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  1. McCormick-Deering mower

    Similar design, but no where as pretty! The one I have seen hasn't a lick of paint left and the wooden tow-bar has rotted away! Regards from Michael H. P.S. Love the tractor and the mower, both beautifully restored!
  2. McCormick-Deering mower

    Just a question about old mowers, but I don't know what Board to post it on here. I may be going to look at an old McCormick-Deering horse-drawn mower. My question is were Casting Codes put on such implements or were they only put on tractors. I have no idea of the model of the mower or how old it is. It appears to have been a horse-drawn mower that was later modified to be pulled by a tractor. So far I have only seen a couple of photos of it. Regards from Michael H. in Australia.
  3. Need Some info on this engine..

    4.4" bore x 5.5" stroke. 502 cubic inch. Built 1947-54, replaced by the UD-525. Strangely the UD-16 was only built as a Power Unit and never fitted to any IH built tractors. Regards from Michael H.
  4. Firing order for TD- engines

    Apparently the Ford N Series tractors firing was 1-2-4-3 too
  5. Firing order for TD- engines

    Very basic question for all the experts here - The firing order for the the four cylinder TD-6 & TD-9 is, I believe, 1-3-4-2. I assume all IH built four cylinder engines use the same firing order. Is it the same for the TD-14? What is the firing order for the TD-18 six cylinder engine, 1-5-3-6-24? Regards from Michael H.
  6. There was a UDT-1091 power unit which would have been the same engine you describe, used in a TD-24 Turbo crawler. The DT-691 (TD-20 series 201 crawler) and DT-1091 engines would have been turbocharged "gasoline start diesel" engines. The TD-25 crawler would have used a DT-817 direct injection turbo diesel
  7. Fast Hitch implements - still available

    I noticed that there are several small manufacturers that make Three Point Hitch conversion kits for older Fast Hitch tractors. Does any manufacturer still make Fast Hitch implements for the Farmall Cub or 100,130 & 140? I assume Case IH doesn't make them anymore. If you want to operate one of the above tractors do you have to use antique Fast Hitch implements or convert your tractor to modern Three Point Hitch? Regards from Michael H.
  8. IH hit and miss engine

    100 year old engine, great to see it here!
  9. Case 2150 vineyard

    Built in Italy by SAME according to TractorData. I don't know if you should contact Case IH who marketed the tractor or Deutz, who are now responsible for SAME products. Regards from Michael H.
  10. IH hit and miss engine

    The serial number suggests a 1 HP IHC Mogul skidded (skid mounted) engine from 1917
  11. i6

    A 1939 prototype W-6! Does anyone have a picture of it. I would be super collectable as one of those "prototypes that were saved rather than scrapped" Was it on steel wheels? The 1939 W-4 prototype I have seen a photo of had steel wheels. Regards from Michael H.
  12. i6

    I see a serial number plate. Serial Number Prefix "WBK" is a W-6 and "IBK" is an I-6 The W, O & I - 6 Series tractors series tractors share common serial numbers. Serial number suffixes can be interesting too as they can refer to special options. W series tractors have a "W" prefixed number as a suffix, I series tractors have an "Y" prefixed number as a suffix, This tractor has "industrial" features like the heavy duty front wheels and a single brake pedal. Regards from Michael H.
  13. Black Stripe tractors

    I don't believe there were ever Black Stripe versions of the 4166, 4366 or 4568 either. Somebody here my be able educate me. Regards from Michael H.
  14. Black Stripe tractors

    It sounds like the 66 Series Black Stripe models were "morphing" into 86 models that following them. Regards from Michael H.
  15. Black Stripe tractors

    Does anyone have a list of the serial number break for each model where the "Black Stripe" update was introduced? My understanding was that the update was more than just a different paint scheme, there were design changes that varied from model to model, particularly the 1066 Regards from Michael H.