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  1. your not far from some nice collections
  2. PM me I would to have a chance at it
  3. What does that require to fix. I cleaned it up and it appeared be coming out main seal
  4. Found the source. The front engine seal is leaking. Doesn't look to be too bad to fix
  5. Sorry no before pictures but it was the roughest one ive done
  6. The leak is pretty good. Soaks the front tires in a short while pretty steady drip
  7. anyone
  8. Just bought a 1948 farmall C. Didn't need it just liked it too much to leave it sit.Runs great but has an oil leak on front of engine but doesn't appear to be front engine seal.looks like its dripping between some plate on engine. My question is how hard are parts to get or is it not a worry. It has a 72 inch belly mower. Pictures will follow
  9. Thanks for the info. I will pass info on to the owner. Its getting picked up in the next day or so.
  10. To my knowledge it was on there. I didn't get a lot of info on the history only that it came out of an orange grove in florida. What do you see that you can tell it was from a 786. Im curious.
  11. This is a factory open station. no custom job. I just painted it
  12. Thought I would post a picture of the latest one.