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  1. Fast Hitch implements - still available

    I noticed that there are several small manufacturers that make Three Point Hitch conversion kits for older Fast Hitch tractors. Does any manufacturer still make Fast Hitch implements for the Farmall Cub or 100,130 & 140? I assume Case IH doesn't make them anymore. If you want to operate one of the above tractors do you have to use antique Fast Hitch implements or convert your tractor to modern Three Point Hitch? Regards from Michael H.
  2. IH hit and miss engine

    100 year old engine, great to see it here!
  3. Case 2150 vineyard

    Built in Italy by SAME according to TractorData. I don't know if you should contact Case IH who marketed the tractor or Deutz, who are now responsible for SAME products. Regards from Michael H.
  4. IH hit and miss engine

    The serial number suggests a 1 HP IHC Mogul skidded (skid mounted) engine from 1917
  5. i6

    A 1939 prototype W-6! Does anyone have a picture of it. I would be super collectable as one of those "prototypes that were saved rather than scrapped" Was it on steel wheels? The 1939 W-4 prototype I have seen a photo of had steel wheels. Regards from Michael H.
  6. i6

    I see a serial number plate. Serial Number Prefix "WBK" is a W-6 and "IBK" is an I-6 The W, O & I - 6 Series tractors series tractors share common serial numbers. Serial number suffixes can be interesting too as they can refer to special options. W series tractors have a "W" prefixed number as a suffix, I series tractors have an "Y" prefixed number as a suffix, This tractor has "industrial" features like the heavy duty front wheels and a single brake pedal. Regards from Michael H.
  7. Black Stripe tractors

    I don't believe there were ever Black Stripe versions of the 4166, 4366 or 4568 either. Somebody here my be able educate me. Regards from Michael H.
  8. Black Stripe tractors

    It sounds like the 66 Series Black Stripe models were "morphing" into 86 models that following them. Regards from Michael H.
  9. Black Stripe tractors

    Does anyone have a list of the serial number break for each model where the "Black Stripe" update was introduced? My understanding was that the update was more than just a different paint scheme, there were design changes that varied from model to model, particularly the 1066 Regards from Michael H.
  10. Black Stripe tractors

    Australian 866 Australian 976
  11. Black Stripe tractors

    I believe the 1468 was never built as a Black Stripe as it was replaced by the 1568 before the update happened. Regards from Michael H.
  12. Black Stripe tractors

    Hi all, I am asking about the US built Black Stripe tractors- The 666, Hydro 70 & Hydro 100 were built up to 1976. The Black Stripe 766 to 1566 tractors were introduced in late 1975, so were any of those three models I've listed built in Black Stripe style as well? Regards from Michael H. Australia P.S. The last Australian built 866 & 976 models got the Black Stripe styling as well
  13. 1586 vs 5088

    I believe IH never quite got it right with some of their transmissions. The engines seem to be their strong point but they were several "goofS" with gears along the way The very early Farmall H had delicate gears until they were updated. The first TD-24 crawlers had a transmission the was not up to the job and need to be quickly updated. Then there was the whole Farmall 460, 560 debacle The Australian A-554 was a great tractor until IH upped its power and sold heavier implements to go with it. Rear end failure similar to the American 560. The problem was solved by using parts out of the American 806 in the later production. Regards from Michael H.
  14. 1586 vs 5088

    I have been told that when IH closed their Australian tractor factory (Geelong) Australian farmers abandoned the brand thinking it was about to vanish from Australian they would be left with "orphans". This spoiled the sales of the imported 88 Series tractors here. What were the issues that plagued the 88 Series models? Regards from Michael H.
  15. International 806 #501 - Dual rears with MFWD and cabin Farmall 806 #501 - Narrow Front gasser open station You couldn't get two more different 806 tractors! Regards from Michael H.