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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. NM and AZ were around 1912 and AK and Hawaii were the last, I think. This is such a great thread!
  3. I would venture to guess that he was a machinist or a tool and die maker. Of course, any machinist knows that Starrett is the best.
  4. I grew up mostly in a ranching area, not many farms. Dad had the 2040 Deere he bought new in '75 and still has. Neighbor's up the road(22 miles)had a 4440 and a 2440. Hmmm.... Places were so scattered, that I can't remember much. Great post, though.
  5. I saw a forum once that had what they called a "sticky". It was permanently at the top of the page. I think this should be a "sticky", simply because it is a wonderful post on tractor and farm history, something we all have in common. Moderators?
  6. OBG, you sir, are better than any museum I've been to! Please don't stop! Thanks.
  7. These are great! Not many early farmers had cameras and if they did, they apparently never used them. My family has hardly any pictures of the early days.
  8. That is some good stuff. Does your family still farm?