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  1. I fixed it. As a work-around, when you create your post, tap on the Source button, then make sure your cursor is in the box and then paste the code. I'll do some more investigating into what the problem may be.
  2. I fixed your links. Something is screwy with the photobucket iOS app. I had trouble a few days ago but thought it was just me. Congratulations on the engagement!
  4. eBay doesn't allow you to list a phone number when you list an item.
  5. Depending on how much business you do on eBay, you can get an eBay store. This allows you have vacation settings. If the store is on vacation, you don't have to ship the item as soon as you get paid. Also you get 200 free listings per month.
  6. I'm sure what your source is but OSU is saying there was a gun and knife. Suspect has been killed.
  7. The two we've had, we got from the animal shelter. Both were good dogs.
  8. Topic locked per the following forum guideline: Please avoid discussions of politics and religion.
  9. I joined this forum in 2005 and for the first few years read way more than I posted. My thought was that these older guys can teach me more if I just show some respect and a willingness to learn. Then in 2008 I saw that IHCC Chapter 33 was having their show in LaGrange, IN. After looking at the map and deciding it wasn't too far to go, I went. It was here that I met old_max and got to see his collection up close. We spent a good bit of time talking. Little did I know where that meeting would take me. Max told me later that it was about this time when he decided to help get me started in the world of IH Collectors. Also at LaGrange I met several other members of Chapter 33. Then in 2009 I decided to go to RPRU with Max. This was the first year that RPRU exhibitors had to belong to the National Club. So since state dues are $10, I decided to make Chapter 33 my "home" chapter. I will admit that I'm not as active in the club as I could be as many of the events are in NW Indiana and I live in NW Ohio. If it weren't for Max's willingness to help me, I'm not sure that I would be nearly as involved in the collector hobby as I am. So, THANKS MAX!!! I didn't join Ohio Chapter 6 until 2012 or 13. Since there is only one chapter in Ohio events get spread all over the state. For awhile many events seemed to be in Southeast Ohio, which can be a 5 hour drive for me. Lately more events are in this part of Ohio so I can be more involved. Of course I get some teasing from the Ohio club for making chapter 33 my home chapter. Before I met John (2+2 Guy) I had no idea that there were any IH collectors in my immediate area.
  10. How much equipment did you have to buy to get the private tour??