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  1. because the cavity is filled completely with the black resin stuff you see on the back. If they are not fixable it is because the one board that is originally filled is bad Mike
  2. I rebuild them send it here and i will fix you up. Will also buy the extra cores Mike
  3. If it was the odd side or even side clutch packs. If it was thenodd side 1 and 5 gear would slip like 3 does. If it was the even pack 2 and 6 would slip like 4 does. Thats why i say synchro Mike
  4. Since it still pulls in 1&2, 5&6. that means the clutch packs are good. All odds share a pack and all evens share a pack. So to me you lost the 3-4 synchros. I ahve the kits here to rebuild the trans and master clutch. If you would be going to redpower I could bring it along. It would save you a boat load of shipping. Unless you have a U.S. shipping address. Mike
  5. He did to I had to get him a 2 step little ladder to get him in. But he slid right out. He said its just like jumping down out of my old 1586. I never had a father growing up this MAN has shown and taught me everything I know. He is the best dam father and grandfather a guy could have. When we got back from our drive before he got out I grabbed his hand and told him I now have a piece of you to last me forever. He said yes sir you sure do!! Mike
  6. Well the day has come. Our grandma and grandpa were proud and punch. You could not wipe the smile off grandpa's face. When we went for the ride he could not get over the horsepower. He got back and told granny (as he calls her) it sit my butt right back in the seat. These photos will be forever priceless and his smile made it worth every penny and hour we have in it Mike This photo of him reaching down to my son Owen and nephew Blaze brought a tear to my eye.
  7. This is why I preach it so much NOT to run these test harness or "bypass harness" as its being sold to the customer as. The customer has no idea the grenade the dealer or whoever has just sold them. Glenn its nice to see the line up of tractors that I send the parts to North Dakota for. You are great customer and appreciate all the business and the conversations. Mike
  8. HHAAHHA I finally figured out how to do this. WHOOPEEE!!!!!. I edited it a bit. Took a little bit to get Owen's car seat in the first time. Then I had to stop to check for big rocks stuck in tires. My 12 year old is videoing. I forgot to tell her to hold it side ways ah what the heck you get the point Mike
  9. No that is these are. The brake is bigger. Some of these trucks of this era on the fancy ones had chrome trimmed pedals
  10. Well John!! I dont understand how someone could afford to pay someone to do a job like this. at close to a 1000hrs of time x $65hr labor is $65,000 by itself LOL!!!
  11. We are in the 1000 hour range. I mean it was an everyhting gets touched job Mike
  12. We were actually going to redo it in black, but when we found the original paperwork in the glove box we went back to the original green color
  13. The bed was junk. cab corners replaced I had a set of NOS oem doors we used front fenders are original as well as the cab and floor plates. This truck died with a truck sprayer in it. My uncle use to spray it down with waste oil through a wagner gun in the spring. probably only thing that saved what was left Mike
  14. It came here in 2010. Just so happen to be mother's day. I overheard grandpa say he was taking it to the scrap yard Monday morning. If I wouldnt have overheard him it would have been gone. yes my brother and I make a good team when needed. we have both been in our industries at that 25year mark. the self employment is going better than I expected. The parts business is really making things work. Bad part we had to send wifey back to work for the that stinkin health insurance. Nice thing is she is only 5 miles down the road. I dont get on here as much as I use to just dont have the time I use to. I kinda miss it.