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  1. 1206 modifing wiring harness

    I just put a new one wire alt on my 806. I have keyed power to the dash bulb and connected the other (bulb) wire to the alt terminal. Works perfect. Turn key on, bulb lites. Start tractor, lite goes out. Alt putting out 14.2. Shut tractor off, bulb lites up.
  2. Charging system 806 D

    Hey all! System wasn't charging a couple years ago when I got it. The alt checked out ok so I put a new external regulator on. Problem solved. A few days ago I started it and the amp lite stayed on. A few days after that the lite didn't come on at all and system is not charging. Working on it now and bulb checks out and have keyed power to the socket but still won't lite. Checked voltage at the F terminal wire with key on 12.6 unplugged 10.8 plugged in. And when plugged in I've got 8.8 at the R terminal without the R wire hooked up. Took the alt to dealer to test and couldn't get any output. The guy advised me to go uptown and get a new one there cuz they are much cheaper. So I went up town had it tested again and was putting out 14.2. So put it back on the tractor still no telite and same voltages at R&F. What are your guys thoughts? TIA Travis