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  1. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    Maybe I need to make a West Coast service call?
  2. Could the Schwartz front end be used on a C or H? Maybe that's what the tractor has on it?
  3. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    That's what I need. The area that I need to haul to has large hills, its more than I want to try with my pickup and gooseneck.
  4. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    Are you using the equipment to make money? If so its commercial and you need a CDL. 260001 lbs and above needs a CDL anyway.
  5. Ih 2355 loader need to know specs

    After reading the specs in the operator's guide, I would say a 16 foot trailer would be needed. The book doesn't list a weight.
  6. 2350 loader on 86 series?

    Here's what the owners manual says about the foot-n-inch pedal: "The foot-n-inch pedal allows inching or very slight or slow movement of the tractor by slowly moving the pedal up or down. It can also be used to stop the tractor. Do not "ride" the foot-n-inch pedal or brake pedals by resting your feet on the pedals while driving the tractor."
  7. Getting a bit closer to starting the restoration. My uncle gave me the original manuals for the tractor and loader today.
  8. Mileage mystery

    Is it a short box or long box? I think the tank size is the same between gas and diesel, the difference is box length. I know my quad cab short box diesel is 34 gallons.
  9. Happy B/day, Brady Boy & Augercreek

    Happy Birthday guys!
  10. Farmall 806

    It sounds to me like you are describing wet stacking to me. With that much idleing, the engine needs to be worked.
  11. How to upload photos

    Are the albums that you downloaded a .zip file? Try right clicking on the album file and see if you have the option to Extract files. Then you can choose where you want to keep your extracted files. Then you can follow the steps in the first post.
  12. Ih problems

    Looks to be a 574 or 674 to me.
  13. Should I...

  14. Farmall Parts

    Did you try the link I shared yesterday?