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  1. I merged them. There was some sort of glitch last night.
  2. Good looking tractors. Sorry I missed it.
  3. Full cosmetic restoration. The engine has already been replaced and the Hydro is good. So it just needs the new cab, cab kit, tires and paint.
  4. I picked up a replacement cab today. Now to wait for Mike to be ready to work on it.
  5. Glad to hear things are looking better for you. Take it slow and don't over do it.
  6. Neat! I didn't know you have a '41 H in the family. My H is also a '41.
  7. We don't allow for sale/want to buy ads here.
  8. I've got Mopar seat covers in my truck. They are 5 years old but don't show any wear.
  10. Shriver9, does your tractor have the Torque Amplifier? If so then you'll want to use Hytran.
  12. The tires alone probably cost close to $1500. You stole the tractor.
  13. I may have found another cab for it. The tractor and new cab are going to Mike's, as soon as he's ready. I'll have to store the replacement cab a while awhile so I wanted to know much it weighs so we can get it off the trailer.
  14. I didn't think to look at the parts book!
  15. Anyone know how much the cab on the 86 series tractors weighs?