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  1. Last narrow front IH?

    Seed corn is picked on the ear at high moisture to prevent damage in handling. It's dried on the ear and then shelled.No one around here has used a Uni for a long time. Yes, amazing to see a seed operation. I got to see on while they were processing, was neat to learn all that.Most of the Uni's left here are grey 800's, I suppose they keep them going because they are easier and small to get around on our roads here than the newer Byrons. Here most of the Unis were replaced with Byron pickers. The Byron's have mostly been replaced with Pixall or Oxbo now. Byron and Pixall brands are owned by Oxbo, all the new pickers are yellow and called Oxbo.
  2. Last narrow front IH?

    Seed corn is picked on the ear at high moisture to prevent damage in handling. It's dried on the ear and then shelled.No one around here has used a Uni for a long time.
  3. 2016 corn prices

    If your talking about a typical grain elevator I find it hard to believe they are making big money on grain. They buy grain from the farmer and sell to an end user who's prices are also based off of the CME. The elevator tries to make a little on basis.In my area so much grain goes directly to the end user the elevators have to be operating on thin margins just to compete. With oil prices as low as they are I wonder how profitable ethanol is. I saw at the local Kwik Trip E85 is higher than the 10% ethanol blend.
  4. Farmall 340

    because they are very slow in reverse. i would hate to have to plow a long driveway with a back blade on a 340.they are a handy little tractor otherwise. I have a No. 20 loader for my 340 that I picked up on an estate sale. I moved snow with it once. Takes for ever to back up.
  5. mid mounted sickle mower

    Yes. The 110 mid mount could be mounted on many tractors including the 504 Farmall. I have one on my H.
  6. Farmall 230

    I used to own a '57 230 that had the touch contro like a super C or 200. I've often wondered if that was an option or why most don't have it.
  7. front wheel weights

    I have a couple pair for my 340 that have only 1 notch for the valve stem. I believe they are 370685R1 and fit the 15" rims fine.
  8. Dealership Decals

    It's probably like a lot of things- some dealers likely kept using up old stock long after the dealer decals officially changed. I think the rectangular blue/yellow dealer decals were used through the sixties and maybe early 70s when IH last tweaked the logo and came out with the tall pylon sign for the dealers. Ingersoll's, at Cresco, had a similar design with red, silver and black sections. In the 70s and 80s there was a fairly popular decal that featured that pylon on the left and the dealer name, location and contact info to the right, all on a white background. Balik Impl at Spillville used a diamond ring design that said "IH- the jewel of the industry"- I've seen that on original 56s and 66s in the past That is good point. I'm sure they didn't throw away inventory when they could order a new style so there was probably a lot of overlap. I remember the white decal with the IH pylon sign on the left side from the early eighties as a kid. My Dad's 1066 has one but I don't remember what dealership the decal says. It also has a decal from McRobert's Implement in Greene where he bought it used. But theirs is a generic decal that they must have printed on their own.
  9. Dealership Decals

    Maple Hunter has 3 versions available. I've wondered before what time frame each was used. I have a 211 plow that was purchased new with a '59 340 and it has a decal with a blue triangle at the top and a yellow bar on the bottom. Similar to what R190 describes.
  10. Milk Scare Meme

    Did you notice they said it was ok to drink homemade hemp milk? What the heck is that? Something you make from your left over pot? My cousins wife is an unrealistic health nut and makes her kids drink almond milk. Nasty stuff. If it doesn't have tits you shouldn't get milk from it.
  11. Hydro oil heater

    I'm thinking about adding a hydro oil heater to my 656. The parts book shows a bottom cover, 396035R2, and a gasket, 396036R2. Can anyone tell me where the gasket and cover go and if they are needed? My understanding is that the heater threads in in place of the drain plug. Thanks.
  12. #70 wagon gear sales literature

    I don't know of a date of the change but know the decals changed. I have a 100 running gear that has IH McCormick decal and a red tongue. My Dad has a 100 running gear I assume is newer and has IH International decal and a white tongue.
  13. The History of the Ice Cube

    Cedar Falls IA has the ice house museum. It is a large round building on the bank of the Cedar River. Pretty interesting to see the history of how they harvested ice.
  14. Farmall 656D - early vs late?

    That's right, my '72 does.
  15. Farmall 656D - early vs late?

    I have a '72 656, made at the start of 66 series production. It has has the same style hydraulic couplers as the 66 series and also has 2 square flashing lights versus 1 round. Other than that I'm not aware of any real updates.
  16. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Couldn't you just have used a twist in the belt to reverse the direction? I run my hammer mill 6 inch wide flat belt twisted all the time. Seems to me the old tractors and threshers did too. I was referring to a tube belt conveyor. Basically an auger but a belt in place of the flighting. Not belt driven.
  17. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    The son of the man who started the seed plant I work at had an old Willy's Jeep that had a trencher on it. I'm told he used it for years tiling and putting in water lines for people. The jeep is still around but the trencher is long gone. There was a 1:1 gear box used on the Jeep that reversed the direction of the 540 pto for the trencher. When I first started working here we filled some bins that the only way we could set up the belt conveyor was to move the PTO shaft to the opposite side. The gear box from the Jeep was then used to reverse the direction of the tractor's PTO so the belt traveled in the correct direction.
  18. Hello tractor IH guys !

    I just found the new site this morning. So this is my first post, I'm sure I'll learn a lot more as I play around with this.