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  1. Looks like a seat off a Farmall H.
  2. Add another valve.
  3. Trany Oil is 80W90 not good for the hydraulic pump. Can you remove the tool box & mount it there, looks like it fills from the end so that should work.
  4. Casting dates will put you in the ball park, but the crawler you have may not have been assembled for a couple months after casting. I have a 1937 T20 could look at the casting dates. I think the T20 used the same engine.
  5. No need to apologize, It is a pull type center pivot 15" cut , that puts a lot of side draft on hills. Can`t shorten the sway bars anymore so it works the way I did it with two, 1 Inch thick blocs at the rear housing pivot. I will try & get a picture of what I did.
  6. Depends what the mower weighs.
  7. I have those chains on the discbine but I need them longer so I can set the mower on its tongue stand to unhook it. Sales man said not to use them to hold the weight of the tongue as it could break the cast center link bracket, said only there for emergence in case you accidently push the 3 point lever down.
  8. I am interested what others have done. I have a 15' center pivot discbine , need to keep it from swaying on side hills & turns. What i did was made a couple 1" blocks to stop the swing at the bottom by the rear frame. that stops the sway at operating hight, but you need a stop on the 3pt lift lever so you don`t break something by over lift. clear as mud I know.
  9. Storm flattened & tangled Grain!
  10. Volt meter should read 13 to 14 volts. CIH Dealer should have the right thermostat, if not I can get the part # for you. Ray
  11. Seems to me that the steering on the t340 is the same as a swather but I am not sure what model.
  12. Troy, There was some regulations around WW2 time. Ford of Canada as well as the other auto Makers were limited by Government laws as to how many copies of each model they could make. They got around the rules by making more model lines,aka Mecury Trucks , Monarch & Meteor cars Only in Canada Eh.
  13. Yes to the press, & correct on the clutch pack.
  14. Thanks for the sn/ Guys Ray
  15. You are right if PTO stops under load the clutch pack needs rebuild Not a bad job but you need a way to keep the spring from flying out and injuring yourself preferably a shop press & be careful. Also put in the extra fiber disc when you put it back together.