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  1. Farmall M Engine Problem

    If you had that much rust the manifold could be rusted through in the heat well area close to the runner for the center 2 cylinders if I was going to swap carbs I would leave the carb on the manifold and swap the whole assy. You wouldn't see the hole from the outside and spraying carb cleaner around would,t show up anything either.
  2. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    Check wire was available in a few different sizes I have some 3-6 and some 3-8 I think, that would be 3 ft + 6 inchs or 42 inch and the other would be 44 IHC wire had a little tag with the size stamped on it you would then set the planter to hill drop the number of seeds you wanted per hill.
  3. 1586/1566 Dual hubs 67377c1

    When you price the wedges they will not seem like a very good deal.
  4. Started a small repair

    It looks like you should add a piece of packing to the water pump while it is handy the gland looks like it is almost bottomed out. IH part number 50790D it would save a lot of time later if it starts weeping .
  5. Spark plug Question

    I have that book also did you notice the diesel specs are for the RD pump?
  6. Light switch 806

    look on the back of the switch there is usually a letter by every terminal Positions are off ,dim ,bright and rear or field.
  7. Light switch 806

    the switches I have seen are marked
  8. 766 Gas to Diesel

    Length look at the thickness of the diesel adapter plate then look at the gas plate
  9. 766 Gas to Diesel

    You are going to need a radiator and complete air intake along with a complete engine fan to the flywheel ,frame rails from a 766 diesel thru a 1466 and rh hood which is unique to the 766 diesel along with a starter, also a different throttle linkage.
  10. Spark plug Question

    Tony do you know what casting number head you are using and what was the part # of the oem piston I have worked on a lot of 301s a few of which were lp gas I do not remember ever having one have 180+ psi compression pressure.
  11. I am not a fan of running new engines on a dyno I did go to an caseIH school where the instructor said do not dyno till the engine has 50 hrs on it I do not know if it was his opinion or company policy. We did a lot of work on IH 6cylinder Gas engines and my dad who worked on IH 6s from 54 on in tractors and trucks wanted some hrs on the engines before dynoing them
  12. What should this Super C cost me?

    I can see it bringing 2000-2500 easily the implements could easily add 1000.00 to a 1000 to 1500 dollar base tractor. If you have no use for the implements you can sell them by the piece they have the same value whether you have a need for them or not. From what you have listed 250-300 dollars will get all the parts you need. Can you do the work yourself?
  13. 1256 Fuel leak, help!

    There has to be fuel there
  14. 5488 PTO conversion

    you will need the top shaft, idler shaft, bottom shaft, 2 gears, a spacer, 2 thrust washers, three roller bearings(2 for in the idler gear), a bottom bearing, a couple of snap rings , and a rear plate, along with the usual gaskets and seal kit. than just install parts like you would during a complete pto overhaul
  15. 986 hydro failure

    Just walk to the back of the tractor turn on the pto if that works it is not the ipto drive line. the pto is not affected by the rest of the hydraulic system .if there is still oil in the rear end,.
  16. 38" Wedge-locks with 5/8 bolts to rim clamps.

    somebody use clamps from a 656-686?
  17. Enduro Series XT3

    The only failure we have had on those transmissions is a customer ran one off a curb onto something and punched a hole in the case. As far as the excuse you got it was just an excuse not a good reason for the delay. I would really be interested in the root cause of the failure unusual things do happen and which bearing actually failed.
  18. 1206 prices??!!

    Getting back to the original thread keep in mind the price on tractor house is the asking price not the selling price the 1206s are up in value but there are plenty selling for 25-50 % more than a compareable 806 or 856 . There is a certain following out there that will put enormous money in a paint job new tires on it call it all restored and ask for the moon

    The Roger Erickson who did the Lutefisk Lament passed away Monday at the age of 89 he was a legend on MN radio a lot of cows got milked to the sound of his and Charlie Boones early morning program on WCCO radio
  20. 560 Diesel power

    Did you put a timing window on it and check for proper advance and no advance at cranking speed?
  21. What I've been doing today

    How can you put a leech system in front of an overhead door?
  22. D239 tough engine

    I bet the oil pressure came up really fast and the valves had plenty of oil.
  23. Chisel Plow Question

    They are 2 different models but are nearly identical the 55 was the earlier series both were available in high clearance models the high clear ones seam to hop the worst in my opinion. How fast are you pulling it? its mostly a matter of slowing down . straight points would also help but you sacrifice coverage. The ground pressure is overpowering the springs that causes the springs to rebound and the points dig in again. hence the hopping. I was never impressed with the one I used in heavy soil in sandy soil it worked fine.
  24. our IH CO8190 fire truck with a FTV-549 would do that when really pumping hard at a fire sometimes would make you wonder if it would hold up torched a couple of intakes at the heat riser but don't remember replacing the exhaust manifolds .