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  1. Sure, a 54, one piece windshield and that different grill from the earlier 47s thru 53s. best, randy
  2. Gramp's DC4 would be the posessive. best, randy
  3. Try'n to think, if this is wrong, someone on here sure can say so. Anyhow, same as the B, isn't it? And meb'be the same as the cowling on the model 62 combine's engine cover? best, randy
  4. Art, just a thought here but you might wanna 'splain to some of the denizens of the Farmall Forum here what a FM road is, I know that being from IA/MN I sure didn't know the first time I saw it on a road sign leading up to the old Confederate Air Force hangars at Rebel Field near Mercedes, TX. best, randy
  5. Waylon Jennings told me that one a l-o-n-g time ago back when I was at Reese AFB in Lubbock, Texas. (The "south plains", Lubbock, Leveland, Littlefield, etc.) best, randy
  6. Supper? best, randy
  7. Wow! i never knew till I looked at that photo that Missouri had mountain sides like that. <g> best, randy
  8. Chuckle, grew up in Iowa/SW Minnesota, then went off to the USAF and west Texas. Said the same thing out there - "if you don't like the WX, then hang around a couple of days until it changes". Or "nuth'n but a barb wire fence between here and the north pole and it's down half the time". But the same thing here south of Minneapolis-St. Paul. best, randy
  9. Just now looked at that site on here, guess you can forget that hope. best, randy
  10. Concur 100%! When I was doing my first Stearman I was working inside an old school building and it started to rain outside. Stits covering manual said "do not spray in the rain". So I didn't! Couple days later, still raining, impatient! So I phoned Ray Stits out in California. Told Ray what was happening and he sez - "Randy, didn't you say that you're inside a building?" I said "Yessir, I sure am". He sez "Cripes, I said not to spray IN the rain like some crop-duster guy would do out in the field!" "I'd ten times rather have some amateur preacher or schoolteacher or whatever do it the way I said in my manual rather than some know-it-all aircraft mechanic who's wanting to do it his way or going by some old OWT that he heard somewhere". So I went back to work, finished and worked fine. best, randy
  11. John , you share a name with one of my most respected friends, he was the captain on that 747 that had the lower rudder slam hard over when they were nearing Russia a few years ago, got it back to Anchorage with nobody hurt. Al interviewed him back then for WCCO radio and then did another last week. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/audio/world-of-aviation/ best, randy
  12. Concur!!!!!!! It all depends. Flown'em all, I guess. But never an R-1340 on a Stearman, only on the T-6s and Thrushes. I thought the Lyc (225s or 300s) was the smoothest (should be tho, 9 cylinders), my W-670 Continental is fine, but like's been said on here, only 75 knot cruise. Wish I had a -23 like my Cessna 190 had, C/S prop. R-985 is the best, in my book, dusting/spraying but both it and the R-1340 are noseheavy SOBs! (BS'd last night on the phone with a chum, Charlie Tilghman, who'd test flown "DOC" up in Wichita, Charlie's gonna check out some people for them this week now so they can take it out on tour this summer.) best, randy
  13. Here also! best, randy
  14. I really question that as being correct. But anyhow, I used intermediate weight/grade Stits on my Stearman, finer weave. best, randy
  15. Chuckle, back when it was in the wintertime we called it "Sneeze'n'freeze". best, randy