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  1. Yup, first became aware of British Standard's when first around RR-Merlin engines and Spitfire and Hawker airplanes. besr, randy
  2. Yup, straight tails and V-tails. And yup, an ABS mass arrival for OSH. best, randy
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_index best, randy
  4. Same here, my dad watched me use both feet to push the F-20's clutch in and then said to me "Looks to me like you're gonna have to eat another hog before you can push that F-20's clutch in to drive it". best, randy
  5. Concur and IT ain't just a truism in agriculture! best, randy
  6. I've read all the replies on here and concur, sure do miss listening to him. Have to tell this one about him, he was a regular attendee at the EAA's annual big airshow at Oshkosh, Wisc. Standing next to him once at a urinal, sez "Hi" and he shakes it off when done and then sez - "Well, I guess now you know the rest of the story". (Chuckle) best, randy
  7. Chuckle, looks'ta me like you're just digging a deeper hole, chum! best, randy
  8. Chuckle - "spring chicken". best, randy
  9. Well no, not 'zactly - so why don't you just kinda tell tell us? Lawyers would prolly like to know! best, randy
  10. Yup, that's where Dan Blocker (Hoss Cartwright) was from. And where our Beechcraft Staggerwing had previously been owned by the Muleshoe Lumber Co. best, randy
  11. Dickinson Co. Iowa. "Kit" & "Colonel" - Belgians, sorrells and "Jack" & "Jennie" - mules. LOTTA typing for the stories, gonna take a long time. best, randy
  12. Ah-so, copy-copy. Guess that I just don't know, either. So let's hope like you'd said that someone will come along here to add some comments/knowledge. After 1948 we no longer put up oats in bundles for the threshing? thrashing? machine, dad and my uncle bought a IH-62 combine with that Continental engine. best, randy
  13. Yup, understand - but what's that got to do with whether the bull wheel still turned? best, randy
  14. Gotta wonder why when it all ran just fine off of the "bull-wheel"? best, randy
  15. Yup, gazed at all those photos and made me recall "old times" on the farm! All your's are so and the team of horses was driven/controlled by leather reins by the man sitting on the binder's seat. That "knotter" (binder) used to tie the twine around the bale was truly a work of art! When converted to tractors, used to make/install a long set of steering rods and knuckle joints from that binder's seat up to the F-20's steering wheel. And a rope up to the F-20's clutch. best, randy