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  1. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Ooooooo-wheeeeeeee, concur! Or, as we used to say - "NS,L" (No S--t, Lt)
  2. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Whoooo-wheeee! Bet it'll be astromomical! best, randy
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Copy-copy and "you bet'chum"! best, randy
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Copy-copy, with all that now I gotta know how much??????? best, randy
  5. A video for those people scared of heights

    Well, airplanes are a diiferent thing, there you're IN something, I guess. But climbing is a totally different thing, my dad used to say that I was "useless" when he'd want me to climb up the ladder with a 2x4 on our Chicago-Aermotor windmill to beat the ice off on a day with freezing rain or like that. I had to hold onto the ladder with both hands, scared! best, randy
  6. A video for those people scared of heights

    Chuckle, t'wasn't really a bad thunderstorm that caused the 580 to knock KELO over, Dan just meb'be wasn't really "payin' attention". I went down there to FSD the next morning to start the accident investigation and, like one guy said - "Holy crap, if they could'a built that tower again in less that a minute, he'd hit it AGAIN coming back". Anyhow, no one hurt, IIRC - fired Dan, Jim (the co-pilot) went on to a long career and I ferried that airplane back here the next day after they changed the engine and prop. best, randy
  7. Dad passed away

    Jere and G/S, ditto to all the above entries. best, randy
  8. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Chuckle, reminded me about something that I'd seen many times when flying the Amsterdam, Holland flights, windmills. best, randy
  9. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Gosh, thanks, answered that question of mine after all the years that've gone by since I wondered about it! best, randy
  10. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Don't recall the guys saying that in our old neighborhood but I sure do recall sailboat guys using that terminology re the sails - "Furl the sheets". And recall my dad sending me with a 2x4 up the windmill's ladder on that galvanized iron ladder to beat the ice off the blades after an ice storm! I had to hold on with two hands when I got up there and my dad just sez - "You're useless". best, randy
  11. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Unh, I would'da sworn he said "crank" mechanism. best, randy
  12. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Yup, ours was very similar, tho it was an over-center mechanism/cable going up there that enabled you to pull the tail vane around 90 degrees to the wind and stop the windmill/cranking. best, randy
  13. Aermotor windmill advice please

    The Chicago-Aermotor windmill on our farm in SW Minnesota was always faihtful, the only question that I've ever had now many years later is - did we ever have to pull that windvane to OFF to cause it quit it's pumping during extremely high winds? best, randy

    Chuckle, would be - if it were true! It's a rather commonlly held opinion/belief, but it's pure BS! best, randyt
  15. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Was hoping that someone would post that Gordon Lightfoot song about that deal. Thanks again! BTW also, had always heard that the storm's vaves battered the cargo openings/doors. best, randy
  16. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    Concur. (Head shakin' mode here!) best, randy
  17. The most exciting rows!

    Can still recall about "life on the farm" when everybody's intent/hope was to "be finished with picking corn" by noon on Thanksgiving. Corn picked by hand in those days. best, randy
  18. In happy news

    X5! best, randy
  19. Time change

    Thinking that you're aviation type, wonder'n if you've been into Newfoundland, we used to go into Stephenville (Harmon) and St. John's (Pepperill) and the "Goofy Newfy's" time, half hour. best, randy
  20. Peanuts, Filberts, and other stuff....

    Yup, you brought back some old memories of them describing the Depression era times, recall her identical description. BTW, "one more nut" - Filberts? best, randy
  21. Peanuts, Filberts, and other stuff....

    Same for us at Christmas. You made me recall tho on the airline when a couple of us were sent down to Bolivia to train the Lloyd Aereo Boliviano DC-6 pilots. Remembering that at several airports in the NE portion of the country where we'd load the cargo compartments full of Brazil nuts and haul them away to be shipped to the US. Thinking now about your mention of another name, hadn't thought of it for years and years now, "_ - - - - - toes"? best, randy

    Good old Clintonville where it all started for us North Central Airlines people as F.W.D. best, randy
  23. Peanuts, Filberts, and other stuff....

    Yup sure did! Was a standard practice to inject them for that. Didn't toss them by hand tho, some other way. I forget now exactly what the terminolgy was for doing that. Someone else on here may recall the term? best, randy
  24. Trip to the USA

    Chuckle, well, just as long as you're not from below sea level (I used to fly DC-10s into Schiphol at Amsterdam, still can visualize those diked fields we used to look at on the ground beneath us there). best, randy