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  1. New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC

    Absolutely. Anything you need on an 86 I can help you with. If you some tech help along the way dont hesitate to call. As always that is FREE. Mike
  2. New Member with a 1486 that needs a lot of TLC

    Sounds like we need to become buddies. LOL Mike
  3. 5088 high side shift solenoid stuck

    You can pry it off. Its junk anyway. Will crumble as it comes off. I have new ones for half the price of CaseIH Mike
  4. Rantoul HCOP pics and videos

    Good stuff man!!!! Yes its cleared for work. LOL!!! Mike
  5. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    Best picture i got of it. It is in the top center of pic. U may have to zoom in. It was so quiet didnt know it was there till just about gone. Had a 350 chevy v8 in it. Mike
  6. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    I'm located right across from big American flag. Just to the south Mike
  7. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    LOL. now I know you can make it to the meet and greet for sure. Pete is right next to me with his dyno setup. I could my enclosed trailer inside his. LOL This is unreal. My first time here and it truly overwhelming Mike
  8. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    the weather is looking like it is going to be absolutely beautiful. See you all there Mike
  9. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    OK 1:00 it is. Look for a grey enclosed trailer. There will be a sign in front of it that says Triple R Tractors. 88seriesrestorer and Mike Links are on the sign as well. I have no idea were I will be at. I'm going up Wed. morning to get setup once I find out I will try to post a location. Mike
  10. Rantoul Half Century Meet and Greet

    Guys some folks have been asking about a meeting spot. We can meet at my vendor trailer as we do at Redpower. I have never been to this show before so someone needs to tell me what a good meeting time is. I will be there Wed. through Sunday. I cant wait. Everyone that has been there before give your opinions on a good meeting time. Virgins like Tony and I really don't know the workings here. Mike
  11. Rantoul or Bust

    I will be there we can meet at my trailer everyday no problem here. You guys decide on a time. I'll start a new topic on it. Mike
  12. Ac Parts from a 1486 to a 1086

    It looks like a straight tractor. If you really like it I would put it in there. The 1486 everything will switch over its all the same. If you look at my website I have all the components you will need. Mike
  13. 5288

    just below and behind the front left cab mount. There is either an acorn nut or a line that goes down the shift cover. They take an 11/16" wrench. Plug in there regulated pressure is 235-285. I always say the closer to 300 psi the better but not over. Once done if you have the line to shift cover take line off and throw it away and cap both fittings. Mike
  14. Super C brought back from the dead

    They were on it when it came along with the front wheel weights Mike
  15. Super C brought back from the dead

    A good grill is next to impossible. The 3rd one was finally good enough to use Mike