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  1. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    You'betchum, didn't look before I sent it! best, randy
  2. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    Pretty sure that you're correct, all we heard in our DC-6B cockpits at LAB (Lloyd Aerio Boliviano was Spanish (Espanol). When North Central sent me down to Bolivia it was pretty much "sink or swim" into the cockpit ("cabina de commando" ?) and to this day I can't make heads or tails of conversing in Spanish but I when I get into a DC-6 I think in Spanish - "Tren arriba" y "potencia METO" y "luces alta". And I guess that Espanol is a Latin derivitive? Never got to that point, all I am is a high school grad. best, randy
  3. Excuse me pilots

    Can remember Frontier operating them in the mid-sixties. best, randy
  4. I dare you

    And just now read the news that someone dared someone else to pull the trigger - dead now! best, randy
  5. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    It was (heavy on the WAS). "Tiempo Volando" (time flies). best, randy
  6. Excuse me pilots

    Yup, "cumulus granite". best, randy
  7. Excuse me pilots

    T'wasn't any fun, but it reminded me of a strip I used to go into in Bolivia with DC-6Bs. best, randy
  8. A B-1B Video

    Chuckle, you noticed that too, didn't you? Concur. best, randy
  9. A B-1B Video

    Art, gonna try and send you a photo that I took of both Tibbetts up front in FIFI right after I'd requalified Paul II in her years ago. I told Paul IV - "Lordy, you look just like your granddad when he was your age". Paul IV is now flying the B-2 at Whiteman AFB now, I think he's a B/G. best, randy
  10. Excuse me pilots

    Um, yes, Alva did do that roll (for the Boeing Co. whiz-bangs watching on that yacht out there on the water). best, randy
  11. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    Chuckle, (as that Ukrainian said to me once) - "Ronday, of a certainty". best, randy
  12. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    Glad that you got around to mentioning the Christmas catalog, was thinking about mentioning it, then you did! best, randy
  13. Excuse me pilots

    Couple thoughts here about that 37. Looks'ta me more like about a rotation to 50 or 60 degrees, not 90. In the normal day to day operation, we rotated to about 18 degrees and then used that same angle for all the subsequent configuration changes we went thru after that until much later on the takeoff path when we accelerated to the normal 250 knots chimbout airspeed. On this one you'll note that the Boeing flight test crew DID NOT maintain that extreme angle, they only maintained it for a short time and then reduced the angle (looked ot me like to zero (hard to say for sure). Be very careful of viewing things thru the camera lens like this, leads to mis-info such as this! best, randy
  14. Punishment for hired man? Color choice.............

    Done both a lot, cum-see, cum-saw. Although actually, now that I give it some more thought, prolly prefer the hand clutch a bit more. best, randy
  15. Memphis Belle

    Took Bob's widow along once in the B-29 (FIFI) from Asheville to Charlotte or some airport back there in NC. best, randy