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  1. Bad idea IH

    Double nut is so you can drive it into threaded plate. Once through threaded plate the cab can be set on and top nut put on. Once all asemble little to no chance anyrhing is coming loose. I dont use those light duty bolt on cab mounts anymore. I use the HD ones last longer and dont break the bolted ears Mike
  2. 5488 interior color choices

    Mike got burg, red, black, western, I always liked the western cause it was the fancy stuff. the red is RED mike
  3. 5488 series pto

    does the pto turn? is there rear hyds, 3 point go up and down? Mike
  4. Heated shop condensation

    As jerry said he has forced air heat. That type dries air out bad because its using inside air to burn. Trust put a 2nd dehumidifier in and u will be fine. My shops 10 years old and i wash inside always because i dont wnt mess outside. The other thing is in summer my shop is air conditioned and the dehumidifiers make it nicer then as the a/c dont have so much humidity to get rid of. Mike
  5. Propane torpedo heater

    I got a 360,000 btu propane torpedo heater. I use it to preheat incoming cold air for paint booth works really well without the fumes. I can paint at 60 degrees or crank it up and paint at 80 degrees. Then when done painting i crank it up to 85-90 degrees and close the doors paint cures great. I vote propane. Maybe not as convient like the others because they hold their own fuel tanks Mike
  6. Heated shop condensation

    I run 2 dehumidifiers. Remember with floor heat there is no forced dried out air. Also got to remember your heating a big rock and put cold water its lije making your own sona. Get a 2nd dehumidifier you will be fine. I dont think u can ever get to air tight when u have big roll up doors. They will let plenty air in. I heat with a instant variable boiler it intakes and exhaust outside Mike
  7. led lighyt question

    Yes they are having heat issues with the 24 watt. been said to drill holes in housing. Leds have to be able to dissipate off the base. in the shells they are way to hot. I dont sell those for that reason. Tell a guy to drill holes in his housing not going to get a positive response then they will fill with water and dirt Mike
  8. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    both packs got engaged at the same time because the test switches so fast fast. if 1 dont come out it dont care 2 is coming in. this happens under a load as well. Mike
  9. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    The rear end is not what gets messed up. Its the speed trans. that sees damage. Rear end cost around $10-$13,000 I update them to the magnum setup. Except for 5488 they just dont have diff probkems. Mike
  10. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    $6-$8000 depends on if it messes the input shaft up spring plates etc. Like the one above shaft I think will be ok but the spring plates are bad. Its a hard to get someone to fix it right when its working the way it is. Like I said guys have said been running that way for 5 years the next one it shows in 5 months. My luck sucks so I always have to go the extra mile if I dont and try to cut a corner I get screwed. Mike
  11. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    Sentry module is mou on left side of the console behind the door. were the fuse panel is. its a 4x6 aluminum block with 2 1x1 relays. make sure its there then follow wires and make sure its plugged in Mike
  12. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    Yes but this happens very fast. Especially if it does it at a faster speed. Also if u have never had it happen to u and all of a sudden it does it u really dont know whats going on. Dont think about things as fast. This is no diffferent than burning pto clutches out of the pto in the back. We all know how fast that happens. Mike
  13. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    I know you guys have seen a bunch of these pics from me. But here is another one. Just trying to let guys know this is ALL preventable!!! DONT RUN TEST HARNESSES AKA." bypass harness". I know there are guys out there saying "been running one for 5 years" aint never give me know trouble. The time will come. Out of the 12 trans i did last year 11 were because of test harnesses. The other one was the original pack stripping over because of the fine tooth clutches Ok of my soap box now. LOL!! Mike
  14. local 5488

    Open door between pedals. The sentry is mounted on left wall. Make sure its there and plugged in Mike
  15. local 5488

    Make sure sentry module is in it. I got another one in shop with burned up trans because of test harness. Just dont know when people will learn not to run these. Looks like nice tractor. Mike