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  1. Bad idea IH

    Its an 86 series cab.
  2. Bad idea IH

    Is that with the platform off?
  3. 1086 digital tach problem

    Are the RPMs accurate? Here is the calibration procedure from the Service Manual.
  4. 1086 digital tach problem

    The data center needs to know what size tires you have so it can accurately give you the speed you are traveling. The procedure for changing the settings is in the Operators Manual. I can get it for you this evening if you don't have a manual handy.
  5. Winter Tractor Show

    Northtown Mall Defiance Ohio.
  6. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    It was when I went to Kindergarten that I learned that IH made trucks too. It was a S1700 with Wayne body with I think a 9 liter engine. Of course I couldn't read the word INTERNATIONAL on the front of it but I did see the IH logo on the steering wheel. Kindergarten was only a half day in our district so in the mornings I rode a Ford B700 with a Wayne body. In first grade I rode the S1700 to our high school and then transferred to a GMC/Bluebird which took me to my elementary. In the third grade our S1700 got replaced with a IH 3800 (with DT408) and Bluebird Body. That 3800 got replaced my Freshmen year with a new IH with IC body. After that I had my license.
  7. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Sounds like you've got enough snow to share. Not that I want any more!
  8. COLD

    -12 on the way to work this morning.
  9. Including pictures with a post.
  10. Another Photo From The Attic

    Great picture! Is the H still in the family?
  11. Dow passed 24,000

    Topic locked. Cabin fever must be setting in.
  12. Farmall 400 LPG Starter
  13. Dow passed 24,000

  14. 886 Water in Oil

    I didn't realize it was for the DT 360. My mistake for not reading everything.
  15. 886 Water in Oil