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  1. 606 3 point arms dropping while running

    Leaking Orings on the lift piston. Remove the top link bracket & you should be able to see it leaking when running.
  2. A Rich Vein of IH tractors ( Pics)

    I like the Normanby on the side of the 1460. Thats the name of the Township I live in Ontario Canada.
  3. 5400 Soybean gear down kit

    The dive shafts are hex. Should be able to get sprockets at any farm hardwear store Like TSC. Just get the right sprockets & roller chain & go.
  4. 5400 Soybean gear down kit

    Should be able to get the slow speed sprockets from CIH. your owners manual will have the info on the sprockets
  5. W450 parts needed

    Send me a PM. I might have what you need.
  6. '53 Super C w/3 pt. hitch conversion not working

    Looks like a check valve.
  7. 86 front axle

    X2 That`s the way I did it, also.works to drive through a couple dead furrows at cultivating speed.
  8. Case IH calendar

    Same here in south west Ontario, Got the SRW Wheat off dry but still have 3/4 of the straw out, O well, it can be turned over & dry
  9. International 664

    Since they only made 899, 664 tractors salvage is hard to find, but as Eason says most parts are the same on a 656 utility except the engine. Sheet metal & some other parts are the same as 544 utility, except the fenders are 656U so thats a help in finding parts. Ray
  10. 986 stuck in 4 gear

    Look at the linkage under the cab, You may be able to shift it out from there. Engine off & Be sure to block the rear wheels in case it rolls . Shift linkage needs adjustment.
  11. last one

    WoW, One of those rare, ( give me 40 acres & I will turn this rig around) front axles. LoL. BTW I have one of those on a Farmall H
  12. Farmall A Seat Shock

    Looks like a seat off a Farmall H.
  13. Super C FH to add C32 Loader

    Add another valve.
  14. Hydraulic Reservoirs and a W-4

    Trany Oil is 80W90 not good for the hydraulic pump. Can you remove the tool box & mount it there, looks like it fills from the end so that should work.
  15. Pls. Help Determine Year of T20

    Casting dates will put you in the ball park, but the crawler you have may not have been assembled for a couple months after casting. I have a 1937 T20 could look at the casting dates. I think the T20 used the same engine.