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  1. Steering help 1600 loadstar

    did you try a International dealer or just a heavy duty truck shop what is the part number of the piece you need? those medium duty parts are a whole different game than hd duty truck stuff.
  2. 806 Hyd Pump Options

    I really do not think you would find much difference in operation between 15 and 17 gpm how long does it take to cycle your loader? if its 30 seconds 10 % more capacity gpms would at the most give you 10 percent faster or about 3 seconds plus you will run your oil a little warmer ALL the time. On an 806 it would give you more time to find reverse. I had an 806 gas w 2350 loader for about 10 years lifted good but had to rebuild the shift linkage ever year or two .This was way before aftermarket rebuilt covers with chrome moly bushings were available. i
  3. 300U Engine Question

    Right now overhaul kits for the 300/350 are in very tight supply they can be found but are a little expensive
  4. tricycle front axle

    On the deflector notch to the bottom so dirt can fall out.
  5. Not near as many comments about IH hacking a big old hole in the hood to hang that big old Donaldson precleaner on the turboed 56 and 06 tractors. They knew the intake system was border line back then. There was an article in REDPOWER years back about daily cleaning the air filters on the experimental 1206s written by a former Hinsdale employee. IH tried to correct it on the 66 series with bigger diameter filters and they tried 2 different brands of filter housings. IF you do not have dusty conditions you probably would not gain much but in real dusty work its either that or put wing nuts on the hood bolts.
  6. Yes I remember the little baffles I think I still have an update kit in the parts bins from a dealer we bought out all the parts from in the 80s when they closed more than likely Devils Lake.
  7. roosa master 1968 856

    Stuck plungers is becoming way to common ,in AMBAC pumps I am seeing stuck metering sleeves
  8. They do a lot to extend filter life I had a customer who would operate in what I will admit is extremely dusty condition and his 1466 would be smoking excessively in 2 days if he did not clean the air filter afterwards he could go about a week. It saved him a lot of money and I believe wear on the engine. The baffle is really effective for a lot of operations but I would install one right away if I was operating in tough conditions it may not look original but they work . It only took IH another 7 years or so to make an aspirated air cleaner optional much less standard equip. They sold a lot of extra filters in that time. Depending on your use you may not see much difference but it will do more for the tractor than a chrome stack will.
  9. Information on 2500A Loader backhoe

    In the IH world the 674 4 cylinder is called the D239 3.9 may be the approximate displacement IH had several 4 and 6 cylinder engines that qualify for that 3.9 name it may screw you up when looking for parts.
  10. Asian Carp

    they closed off the locks at Minneapolis because we are blessed with them in MN a few companies barge loading -unloading setups suddenly became useless
  11. Information on 2500A Loader backhoe

    If there is a 674 lurking in there its got a syncro mesh transmission not a hydro the hydraulic system would get the oil put in by a plug on the rockshaft housing behind the seat
  12. Opinions on cut out relays

    My experience is most Hs and Ms etc have the original cut outs on them if they are still 6V AN THEY STILL WORK I probably haven't seen more than very few tractors newer than that up threw the 60 series with the original voltage regulator and I have been fixing mostly IHs since the60s When the 06s came out they started to use a different regulator which was much better. If you clean up ALL the grounds those cut outs and switches are relatively trouble free the generators are what cause most of the problems and a lot of that is overtightening the belts or never oiling the bushing or a combination of both.
  13. cost of hauling milk grassland again!

    A lot of nice looking rigs around here but I would bet they average close to 10 years old most are very well maintained you VERY seldom see one on a hook and with 4 plants within 20 miles you see a lot of them running every which way.
  14. Need Water Pump D 30 with 232 Green Diamond

    Do you actually have a grd engine ? My D series has an hd engine in it which I believe is original and the water pumps are different between the GRD and HD engines I have laying around
  15. What is this for

    454/464 yes not the 484 that has the squared off front end and uses the same bracket as the big row crops
  16. Ih problems

    Its more than likely an early 2400
  17. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    Now you have learned on of our trade secrets.
  18. Ih problems

    If you look very closely where the loader subframe ends it looks like spark plug wires to me.
  19. Ih problems

    As it has a gas engine look for a a stamp on the crankcase that says on of the following c157 which equals a 454 ag - 2400 industrial, c175 equals a 464 ag a later 2400 industrial, C200 equals a574 or 2500 series industrial- there is also a tag on the bell housing that lists the transmission skid unit but I do not have the chart to use that information
  20. Their aim was off

    I will bet there is an interesting story to why he was picked and why he had a large weapon handy. But I haven't found it yet.
  21. 86 monitors

    I bet its kinda fun to have a little copilot around we were never lucky enough enjoy it while you can.
  22. Ih problems

    What does't look like the 2400 series? The bare tractor would be what you look at . engine size is about the only way you can tell the 2400 from the 2500. Grille looks European may be? don't go by the loader that looks like a 2050 loader to me
  23. Replacing a broken rear wheel clamp bolt

    You may be surprised but usually those studs are fairly loose in the clamp you may be able to get it out with a left hand drill bit or a regular bit and an easy out .Many time a customer has brought me a clamp thinking they will be buying a different one and I could screw the piece out with just the pressure from my fingers on the ends or just drilling and using a 5/16 easy out. Of course there is always the chance it will be a real stinker. judging from the picture I would try a small long nose visegrips go in from the side and try to turn the broken stud out darn good chance it will work. If that doesn't work I would go to the drill and an easy out . If that doesn't work take the other stud out cut off the broken stud with a torch remove the clamp and work on it in a vise. It usually a pretty easy fix. I have removed many many of them over the years for customers.
  24. spent a lot of time servicing those vera lifts 28' is probably all I would want with out outriggers or a vey much heavier truck.