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  1. Same here, guess prolly tho is a by-gone era. best, randy
  2. Concur! best, randy
  3. http://gizmodo.com/texas-wants-you-to-hunt-feral-hogs-from-hot-air-balloon-1795543004 best, randy
  4. Wow, I hadn't thought or remembered that blue cylinder in years and years and how it almost totally obliterated the sound of the exhaust when liting the culivator on our little B. best, randy
  5. Head shakin' mode, counted close to 20 responses on here, most seem to be claiming to be smarter than the manufacturer's engineers. best, randy
  6. Yup, bygone era, same as the shuttles and such, I guess. Couldn't tell anything different inside the cockpit when you went thru/past Mach 1, except the airspeed gauge. best, randy
  7. More likely, baling wire. best, randy
  8. Chuckle, I now call it the "Communicative Air Force". best, randy (CAF #308)
  9. Sure can tell'ya why I can't hear too well anymore, too much time spent instructing in those B-25s at Lubbock (Reese). And the polished nosedome on the propeller - yeah, good way to be able to look and check the nosewheel's proper extension in the reflection. best, randy
  10. "Standby one". best, randy
  11. Concur! (Wish I knew how to put a photo on here). best, randy
  12. Same here with my 1955 FLH. best, randy
  13. Two animals that both left me with the distinct impression of - "well, it flies like it looks". That JU-52 and the Liberator. best, randy
  14. That photo above that N.E. sent of that aluminum wheel made me recall the one on the Junkers Tri-Motor (Iron Annie) that Marty Caidin checked me out in. Big old wheel mounted on the right side of the pilot's seat. best, randy
  15. Elevator trim tab. best, randy