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  1. I removed those posts for you.
  2. The following code is intentional. 😀 %5BURL=
  3. Yes I know its an ebay listing but here is 512162R1 EDIT: I think its both parts but I can't tell for sure.
  4. Have you been backing up QuickBooks onto a flash drive? If so you can restore from the backup onto the new PC. If not, you might be able to get the data copied from the old PC. Here is a link to help you find a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, they can help get you going.
  5. You will need to upgrade Quickbooks as well. I'm assuming this is a desktop?
  7. It would be easy plowing dirt!
  8. John, Glad to read that you've got it all back together. The mechanic you used is the same one who rebuilt my H for me. Great guy. He was impressed at my parts sources too.
  9. exhaust pipe
  10. Is the 656 a gas or diesel? Either way the frame rails will need lengthened.
  11. If anyone knows where to get new decals for that toy, I'd like to get a set. Mine was an outside toy and the decals are all faded or gone.
  12. I'm going but am flying instead of driving.
  13. It's what would have been coming out after the 3688.
  14. Lorenzo, here's some close ups of the weights