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  1. Pole barn header

    I have 20' doors on eave and gable side if my building. If they can span that with a header I would think they could spam a 20' opening on an open front building.
  2. President Trump visiting ND tommorrow

    I'm surprised your sister in IA City is still Republican. That appears to be an island of liberal wackos in the sea of reality.
  3. Lift Assist Spring for wide frame

    I have front mounted blade that for my 682. This weekend while at a show I picked up a lift assist spring for it. I've never actually looked at one mounted. Does anyone have any pictures or maybe could give me a description of how it mounts under the tractor? Thanks in advance.
  4. Lift Assist Spring for wide frame

    Thanks Doc. Evil that helps. I have the brackets for each end and the curved linkage but was sure how the front bracket mounted.
  5. Lift Assist Spring for wide frame

    I have an operators manual and it lists the helper spring in optional equipment but doesn't show any pictures or tell how to mount. I'm thinking it mounts on the right side under the seat but I'm just not sure the correct way to mount the bracket on the end of the linkage to the lift handle. Thanks again.
  6. Last known IH 140 tractor Ser# 66896 Home in NC

    Very cool. It's amazing to me how long the design of the A survived with minimal changes.
  7. Plow id

    To quote Randy Sohn..."Concur". That is a 412.
  8. Poetic Justice Finally

    I think you are missing my point Old Tanker. I don't mind people bashing IH. I agree that IH management made many dumb mistakes which contributed to their downfall. The point is that this was just a lighthearted post pointing out that he thought it was funny that the CIH dealer was in the old JD building. You came on acting superior and criticizing that post. You and I have now managed to ruin what started out as a light hearted fun post.
  9. Poetic Justice Finally

    Phelps does have a location in Greene. Grundy Center, Hubbard, Hampton, and Greene. I can't remember the name of the dealership that was in this building. Greene didn't have a JD dealer for many years and then Phelps bought the welding shop and opened a location. Old Tanker you can say what ever you want but I still think you are a Jack A**.
  10. Poetic Justice Finally

    It's McRoberts RedPower. Was McRoberts Imp. for many years and John sold out to Red Power who has many dealerships in northern IA . This is the dealership I have been going to all my life but most of that time was at their old location just down the road on Hwy. 14. And Old Tanker why are you such a Jack A**. Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut rather than criticize everything people post.
  11. fastenal question

    I understand your frustration. But how can you afford to keep the doors open selling 6 bolts at a time? We had an awesome local hardware store but when they quit no one will buy the business? Who can make a living selling 6 bolts start time.
  12. Anyone else remember Les.??

    Forgot to mention that I bought a pair of front wheel weights for my 340 on his estate sale.
  13. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    I have a 710 3x18 that I play with occasionally. I have had no problem with plugging in 30" row 200 bu. corn but I think the 2208 corn head does a good job of chewing up stalks.
  14. Anyone else remember Les.??

    Les Mohei. I'm probably not spelling that right...pronounced mo-e. He overhauled my H and my Dad's 560 when I was just a little kid, probably 30 years ago. There used to be a lot of "Les Did It" stickers around here. Les was a little crude...not sure I would want a sticker with my name on some of the things he did.
  15. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    How can you contribute the yield difference to no-till? Wouldn't the sandy soil yield less in a drought due to moisture availability? I agree about maybe not plowing sandy loam. Sandy ground plowed around here would have terrible wind erosion in the winter.
  16. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    What's a plow?😁 I can't think of anyone who has used one for 20+ years except for a plow day.
  17. Brand new IH 656 on the set of MayberryRFD

    I would say not a 72 as my 72 has 2 square flashers and the 66 series style hydraulic couplers.
  18. Roundup on tree stump

    At least roundup will kill trees...sure won't kill water hemp.
  19. Longhorns

    Taverns? Must be a NW IA term. Never heard them called that until I worked with a lady from Ida Grove I believe.
  20. I am not a violent person but...

    I complain to my wife about being on Facebook...and she tells me this Facebook for nerds. I agree about the horizontal filters. To me a little common sense should be used for something that will need to be changed many times over the life of the vehicle.
  21. Waterhemp pic, any growth guesses,UPDATE

    Agree with Jerry...kill it! Water hemp is a huge problem around here and Roundup rarely kills it anymore.
  22. 810 pickup head belt?

    Just last night I saw an 810 5 belt head on SW Minnesota Craigslist that appeared to be very good.

    Thanks for the pictures. My son and I went to a Packers game last winter and stayed in Oshkosh. I'd love to go back sometime and spend more time in the area. After the game I took Hwy. 32 south of Green Bay and noticed some really large dairies in the area.
  24. No. 10 drill seed tubes

    My Dad has a No. 10 10' drill that didn't have seed tubes when he bought it. He put seed tubes on it but am not sure how you keep the bottom of the tube in the boot. I don't see anything to fasten them listed in the parts book. Can anyone tell me how the tubes are supposed to stay in place or does anyone have any pictures? Thanks in advance.
  25. Soybean ?

    We don't do it for rocks. But it levels the field and breaks up the root balls and makes them easier to combine. This is in no till beans.