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  1. Happy Birthday ,IH forever,Mr. Brookville.

    Thank you. 43 isn't as fun as 23 was.
  2. Old ihc pictures

    Neat pictures. That 500 8 row planter would have been a heavy beast. Dad had a 500 8 x 36 vertical fold planter but it had rear assist wheels.
  3. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Looks awesome. What brand of locomotive did you start with on the customization? I used Athern and Atlas but that was years ago, don't even know what brands are still around. Someday I hope to have a place for my BN and SOO Line HO layout again.
  4. 5488 interior color choices

    What does "hogged up" mean?
  5. Propane torpedo heater

    I have an LB White propane heater. It is loud, but only slightly louder than a kerosene model.
  6. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    Yes, stake it on the ends, only the end you are pulling away from is tight I believe. Most had to roll the wire up by hand I think. I have a front mount planter for C/ SC/200 and have a wire winder that goes on the PTO. So there were options to roll the wire. When I worked in soybean research for Pioneer we still used the same concept and wire to keep the alley ways straight between the blocks.
  7. Terrible day! Pictures!

    Congrats to your SIL. I’ve never won anything in those raffles either...glad to hear they don’t just keep the money and the tractor.😀
  8. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    Dad always said with the check row corn it would drop 4 every 40. So essentially you had 40" rows going perpendicular to each other. This allowed cultivating in multiple directions prior to having herbicides for weed control.
  9. IH mounted cultivator id help

    461 I'm pretty sure
  10. Dad passed away

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve enjoyed your stories over the years about your Dad.
  11. Electronic ignition - wow!

    I put a Pertonix electronic ignition and coil on my 340. It would crank but would not fire until I took my finger off the starter button. I ended up going back to points. Any ideas what would cause this?
  12. What I've been doing today

    Are you spreading gravel on roads this time of year Pete? Around here most gets done in the spring so it gets packed down and doesn't all end up in the ditch when plowing snow.
  13. Tractor Model Question

    340 would be fine for what you are looking to do. Most of the points made against it will have little affect on what the poster will use it for. But my only complaint about the F340 is ease of getting off and on. As I get older I like that less and less.
  14. Letter Series Styling Upgrade?

    Speaking of a #8 Dr. Evil. When I was 8 my Grandpa moved to town and was going to sell his '41 H. I asked if I could buy it but told him I didn't have much money. He sold it to me for $200 and threw in the #8 2x16 plow. I plowed a couple acres of stalks with it an had to stop and unplug it many times each round. Told Grandpa if I had to plow an entire farm that way I would have sold it and moved to town.
  15. Hired Grain Haulers

    This is off topic but reminded me of my '72 656 diesel. It has the factory ether with push button under the steering wheel like other 66 series. It doesn't appear that it has ever had a can of ether on it but I've always thought that was a dangerous decision by IH to put ether on an engine with glow plugs.
  16. For you old gleaner fans

    My Dad's first combine was an F with a GM gas engine. He did a lot of acres with that machine. He later moved to an M2 and then an R60 before moving to a CaseIH machine.
  17. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Congratulations! No mullet? I think I had one in '87.
  18. Fall '81 Parts & Accessories

    I have a few different parts and accessory catalogs. I enjoy looking at those even more than my buyers guides.
  19. Pasture burning

    Could you just burn off the entire pasture? To me that seems better than burning a windrow.
  20. 240 - Large or Small point

    I have a 209A 2x14 fast hitch plow. It is a really light plow but has large points. I was looking at it today to see what wear parts need to be replaced and was thinking about what tractors this might have been intended for. This got me thinking, did the 240 have a large point fast hitch? How about the 404? I assume it is large point?
  21. Who Still has Silos Around the Yard.

    There is still a 20'x60' cement stave silo on my parents place that my Grandpa built when he and Dad milked. The roof blew off in a storm a few years ago. Hasn't been used in close to 40 years, really should be torn down.
  22. 240 - Large or Small point

    In the past when I've asked about the 240 I've gotten conflicting answers too. I find it hard to believe IH would have made it with both but maybe they switch during production? My Dad has a 200 and I used to own a 230 and they both were small point. There were never any 404's in my area that I know of. My Grandpa had an International 504 with fast hitch and I've seen Famalls with it too so I assumed 404's could be ordered with it. But I looked at my 1964 Buyer's Guide and it does not mention fast hitch but does mention it as an option for 504.
  23. Pole barn header

    I have 20' doors on eave and gable side if my building. If they can span that with a header I would think they could spam a 20' opening on an open front building.
  24. President Trump visiting ND tommorrow

    I'm surprised your sister in IA City is still Republican. That appears to be an island of liberal wackos in the sea of reality.
  25. Lift Assist Spring for wide frame

    I have front mounted blade that for my 682. This weekend while at a show I picked up a lift assist spring for it. I've never actually looked at one mounted. Does anyone have any pictures or maybe could give me a description of how it mounts under the tractor? Thanks in advance.