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  1. I got them for $190 shipped. They are chrome. It will blue over time. Stainless will be the best but it will turn yellow over time to Mike
  2. 10-4 been told that. bringing the ranger Mike
  3. 🤣🤣 LMAO!!!. Just about spit all over the phone. Mike
  4. reservations are made for me to. Stop by my trailer and say Hi. Missed at RPRU. I will be vending parts there the whole time. Never been there before so don't really know what to expect. It sounds like it's a huge deal. Mike
  5. The flow divider valve is sticking. Needs to be taken off and cleaned. This is the "mcv" of this tractor. The I would suspect stinky valves inside. Usually when customer says i have to get to 1500 rpm to make it go this is usually problem. Change filters as well to make sure there is no restriction there Mike
  6. they are still available new. They are pricey though. Mike
  7. Got 3 here rebuilt Mike
  8. Send me your email Mike
  9. 18° btdc Mike
  10. I use a badboy blaster. 6' wide. I love it no issues. Mike
  11. Ye BJ I enjoy having it there. Gives everyone a spot to go to to meet. I get to get in on it then to. Mike
  12. Heck ya!!! you guys did a great job... I call dibs on my spot LOL!!! MIke
  13. The advise of running a test harness is bad advise. You can still buy new ones yet or send the old one to me to rebuild. Sd5488 must be getting lucky. Dealer just did this for a guy in Wis. 3 month later trans welded. If you run a test harness it will catch up to maybe tomorrow maybe 2 years from now. I have 5 trans rebuilds sitting here right now all have test harnesses in them. I took in 2 more trans jobs at redpower because of test harnesses. DO NOT RUN THEM!! They are an awesome tool inwhich I use to diagnose. Hycap who builds harnesses even tells people they are not to be run. With you running a test my bet is its gone Mike
  14. LMAO Mike
  15. Yes it was . I talked to Rich for a bit. Told him to tell you to come over so I could say hi and give you a hug on a job well done with everything. Aaron did a great job with the vendors other than the little power issues it was perfect. I loved my spot. Thanks so much. Mike