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  1. Wish I had the time for a truck like that being RD parts are getting tougher to locate I wonder how a DT360 or a DT-466 would fit in there. Diamond T also offered that cab in Fiberglass I am thinking they also offered the RD450 engine. Doctor Evil you are correct in they road rough your bouncing around ahead of the front axle.
  2. You should at least require a certificate of insurance from the contractor its just a standard part of doing business agents have to issue them all the time.
  3. Thanks I was not aware of that.
  4. when did they quit using a gasket between rear end housing and axle carrier?
  5. A 1086 is easier than a 1066, quick coupler on the ac and all the connections are right in front of the cab ,cab support is easier to get off . Good luck The hollow shaft runs any thing that stays running when you push the clutch in, Split tractor replace clutch ,pressure plate assy, related bearings and seals,and almost certainly a flywheel regrind, then reassemble, we figure a good days work, if you can stay at it. The flywheel regrind usually holds up the show.
  6. When I was a new first responder 32 years ago , a veteran responder almost ready to retire said you really never forget most of them ,they do get more routine but they still have an effect on you . Now I am close to retiring and am watching new members have to adjust to the realities of the calls. It seems worse when you are in a really small town where many of the patients are your friend
  7. Sorry but by the time I finnish my beer , get my splitting carts loaded up, and drive out there it would be time to be at work again, Its about 1260 miles to MT Joy, so that would make it roughly 1000 to you, Besides I have a funeral to attend Monday . EXCUSES,EXCUSES,EXCUSES..........
  8. what part of Pa you In ?
  9. The second tank was an option of all the 350 U around here I know of one with the tank option,
  10. Probably one of the most common failures on IH tractors and not that hard to fix
  11. x2 A little blood smeared around can look pretty tough. Many times its the people hurt but farther down the triage that make the most noise mostly because they are conscious and can still feel the pain. but You have to sometimes put that in the back of your mind on the back burner
  12. x2 my wife better hide the check book.
  13. Is it timed correctly and does the advance work like it should?.
  14. Usually the inner axle bearing we try to replace them with roller bearings.
  15. 3688 factory MFD did not need a wet bolster.