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  1. I would doubt that 1468 is going to get tore down. They usually have around 75 tractors for resale. It also might be sold already, you can tell them what your looking for and they will find it for you. If anybody wants to see some of their stuff they're website is www.salvagetractors.com
  2. Yep, been here since Monday in line to get a vendor spot. If anybody wants to say hi we should be in the short rows on the south end with a red 4 door Chevy dually and triple axle flatbed gooseneck selling used IH parts, just ask for DuWayne.
  3. Between Dad, brother, brother in law and I we have 4-1466's,7-806's, 4-560's and 2-M's.
  4. Seen that yesterday when we walked threw the toy show. Was very impressed with it. That guy does an awesome job on the things he makes.
  5. Hey guys, we bought a 4386 with a bad motor a couple years ago and finally got it running this week. When we drove it out of the shop the steering is very choppy like it has air in it, the oil is full and we changed the filter . I drove it around for about 15 minutes and it didn't get any better. Is there any ideas what might be going on or if there is a way to bleed the air out? Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Have known the Johnson's for years, damn good guys to work for! They treat their help very good.
  7. The weights would bring $100 bucks a piece and the bracket $100-$125 around here and I'm only about 60 miles south of you old tanker.
  8. I was thinking that after I seen what you posted. I'll have to see if you can still get the parts from CaseIh or fab up some myself.
  9. Heck my '94 Chevy K1500 with 355,000 miles on the original engine fired up just fine this morning at -15f.
  10. I run a 440 all twine and it has been a pretty good baler. We baled around 250 grass hay bales and 1000 straw bales with it this year and had trouble with maybe 15 bales, I do know that I need to replace the bill hooks because they are getting grooves wore in them. Dad likes my bales a lot better because they are nice and square, he can't get that out of his New Holland 310. I paid $650 for mine a couple of years ago when even the old New Holland 68's were bringing $1000.
  11. They have these tractors all restored so I doubt they will ever sell them. I think Miller Tire might handle the 44" tires
  12. I know on Facebook he posted the end of last week that his shop got broke into, so he's probably dealing with that right now.
  13. There's 2 brothers not to far from me that have a fairly large IH collection and they have at least 2 H's and 2 F-20's with the 44" dual options on all of them.
  14. We run an 720 and an 830 chopper and we could still get gathering belts threw CaseIh this fall.
  15. I can't get the pictures to upload. If you can give me your email I can send them to you.