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  1. MD sleeve question.

    Red Mecury, I am struggling with the last part of your post. If the head actually sits on the protrusion of the sleeve there would be a much tighter tolerance in the manual based on the total height variation that is .012+.006=.018, that could be the difference between breaking the sleeve off or seeping water. I downloaded the pic from kal and this is what I am going to conclude. The head gasket Fire Ring would need to sit on top of the sleeve shown in red. The Orange indicates clearence between the head and the projected sleeve which you don't have in the replacement sleeve. The .005 sleeve height will give the same effect as my V8 small block Ford that has a stainless wire in the block that protrudes. 002-.003. It just gives enough bite into the fire ring in the original head gasket for a better seal for NOS.
  2. Shop with a living quarters

    I know of a shop with a living area in the upstairs absolutely beautiful, idea was maybe a apartment for one of the kids? Insurance said no way, could have been due to the way it was constructed. It now sits vacant used for a break area or lounge.
  3. MD sleeve question.

    Your new sleeves do not have that protrusion part. I can't say that is really required as most modern stuff does not have that. Based on that your machine shop did is right, .005 is how much the flange sits proud according to the specs provided. I would say the theory in the original design was to locate the gasket and give the fire ring a barrier from combustion. For sure the head would not sit on that protrusion as the head gasket would not compress that much. So the barrier part maybe argued and the reason it was omitted from the replacement and all designs today.
  4. International 1066 Tractor rim Identification

    Once you pull your tire and tube if the rim is not to rusted on the inside there is a date stamp and size stamped near the middle. Most 1066's around this area came with 16.9x38 which would be 15x38 rim. Note this is a 1971 Rim and came off a 1066, the date is at the top of the pic and is hard to see.
  5. Heated shop condensation

    Same concept as parking a snow covered car in a heated two car garage in the evening. The next morning the car is partially dry, floor is wet windows are fogged. Solution? Open the door squigie the floor. Close the door back up. You can see the humidity percentage fall rapidly just with a fresh air exchange as mentioned earlier. Of course this is all based on not having a dehumidifier. That would solve the problem with one or multiples that can keep up.
  6. Finally got the JD 318 fixed

    We had a 91 put 1200 hrs on it, ran pretty good when sold around 2013. Sure like the Bad Boy zero turn Kawasaki powered better on fuel, wider cut and faster. Not knocking the 318 it is just simply technology and innovation. I would say for it's era the 318 was the best lawn tractor out.
  7. Hard starting gas 606

    All very good advise so far...just have to ask does the back firing happen in the intake or exhaust? Intake pop means it's lean, exhaust pop usually means rich. Exceptions are it can pop in exhaust could also be a ignition problem. Do you have a vacume gauge? First thing I thought of is a tight intake or exhaust valve lash or lobe damage. What plugs? I highly recommend adaptors with a 14mm automotive plug. Also what coil? Do you have 12v to the coil and is it the type that pertronix recommend? Scott
  8. Topic question

    Probably the Russian's hacking the server. Seriously I have been having issues too. I think it is a server issue due to high traffic or something like that. I try again later and all is fine. It has happened with multiple threads for me not just a single one.
  9. Funeral for my neighbor

    Wow great for father, son and neighbor! RIP to your neighbor!
  10. Clutch booster---TRACTOR RELATED!

    Yes Mike that is right E&S. Glad it worked out! Dad said you were able to get that fitting. Not sure if will make SD but appreciate the offer but certainly not necessary. Always glad to help a fellow RP enthusiast! Scott
  11. Lets see some steps

    Found the foot grip from a junk pile. Had neighbor water jet the vertical with the IH symbol and a slot for a belly bar for the fair. I just flip the step around and bolt a bracket to the other side when it goes to the annual tractor pull.
  12. Sleeve and block damage

    It will only confirm a surface crack. Pressurizing the cooling system would confirm if it's into water. But in some cases this can be inconclusive as some newer more elaborate pressure testers actually use hot water to simulate actual running engine tempetures.
  13. Sleeve and block damage

    You could always contact a local machine shop and borrow there magneflux tool. Then you would know for sure and how far it goes. We have had ours come out to the house before for a small charge to check the very same thing.
  14. No problem Dave! If I were to do it again I may try the 13003 as the ones I got are a bit big in diameter on the OD and fold over the shaft slightly. But seal and hold grease just fine, my concern was would .445 stretch out to .625 pin size, and after having done a set I'm certain they would with no issues.
  15. Just wanted to share a alternative with my red power friends of replacement dust boots. I have replacement boots from the tractor companies that sell them they are rubber. Even with light use they crack and brake down after only a year. After using Google to guide me I found Energy Suspension sells universal dust boots made of not rubber but polypolyurethane. So I upgraded on my 656 all inners and outters with 9.13119G which were $3.82 per pair from Summit racing. http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/universal-dust-boots.asp