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  1. I will remove the elbow and see if there is a check valve . Good to know.
  2. Both run great. Just noisy idling when hot. Both have great oil pressure at idle and opened up.
  3. Rotella T 15-40.
  4. I have a 966 and a 1466 that have a pecking noise in injection pump at idle after engine is hot. Is this something to be concerned about ? Anyone know what is causing the rattle ?
  5. Went with .025 on intake and exhaust valves and it is running fine now. Will see how it goes.
  6. What exactly do you mean by checking the valve timing so you know which way it should be?
  7. Well, I think we will go with .025 on intake and exhaust valves. I got no idea what camshaft is in this rascal. Got to geta replacement rocker arm. We'll see how it turns goes. Thanks to all you guys.
  8. There is no decal on valve cover. We have no idea if camshaft is the original or changed before when it was worked on before. It has had a couple rocker arms changed to updated ones at some time. So, what do you do on the valve lash setting?
  9. NY1468 or anyone, What is the valve lash for the valves and the torque setting for going over the head bolts?
  10. What is the correct adjustment for the valves and the torque setting for going over the head bolts?
  11. This was an old style rocker arm. What would cause this? Fatigue or something else need checking?
  12. Well, Sparky was right. It was a rocker arm. It was cracked and twisted sideways. Couldn't see it till tank and valve cover was completely off. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Sounds like we got some checking to do. Will let you know what we find. Thanks
  14. It smells more like used oil. The engine was supposed to have been rebuilt last year. If that is true it has had very few hours put on it since then. The guy he purchased it from said he paid over $6,000 for the rebuild.
  15. It's blowing lots of blackish oil out of the stack. Running 15-40 oil in it. Pulled turbo and getting it checked tomorrow.