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  1. Electronic ignition - wow!

    Done my 656 too, with plug adapters, NGK plugs, L.P. intake (keeps the charge cool) that 656 will pull 70hp on the dyno. Most cool winter days after the ignition upgrade you need minimum choke or none.
  2. Spark plug Question

    Want a better plug? Step 1. Order plug adapters from REAM it is the 18mm to 14mm. Step 2. Call NGK tech line, give them the run down on the engine including the compression ratio. With the adapters it gives you the ability to run a more common 3/4" reach 14mm. They are very helpful on the racing and the odd ball stuff.
  3. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    Mike, Call my dad Ed he has one for sale all rebuilt 810-392-7123. Tell him your from the forum. Scott
  4. Lawn Mower Recommendation

    Went from a JD318 with 1200 hrs it was a 1991 so 50" deck with a blade too. Took a while but got 2K for it, replaced it with a 60" commercial Bad boy, Kawaski powered and upgraded to a better suspension seat. 240hrs it's been great, saves fuel, time, way more power and comfortable! My 64 year old mom likes it too, since it is her place she does most of the cutting since I don't live there any more.
  5. Tony, Here is a 291 piston I am doing because I am sick of the old technology and junk out of China. For a little more money you can just go custom and use the latest ring technology this one has LSX rings. I have a copy of solid works so I did the solid model of just the dish myself and sent it to the piston manufacturer. I have done pulling engines in the past. Also a Ford engineer who does combustion chamber design gave me a few pointers. I am hoping end up with a engine that will last me the rest of my days, I'm 37 and don't use my 656 every day and also hope to be able to roll the engine over using the fan blades by hand by the reduced friction in the rings. Scott
  6. Front mount snow plow

    Al, It's steel tubing and used to level out the brackets. Also my fabricator used what he had laying around for round stock. Like if it was attached to the truck, we believe that would be about that angle. Remember this is a minute mount/quick mount so things have to be some what similar angle wise if you want it to work like the factory intended for easy attachment. Scott
  7. Front mount snow plow

    2 reasons, one I only have single remotes on the 656. Second is this Fisher plow has electric over hydraulic and was all ready in great working order. This was bought in the city to clear a tool and die driveway and seen very little use.
  8. Front mount snow plow

    Al, Thanks for the compliments. I set out to have a blade that I did not have to modify brackets or use tractor hydraulics. I also did not want to twist my neck around using the old 3pt push blade. Here are the last 2 pics resized of just the frame. I wanted to make it easy to take on and off to and not to heavy. This tractor already had that drop bracket that we bolted to in the rear. In theory all the push force should be there. I don't think I would use this for moving dirt or rock but for snow it has held up just fine. Scott
  9. Front mount snow plow

  10. Front mount snow plow

    Hi Power of Red, Finally have the pics in my phone from a few weeks back when I removed the plow frame and also noticed BJ removed the pics limit so now I don't have to resize so much easier. Scott
  11. got to put some time on the 656

    Mine has 16.9 good year dyna torque radials and I think will run 28 mph at 2500 rpm. There is a larger capacity option hydraulic pump 17or 19 gpm, you can also raise the spool pressure with a spring change. Also there is a filter extension kit from Hy Capacity.
  12. What is the picture of that the second picture shows? Mains look like either a dry start or a little tight on clearance. Don't see a lot of debris maybe a little but not a lot. Can you post pictures of the rod bearings without the flash? Looking again rod bearing may have a uneven wear indicating taper on crank journal? These days if I bench build these, I will flip the engine upside down while on the stand, pull the oil pump gear off, reinstall pump then prime pump with 1/4" ratchet while a helper pours oil in the oil pick up. Make sure you turn engine over 1/4 turn at a time to make certain all rods have oil. Then carefully pull pump back off reinstall gear and pin I use a locktite product for extra security for both pin and gear. Then reinstall pump making sure shaft is clocked properly. Then pan and gasket, then flip engine over. This will eliminate any chance of dry start and should be the last step before removing from engine stand. For in frame pump should be built with a assembly lube we use the red assembly with lots of tack so it will create a good suction to draw the oil up the pickup.
  13. Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    What about the Kobalt 24v brushless lithium ion? I wanted a 3/8 cordless for Christmas, dad bought me a off brand from Menards. It was to light for me I was looking about 80-100ft lbs, so that got returned. Then after researching the Kobalt is rated at 150 ft lbs. My 18v Dewalt is getting weak, so I upgraded for the 4 pc Kobalt with light, Sawzall, drill and 1/4 driver. I found a set on CL cheaper then Lowe's.
  14. I have nothing to add on how to fasten, I have 2 splits on my tractor. I decided to put one inside and one outside and bolted through. I will note that the split weights are heavier compared to the solid ones each half is 75 lbs each as compared to 125 for the solids. Scott
  15. Front mount snow plow

    It's pretty solid but still not crazy heavy 2x2 square I take it on and off between seasons. Basically the belly part is one piece and two verticals Bolt to the frame rails. I will take some pictures when I can.