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  1. bad alt. these tractors need the big alt on them. The 75 ampers you buy from napa or carquest are not made for this. I have a big 140a alt which is the only one I use and sell here. they have the HD brgs also. I use them on everything now 66, 86 88 all of them Mike
  2. could also be a lobe knocked off cam make sure to check the lift. If it and you reassemble it will do it again. Would of thought they put new cam in but you dont know Mike
  3. look under the cab at the front of control arm there is a slotted hole. Move it to the to other end of slot little at a time to get to go higher Mike
  4. But they are going up and down?. There is a slotted hole on the control rod you can adjust to get more height. Mike
  5. I would try to change the ends on the hoses.
  6. the float detent is the same adjustment. these tractors have alot of movement from the lift position to the float. a little play really makes a big difference. There is a linkage adjustment under the hyd lever plastic cover Mike
  7. depends on the demand. the other place this comes into affect is with the equipment that takes the slight down pressure demand. Like I said this also applies to the magnum tractors as they are basically the same tractor in the hyd department. I learned this about a year ago from the local CaseIH dealer. It has solved any and all problems with running todays newer equipment behind older tractors. Obviously until you get into the equipment that requires 30+ gpm's Mike
  8. Right.. The magnums are the same way. If you use the "motor run" valve it takes all the oil and doesnt leave enough for the other functions. Use the very inside handle depending on how many remotes you have. Use the very inside handle for hyd motor, next one for lift, next one for wings or whatever. You will have flawless operation this way. You will have to tie this handle on in some way but you will be much happier. Mike
  9. Exactly. Like mentioned below you probably dont want set that tight. You can try it but otherwise tie it on Mike
  10. On your remote valve there is a tube that faces the ground it has a small cap on it. Remove the cap stick a screwdriver inside and turn the screw in. You turn it in to put more tension on it. Now... you do not run the motor off the motor run valve you will use the inside handle to run the motor and the other 2 for raiseing and other functions. Mike
  11. nothing on there like that that I recall Mike
  12. Brian that dude looks bad a$$. I'm with Tony I would leave it just the way it is. It looks fat this way Mike
  13. this is my right hand man right here. This is our IH future Mike
  14. The failure from what I saw was gear fatigue. There was no clutch burning or lack of oil in them. The one gear that is discolored I still dont understand what happened to it. that gear causes zero trouble. have never seen that before on that particular gear. gonna chalk it up as one of those "rare things". As far as NLA parts no worries got it covered here. have several new gears made in there and several more coming and even more in line. Also going to start doing the input shaft as well. I keep trans kits on hand. Have done 100's of trannies haven't had one I couldn't fix yet. no worries Mike
  15. do the pieces you got have 1/4"x1/4" squares on them? If so that is the master clutch. You could probably get through the season. If the are smaller pieces then that is the trans clutch packs and they will fail faster but you would be able to finish on the other side. Either way the time has come to do the updates and new master. Got the trans kits here ready to go. On the 5288 there is some beefing up we can do. Mike