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  1. Dad passed away

    Jere, I know exactly what you have been through, I went through 10 years of it with my dad and his 2 old maid sisters. He had a stroke 2 days before my 55th birthday and then 2 days after he went from the hospital into a nursing home as mom and I could no longer care for him any longer. The last year he didn't even know who I was and we had worked together my whole life. He has been gone 9 years this month, seems just like yesterday. It was a dry fall when he passed and I spent many days after his passing ripping ground, the solitude and peace and quiet were just what I needed.. How is your mom doing now, I know this has been extremely hard on her?
  2. DMC stirators

    If I had to dry corn with stirrators I'd commit sooey-pig!!! I have one in a 30' bin on a rented farm, i haven't used it for several years, I just let the corn on that farm field dry. The last time I worked on it, it made it around the bin twice and quit again, haven't touched it since. I have a Shivvers that all of my corn that needs drying goes through.
  3. D282 glow plugs...

    Old IH mechanic converted my 460 Diesel to Autolite 1111 several years ago, just replaced them back in the summer, takes about 20 sec. for it to start in warm temps.
  4. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    200+ bu. Corn is my favorite!
  5. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Happy anniversary Dan, will be 46 for us next month.
  6. Well... I did it again.

    My neighbor across the road from me had a 756, his wasn't in near that good a shape like yours, I drove his a few times bush hogging. As I remember you could pull the fuel stop knob out a little when cold starting and it made it start easier.
  7. Should I...

    Why not? Welcome back Panty Man!😁
  8. Congrats Robbie, sounds like y'all were made for each other!
  9. JD Humm ,how you doing ?

    I'd been wondering about you as well Jere, glad things have settled down some for you! How is mom doing health wise? Violet is now 10 and will be in 5th grade starting this week. I thought I'd try a pic under the new system, here is my '05 Pete. This is Violet standing on the landing of my combine last fall, she has grown nearly 6" since then, she is just a touch under 5' tall now!
  10. My Threshing Day

    Ralph, is the Cockshutt a 4 or 6 cylinder? I love to hear the whine!
  11. That looks like an alky burner.
  12. Grain Cart

    I had a J&M 525 for several years and traded it up to a 750, one good point on the J&M is the fact that you can wait until you are beside a semi or other truck to dump before you fold the auger out, that way you don't have to worry about hitting exhaust stacks on the truck.
  13. dekka batteries

    I had a set of 6 volts in my 460 Diesel that lasted 9 years, when they went bad I put one big 12 volt in it, also a Dekka and it is holding up well too.
  14. Planting progress

    I've been done with corn for 2 weeks now, most looks good except for the last field planted, a 125 ac. river bottom, may lose an acre or 2 out of it before it is over. I have 200 acres of beans drilled out of 600, worked one day last week and 1 1/2 days the week before. It rained 1.1" here on my farms Saturday night, 1.9" on some of my rented ground, it may be late Wed or even Thursday before I can go again.
  15. Roading a combine

    Definitely drive it!