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  1. IH 684 D239 injector rings?

    To remove injector sleeves drain coolant shove some rag in bottom of sleeve and thread a 7/8" bolt into sleeve can either pry it out or use a slide hammer. I alway put some locative around new sleeve when installing, right or wrong, never had one leak. If google part number can find them cheaper than case ih. Need correct tool to install them, can use injector as template if have a lathe to turn one. Not sure wager u at but have one u could borrow if u willing to pay shipping both ways.
  2. IH 684 D239 injector rings?

    I would bet orings around cylinder sleeves are causing the water in the oil problem. As for injectors all I have seen the line faces valvecover. I always try to replace injector sleeves when have injectors out sometimes they can be a bear to reseal. May be able to remove injector and use tool to "reform" sealing surface
  3. D239 tough engine

    Tore this down for a Nieghbor had an in frame done several years ago, is in a 574 hydro on a Chisholm Ryder grape Harvestor frame with a post pounder on it for replacing grape vineyard posts. It spun a rod bearing. When I tore it down all the main bearings where in wrong the halves with NO holes where in the block. Not only was that hard to believe but only had to polish the crank still has STD bearings put back in it
  4. Other options for overhaul kits

    Ordered a kit form ASAP this winter for a 685 was a reliance kit with pistons already in sleeves, ordered a kit for a 695 about a month ago from the and is all Anglo agriparts, they look good but haven't put together yet so we shall see.
  5. MFD planetary hubs on 7130.

    If u replace the bushing for the input shaft make sure u hone it so shaft turns free. If u don't it will seize to shaft and take seal out again