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  1. 86-88 door seals

    pull the seals off best you can, soak it with a good brake clean let it sit. it will come right out. may have to apply second brake clean but works great. Us the BLACK weather strip adhesive when you go back on. Or buy the seals from me ours have the tape on them so no glueing Mike
  2. 5488 series pto

    pto is virtually the same as the other . While you have pto out make sure he arm coming from top cover did not get on the wrong side of arm coming from the bottom. it should be on the back of arm from the bottom Mike
  3. Need help with pph hydraulics on 3688

    take the 3rd arm cover off and someone raise the hitch while you look for excessive leakage. I know you aid you rebuilt it but maybe a seal got pinched or got away Mike
  4. IH 5288 question

    either call me or send me your email and I will email wiring you updates. also it could be the clutch switch not catching the reset. But start with wirng updates Mike
  5. Led's on steiger 4wd

    New parts menu comes down, bottom of list is led tractor lights Mike
  6. Led's on steiger 4wd

    Check my website out. Just did a couple 9100 series steigers and some stx 375's Mike
  7. 5488 hydraulic problem

    X4 these tractors are great tractors cheap horsepower comparatively. I can help you with what ever you need Mike
  8. Need help with pph hydraulics on 3688

    I would say a piece of metal or dirt in it. Mike
  9. Building a Sentry Module

    This statement is just simply not true.. No secrets here. Anyone that knows me knows that. I dont know the answers of the circuit boards. There are 3 in there 2 exposed and 1 that is encased in the black resin. 9 times out of 10 the problem is in exposed boards due to condensation, dirt, and heat. So they are fixed with new soldier, circuits or resistors. If the problem is in the resin board nothing we can do about it because you can't get that crap off. I dont do these here I have a company that does them for me. I'm not smart enough for that. I have asked them to build me new ones and they politely said no. It was nothing they could build. Honestly when it comes to the internal workings of this box I really dont understand it all myself. Guess that is why I havent responded to this post I really dont know what to add. That and I guess I'm kinda embarrassed that I don't know more. And I dont get to the redpower as much as I use to. Time just runs out on me. I've been watching this time to time I think its very interesting what he is doing. As Danny has said we have talked about doing this just time is not on my side to study it. The other thing that bothers me with something like this is. If I sell it to someone and it messes up and damages the trans then they will want me to pay for it. That is why these companies advertise "test" harnesses and not "bypass" harnesses. This way yea it works but if damage occurs and you contact them they say WELL you should not be running this its a "test" harness not a bypass. My 2 cents. If someone figures this out and makes a reliable unit that they will stand behind I will be their best customer. Mike
  10. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    He got the bezels $85, and the IH emblem $50. Screen is new at $300. SOOOO $300+$85+$50 = $435 Mike
  11. Looking for grille screen 88 series

    Yea but u got bezels and emblem to Mike
  12. 5288 seat

    Give me a call tomorrow 618 795 3950 Mike
  13. 7288 smokestack

    Yes sir
  14. 86 series tai light covers

    cant buy just the lense, heck cant buy the light any more. I have the LED version they are about $20 more then the incandescents were Mike
  15. Absolutely. Anything you need on an 86 I can help you with. If you some tech help along the way dont hesitate to call. As always that is FREE. Mike