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  1. 86-88 door seals

    Sure can. How much do you need?
  2. 986 - 66 similarities

    The platform is the same between a 2+2 and 986.
  3. 86-88 door seals

    Small world. I actually help maintain that website too. Real Products is located about 10 minutes from me.
  4. 86-88 door seals

    Is this the stuff you are referring to:
  5. Deleting double posts

    We've had some issues with members getting into an argument with each other and one of them deleted comments. That only further fueled the argument, so we only allow admins to delete posts. Thanks, BJ
  6. Silage packing tractor?

    I can believe that. This is what Grandpa Kline used to pack silage with, until he got out of the feedlot business. It had filled tires and once or twice they put duals on it.
  7. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    My truck said 19 at 7:15 this morning. Brr!
  8. 274 and 284 Air Filters

    The NAPA number I posted is for the gas engine.
  9. 274 and 284 Air Filters

    For the 284 the Napa number is 6449FR
  10. Trucking quotes

    I recently had a Hydro 186 hauled 190 miles for $850, in Northwest Ohio.
  11. Midwest storms

    Apparently having IH events in Wauseon causes bad storms.
  12. The 5th Magnum ever built is this 7130

    From the book Red Tractors 1958-2013.
  13. The 5th Magnum ever built is this 7130

    Magnum #1 got scrapped by Case IH. They wore it out.
  14. Searching member list

    Glad you got it figured out!
  15. Time change

    I don't mind the fall time change. The change in the spring is harder for me to get used to.