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  2. When you get the paper title it is technically a "replacement" title, thus the $15 fee.
  3. Ohio offers E-titles. Some dealers use them and some don't. I think its $15 to get a paper title.
  4. Even before I bought this trailer, my dad got me chains and lever binders at a couple of auctions. I've used the ratchet ones before, but haven't decided which I like better.
  5. I never thought about the CDL part. Guess it will be staying out of Illinois!
  6. I'm not sure about Napa but here is the part number and price from CNH: Product No: 73329275 $18.50. It doesn't seem that bad of price to me.
  7. With it being a gooseneck I bet that cuts down on people wanting to borrow it. Yes its got duals on both axles. Sure-Trac is made just south of Fort Wayne Indiana, so there are a lot of them sold in this area.
  8. He really didn't know what to make of it. I think he was scared of it.
  9. The trailer is rated at 22,500. The tail can lift 5,000.
  10. I finally took the plunge and bought a trailer big enough to haul my stuff. It's a Sure-Trac 22+10.
  11. Like anything else it just takes practice. That and not having people put you down for not being able to do it yet.
  12. Mark, I sent you a PM. BJ
  13. I'll know on Wednesday if I can make it. I may have something else going on that day.
  14. Send Bermuda_Ken a personal message. He can get them for you.
  15. Great looking shots!