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  1. Question for overseas folks on your metric sockets

    Yup, true, the P-51 Mustangs (Rolls-Royce V-1650 Merlin engine) came with a canvas tool kit that had BS wrenches. Packard built engines for them - but retained the stock design measurements. best, randy
  2. Farm Tool Trivia

    We had one in the barn's haymow. Done with your foot on a little side thingie/step that you'd step upon, not like the one in the photo. It used 3 or 4 blades off of a sicklebar. best, randy
  3. Red Tractors vs Green tractors

    Yes. (chuckle) best, randy
  4. Dad used to pull these out

    I simply dunno if it's the same thing or not but I do recall dad either doing something about or we had them or something similar, called them "grubs" in the steers'/cattles' hides. best, randy
  5. For the aviation guys-----

    Thanks for that, watched the Martin Marauder video (the "Baltimore Wh - - e", no visible means of support). We had a Martin in the CAF, flew it once, "Carolyn". best, randy
  6. Our future "leaders"????????????

    That would'a been when my chum from the CAF (Dudley Johnson from Rolling Fork, MS) son went to Ole Miss and played football. best, randy
  7. I'm gettin too old for this much excitement!!!

    Wow, it looked like it was taken from one of those drone things! best, randy
  8. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    Us MSP pilots used to have layovers in MEM on Republic Airlines, also used have a pilot crew base down there. Sure recall some great places to eat B-B-Q. best, randy
  9. Cub Cadet Mower Jack And John Deere Mower Incompatible

    Miss a lotta good stuff, did'ya say? <g> best, randy
  10. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    You or anyone on here ever watch those ducks waddle thru the Peabody's lobby? Was at Rol-Ang field in the mid sixties when "Buck "Rodgers/Dudley Johnston operated that crop dusting outift there with Stearmans and then Grumman Ag-Cats. Come to thimk of it, that was where I first flew a Bell P-63 "KingCobra", it was a Confederate Air Force bird. best, randy (Jerry was the funniest guy I've ever been around, a fertilzer salesman)
  11. Delta Dirt , Old Tanker

    And so I can tell that you know where my old chums were at Rolling Fork and Anguilla and Grenada and where Itta Bena is and I sure miss old Jerry Clower from Yazoo! best, randy
  12. Texas

    Concur! best, randy
  13. It Appears That The CAF Has Something New And Rare Flying

    Flew great, I always thought. IN fact, I always thought ii was slightly faster that a Mustang. Only problem was it didn't have any space for a passenger back there allthough Steve Wittman gave Dorothy (his wife) a ride once up there over the engine. Every one that I flew seemed to shake/shudder at lower RPMs after starting on account of that long extension driveshaft and reduction gearing that ran between your legs up to the propeller. Other than what you'd written, another big advantage was opening up all that space up front so they could install a cannon instead of machine guns to fire thru the prop hub. best, randy
  14. It Appears That The CAF Has Something New And Rare Flying

    Art, actually not really new, they've just been rebuilding it for a l-o-n-g time now. I used to fly it a lot when it was "Tumbleweed", if fact it was the first Bell KingCobra that I ever flew. Took it from RollAng Field in Rolling Fork/Anguilla, MS down to the the CAF's annual airshow at Harlingen when Buck Rodgers/Dudley Johnston owned it. Can still recall the advice that Dick Disney told me when he was checking me out in it, "Randy, DON'T force-land it, bail out instead, else they're gonna find 'Allison' stamped in reverse on your back after the wreck". best, randy
  15. Texas

    Art, great and thanks for the HRL weather stuff, been wondering! Lotta friends down there in the Valley from back when the CAF was still there. best, randy