rails will need lengthened.
  4. If anyone knows where to get new decals for that toy, I'd like to get a set. Mine was an outside toy and the decals are all faded or gone.
  5. I'm going but am flying instead of driving.
  6. It's what would have been coming out after the 3688.
  7. Lorenzo, here's some close ups of the weights
  8. Mike goes by 88seriesrestorer here on the forum.
  9. Think different - Apple Computer Inc.
  10. Here's a video of it from a few years ago when it was for sale. The doors look to open Magnum style.
  11. The C263 wasn't used in trucks. With that being said, if I remember correctly, the C263 was developed FROM a truck engine.
  12. So the big question is.. When is John hosting another plow day?
  13. On Youtube click the share link. Then copy the address shown in the share box. Now go to the forum, and paste it into your new topic or reply.
  14. The first Farmall 806 gas is serial #501. Its also the first Farmall 806 ever built. #502 is a diesel.
  15. They don't keep records that far back. If you want to keep a record of the transactions, you have to save the emails.
  16. I think that the 2700 pounds that tractordata lists is about right.
  17. At least with a chromebook, your data isn't stored directly on the laptop.
  18. I saw one that had blown away near Van Wert last night.
  19. You guys can keep it!!
  20. I finally found the right switch to flip.
  21. I'd also check with Bates Corp. 1-800-248-2955.
  22. George, As for the automobile side of the Fiat the parent company is FCA, which is an abbreviation of Fiat Chrysler automobiles. They are not separate divisions. You are correct the company's profits in North America are keeping FCA afloat.
  23. If you know the password for your email address you can login the following site to read and send messages.